Brayin Candy

Trump vs Cruz

2 Corinthians 1:12 For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-ward.

This is the greatest election ever and it is only just begun. We have the outsiders completing the work the Tea Party had begun and Moscow on the Potomac has no idea what is about to hit them. When you look at the two Parties you have one which is being headed by some old as dirt Leninists who are in a competition of who can make this the Soviet Union before they hit the dirt nap against our socialists who want to give it away less quickly and the Outsiders.

As the only person who predicted Trump and Cruz would be fighting it out six months ago and predicted Trump would win big a month ago it is time for the explanation why. Both Trump and Cruz would win against Sanders after he beats Hillary for a few reasons. The first is America is ready for a real change and have had their eyes opened from the Obama Depression. Cruz would win on Ground Game and Trump will win with his media wars and in this case Trump will be the nominee in a sweep across the country.

Since Trump and his supporters are universally hated by both the liberal and Conservative Punditocracy it is time an explanation is given why his movement see him as the superior candidate. As a fundamental Christian we do not care if the candidate is holy enough, we appreciate that he only respects us and is able to articulate basic conservative ideas. We have all worked with people who have a spicy language and especially in the construction industry so most of us overlook it whether we use those words or not.

The main issue we like is his dedication to the wall. Until the wall is built there is no point in talking about deportation since there is no real deportation without that wall. After it is built or at least the border being shut while construction occurs then it is simply grandstanding using the usual amnesty cliches with no solutions. Trump is the first one and most likely the only one who is serious about building it and the rest will never get it done.

His second largest issue is taking on Political Correctness. He has rolled back the PC mafia at least five years which is highlighted by his saying illegal aliens need to be deported as well as a moratorium on allowing Mooselimbs into our country and stating he does not believe in Global Warming. These are all considered sacrilege to the PC crowd as he tramples on sacred cow after sacred cow. The rest of the candidates only state their nuanced platitudes to straddle the same fence which has surrendered issue after issue. Political Correctness is the biggest club the Marxists have to beat down the opposition into submission and he beats them back to their safe rooms with courage and a sense of humor.

Is he a pure Conservative who knows the Conservative doxology inside and out or a record of marching in lockstep with Rush Limbaugh? No, he is a businessman; who like the ferry operator in the Outlaw Josey Wells, he learned to sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic and Dixie with equal enthusiasm to survive. In New York City if you want to build skyscrapers you have to sing the Battle Hymn more often than Dixie. He does not have the luxury of only donating one direction and irritating the Dems who are very vindictive which will add millions to his costs if he can get permits at all.

He is far more Conservative than all except perhaps Cruz, but he articulates and knows capitalism better than any other person on the stage. It really is not close who knows economics better than anyone on the stage or in DC, period. He is not a socialist and understands capitalism inside and out which is why he articulates it far better than anyone in the country. He did not learn it in the halls of Harvard or discussing it in some think tank, he lived capitalism his entire life in one of the toughest industries on the planet. Capitalism is in his veins which is why his explanations are substantive yet simple enough for America to understand. He is teaching America what capitalism is for the first time in fifty years.

This is why his time is now. After fifty years or more of Americans being told that the only solution to every one of their problems is gummit, it is refreshing to have someone articulate capitalism in a language they can understand. He keeps it simple and hits a couple of highlights without getting into the weeds where he lives with charm and charisma which is spellbinding. This country needs someone who can take this country another direction and Trump has the knowledge, credibility and a very high level of articulation to get that done. Add to that he is likely one of the top five negotiators in the country if not the world and you have a set of skills we have never seen.

From a purely Tea Party attitude and what America is telling the political establishment on both sides we just want to blow it all up. We want to bulldoze DC and watch all of those sanctimonious elites jump into the trash heap. While everyday Americans work hard only to be laughed at, insulted and ripped off they are about to tell these useless, incompetent Marxists to take a hike since we cannot afford you anymore. We need someone with a big "You're Fired" sign and we have just the guy for that.

The biggest reason Trump will win is he is not afraid to get ugly. Republicans have to go against the Three Pillars of Propaganda (media, academia and the DNC) to win. They have two choices, they can win ugly or lose graciously and it is much easier to be gracious. The establishment would rather debate and convince voters through high brow debating societies while the Dems are calling them racist, sexist homophobes. Trump will win ugly which is how this country is going to get fixed.

The establishments on both sides believe politics is fought in a cotillion with high brow discussions about the superiority of the Constitution when in reality it is a knife fight in the mud with no rules. This is where Trump has lived his life and has a room full of heads to prove it. The Pundiots do not want to go there and they certainly do not want to act like they approve of it and get splashed on their pearly white suits, so they vilify and mock to mask their fear of actually having to get their hands dirty. The Conservative pundits would rather lose graciously then win ugly since they too have become the establishment.

Trump will be the nominee. He has pointed his entire life at this moment and has the skills and abilities nobody on either stage has with the courage to say what he and the American people think. It is not pure Conservatism, but it is pure capitalism. Capitalism has not been pure for a hundred years, but capitalists adapt to the draconian rules they have to play by and adapt which Marxism cannot do and he is the master. He will drive the purists crazy since he is going to do what is right in his gut, but in the end they will be based on capitalism which is the basics of Conservatism. He is like the bulldozer that cuts a path through the overgrown trees to begin to build a road back to the rundown City on the Hill. The next guy can pave it after Trump dynamites and builds a road back to America.

Pray America wakes