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Rebuild This House

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Recently you repented and did what is right in my sight: Each of you proclaimed FREEDOM to his countrymen. You even made a covenant before me in the house that bears my Name. Jer 34:15

America is a falling down mansion needing to be rebuilt from the ground up. We have had squatters living in it for the past 30 yrs and need to do two things, kick them out then rebuild.  The first thing we have to do is to get the thieves out to stop the damage being done before we can bring in some carpenters to rebuild. These thieves got in through the back door when nobody was watching and now we have to do it the hard way yet the work has to be done. We have been invaded by some people who have stolen all of the furnishings and are preparing to burn down the house. We will need some firemen and hard working honest builders to rewire and plumb this back to the mansion it was.

America has been under attack by the atheist/secularists who have wanted to turn this Country into the commietopia they were told about in the last bastions of communism American universites. After repeated proof the system doesn’t do anything other than cause death and destruction they still teach it. Anybody who has been paying attention to history knows communism is the most corruptible system ever developed since all the power and wealth is concentrated in one central unaccountable Party. We are watching all our wealth and economy being run through the District of Corruption w/o the slightest amount of control. Now is the time for real Men with honor and integrity to move to the forefront and fight the herculean reconstruction which has to be done.

We are seeing the completion of the corruption of Nazi Pelozi’s congress taking place w/the destruction of every law ever written to push through DeathCare. They have gone beyond the Hiroshima option directly to disenfranchising America completely through Dictatorial rule. We are seeing what happens when Big Brother wants to control every aspect of your life under the Premier’s regime. They have used Moral Relativism to bend and destroy every rule and procedure in congress to Nationalize one of the final industries left. They will make every excuse to say they’re justified in breaking these laws to cover the 30 million Mexicans who don’t have Big BroCare. They have no concept of honor or integrity let alone the ability to speak the truth; they have a Country to burn. This has been their obsession since the 70s and now they have it in their grasp whether we go up in flames or not.

We need Christians to take the lead. What is lacking in this gummit is truth/honor which is only found in Jesus and the Ten Commandments. The main problem of many is corruption in the gummit. We have to send people to represent us willing to stand up to their corruption to make the difficult choices. We need to have people when they get power not afraid to be hated by the corrupt in every aspect of politics. From congress to the unions throughout the lobbyists and the media who are all bought off. We need men of character not afraid to tell America the truth, who will take on the unions and pensioners to let them know these pensions/benefits are not real. The pressure will be intense which is why we need to send new people who are not moral Relativist atheists who will stand on their word while everything around them is falling down. Right now there aren’t 50 people in DC worth saving while the rest need to be sent packing.

To rebuild this house we need to gut it to the frame. We need to strip it down to the foundation and build it brick by brick. We need to replace the politicians w/people who will take Freedom serious since we need to cut waste to drastically cut spending. This is the only option we have and when you talk about cutting spending it means fire the lobbyists and public employees. Cutting spending is jobs/salaries which are a much harder thing to cut. Why is it harder for a gummit employee to be laid off than a private worker? When you have 25% unemployment in the private sector you better have 25% or more in the public or the Ponzi is unbalanced. This is why you need Christians for two reasons. First, we’re already hated by the secularists so it’s not anything new and second we have a higher calling than this. We can put our Father above these decisions to give us comfort in these tough times. Freedom requires integrity since it can be exploited like it is now. After the reductions in workers there would be higher unemployment but the lower spending will take the pressure off the need to raise taxes which would eliminate more jobs in the private sector. We need Men directed by God not selfish Moral Relativists.

We can now clearly see what happens when you elect Dems w/o character or integrity. They are corrupt in everything they do and this economic meltdown is the result. Passing DeathCare will make the economy crash even farther as his attacks continue. We need to make sure he continues to fail w/this bill and then move to Cap and Tax. The less this curse does the better chance we can start this house before Nov. We may be tired and beaten but this is a battle too important to sit by and let him have his way. We need to keep fighting and let these congressmen know Nov is going to be time they pack their bags as we hire some Carpenters to rebuild this house from the ground up. Men who will replace the plumbing, heating, electrical, insulate and sheetrock w/new paint to make this rundown Farmhouse back into the home it once was.

This is going to be a lifelong job as we fight these forces brainwashed in socialism. They are powerful yet slow and lazy. We now have the new media to carry our message spreading it around the world in minutes to expose their tactics and scandals. We have the Tea Parties and spontaneous organization to protest this over reaching regime. The task seems overwhelming yet we have tools to make our voices heard in powerful ways we never had before. We are watching the death of the Dinosaur Press as they no longer have a monopoly on the message. As powerful as our enemy is we need to charge on since no fight is as important as this to leave a true legacy for our children rather than a mountain of debt. Now is the time to tear out the termite infested walls and foundations to get down to the solid wood. Then we need to bring in the Carpenters to remake this house as we rebuild America one brick at a time.

Pray for America


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