Brayin Candy

Weiner and Pelosi

My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in LOVE, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, Colossians 2:2

Ah the corruption and disgrace of the US House just continues to roll. Just when we thought House members couldn’t get lower than Rangle and Frank they reach new lows when another one of their own gets caught with their pants down exposing their corruption, entitlement and a complete abuse of their office and power, but enough about Pelosi. While everybody was paying attention to the flasher with the ironic name, Nasty Pelosi releases her financials showing during 2009 and 2010 she managed to make 62% in stocks and real estate. She may be the only person in America and certainly California who made those kinds of returns on either of those markets. How many of you had your houses and stock portfolios go up 60% during the meltdown?

Once more we see the advantages of being a Party leader as they prove there are some major advantages having a gavel in the District of Corruption. Like many predicted a couple years ago how she had inserted into the Porkulus bill as Speaker a San Fran Big Dig which would make her property skyrocket and sure enough we are seeing her results, making graft and corruption work like they do in Cuba and Brazil. Rather than going through Palin’s emails lets go through Nancy’s finances and see how she was able to launder her funds over the past 2 years. Why as Speaker she was able to increase her net worth more than anybody else in Congress? Let’s see the books.

While most Americans were losing half their retirements and college funds in the stock market Mrs Speaker was reaping returns which haven’t been seen since Joe Kennedy collapsed the banking industry through insider trading. While every taxpaying chump across the Country and especially in California were watching their home values collapse and putting them underwater walking to foreclosure the real estate genius was receiving 60% increases in values. Perhaps she can teach a class on how to invest in places like the Presidio or Ford Island at the perfect time when the government was going to dump massive amounts into shovel ready, street and freeway improvements which amazingly go right to your main property, what were the odds?

This was a classic case of a corrupt politician using her office to make a fortune. While America was melting down financially and she was lecturing all of us how we were tools of the rich she was using the strength of the gummit to improve her properties. If she had any conscious at all she would resign exactly like Weiner since all he did was send some lewd pictures as opposed to enriching himself from an absolute abuse of power. What is the difference between DC and the old Soviet Union, two letters?

Ah Nazi Pelosi, the champion of the little person, who got her start from her corrupt father the Mayor of Baltimore. This rotten apple is lying at the trunk. She now owns SF and has a husband who has ties to the mafia, the perfect face of the DNC now that Weiner got wacked. She has used the class warfare club her entire career to get votes and maintain her power. Once again she proves she has no real interest in the people who are suffering around her as much as how she can stuff the ballot box to get more of the Party graft into her bank account. You can bet she had an army of accountants making sure she didn’t pay one penny more than she had to while lecturing about the Bush tax cuts for the rich. These creepy pols make Wall St CEOs look like Boy Scouts.

Part of her legacy of course is fifty million dead babies who were denied the most basic right of life. When America wakes up to the fact that life starts at conception and these babies are not masses of flesh but human beings she will take her place next to Adolf Hitler and Mao. Hitler merely killed 9 million Jews while Nazi Pelosi had the direct hand in over 30 million African Americans killed before their first breath. Not only that but she has forced Christians who disagree on moral and religious grounds to pay for her grizzly abortion factories. She may be the largest genocidal killer who ever lived so ripping off the taxpayer is a no brainer.

Once again we get a clear view of how the swamp works. You use your power to direct taxpayer billions to improve your property and the surrounding neighborhoods. Those improvements allow you to charge higher rents and sell at a huge profit while people a couple miles away are losing their homes due to foreclosure and being underwater thanks to your policies. Meanwhile she was able to go from a mere $21 million to somewhere over $35 million to perhaps $100 million during the most brutal recession in our histoir.

The oldest trick in the capital is to have your spouse set up a money laundry preferably in real estate or gummit services and shove pork his way. When she walked through the Tea Party like a friend to the downtrodden we now see what we were really seeing, another greedy parasite looking to fleece the taxpayers for her own benefit. That big gavel was worth millions to her. She was the most selfish person in that entire crowd which was standing in her way of even more money. While the rest of us are watching our home values fall we can be inspired to know politicians are able to still make millions in the housing market.

The really good news is we can finally get rid of that outdated piece a paper that says, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal…” Like all communist countries, they are equally miserable unless you are a Party member and then you are living large, like Porky Pelosi.

Pray for America