Brayin Candy

Press Groupthink

 The Stone Age Press has become nothing more than a giant Echo Chamber where all the reporters write for each other. The group think has become so predictable if you read or hear one reporter you’ve herd them all. Where has all the original thought or creativity gone in an industry based on painting history with words? There are two main forces blowing through PravdABDNC stifling all diversity of thought. The first is the absolute bias towards the DNC the other is the fear of going against the Establishment.

Is there any wonder Conservative writers continually have best sellers while liberals only write cellar dwellers? America is starved for writers of the truth, yet they are continually insulted by scribes who show nothing but contempt for them and their way of life. This is no way to expand your business or even keep the customers you already have. This Country is divided 52-48% Republican, yet the reporters of history are 90% Extreme Wrongwing. How can they reflect a Conservative Country on paper when they have no desire to understand?

How has this Industry become so disenfranchised from it’s customer? Simple really, the reporters write for each other and know if they all agree then virtually nobody can be wrong. Take for example the election, even though GW had always polled the lead, the press hoped Kerry would close at the end and take Florida. To predict otherwise would put you in the minority and if you were wrong you would have to explain why you went against the common group thought. If you were right then the group will just say it was an upset and cover each other’s error. Since everyone is in agreement there is no threat to lose face and maintain your expert status since you were all fooled. If you are wrong by yourself you are embarrassed.

This is how the Stone Agers have maintained such catch phrases as Bush Lied, WMD, pre-emptive 18 month rushed into, go it alone coalition. This allows lies to be maintained with none of the established reporters willing to buck the tide even had they wanted. All of the awards and front page stories are given to the scribes who are the most established and those are the ones who do not take risks. Now all of the front page reporters are complete DNC spokesmen which leaves a vacuum of divergent thought. Everybody wants their little awards and will do what it takes to receive those awards. You sure won’t soon see Ann Coulter’s name on those little dust catchers.

The major drum & bugle we are going hear over the next couple years will be that Harpy clinton is an automatic for President. None of these ancients will go against the group-think since it will put them out on a limb along with the casternation of their peers. Nobody will give an honest evaluation of her lack of warmth/humility or shrieking skills. Imagine her telling self deprivating humor? So we will hear nothing except what a great candidate/screecher she is. The fact is she’s a lousy candidate, a poor debater and sagging in the polls too. She very may well lose her Senate seat in a "huge" upset. You read it here first and the Old York Times, have they endorsed yet; will make excuses.

The lack of diversity and creativity will be the death of these Dinosnores. With a sophisticated audience and a shortened attention span these old formulas no longer work. When most information was stored and researched in books, attention spans could tolerate boring one sided drivel. With the advent of 24 hour news and the internet we no longer have the time or patience to tolerate their droll drivel.

What was once an industry supposedly filled with truth seekers is now a megaphone of the DNC. Also the lack of an original thought over the past 20 or so years and you have a Stone Age Press up to it’s nostrils in the tarpits of histoir. The literal bankruptcy of the industry would bring about a truly Free Press which would not only bring political freedom but a refreshing intellectual freedom to a long dead industry. It is heartwarming to see these pretty boy reporters in their death shakes as they invent scandal after scandal in a transparent attempt to return to their glory. This phony arrogance is driving more and more customers away from their crumbling Echo Chamber.

You can bet that the Buggy manufacturers had the same condescending smirks on their faces as the Model T splashed mud on their freshly polished shoes.

Pray for W and Our Freedom Fighters