Brayin Candy

The Pelosi Plan

 Watching the Bull Challenge on TV last night, they began the rodeo with the Star Spangled Banner. While a Cowboy was singing the Anthem under spot, three Special Forces Soldiers were saluting the flag also in spotlight. The visual was powerful. At the Duck FB game we also had an Honor Guard as we sang the National Anthem for this great Country in Peugene Oregon!  We have come a long way as a Country in the past 10 years where we lift up our Country and Military.

 Unlike Vietnam, though the CommiecRats would like to go back to those years; they know better than to spit on our Troops. They understand they are walking on very thin ice with their self serving protests. Even their protests are lackluster at best compared to the riots in the 70s. There is still a large majority who love America and the Soldiers who protect it. We will never forget what was done to them by the Baby Bums and won’t let them do it again.

After listening to how the Cut&RunocRats hint at their new direction on the War on Terror you can only conclude they would go back to the co-clinton model. Since they continue to say they would fight it Smarter and the clintons were the smartest people on the planet you have to go back to their way of Prosecuting terrorism. Tap it under the rug and when a few hundred Americans are killed swear you will hunt them down. Never mind the terrorists were killed in the suicide attack, it is all about winning the rhetoric.

Let’s take a look at their way of stopping terrorism. First you take the WOT out of the Defense Dept and place it in the Dept of Justice and become reactive rather than proactive. It no longer is a WOT but a Prosecution of Terrorism. They want to make sure the killers have all their Miranda Rights up until and after they commit their horrific act. So if you have a group of Mooselips planning a nuclear attack on NYC you cannot listen into their phone calls or spy on them because you are breaking the law. You will have the different jurisdictions fighting each other thanks to the Gorelicker Wall and paper shuffling bureaucrats. Basically, law enforcement does not react until after the nuclear attack takes place.

If Peloser were in charge there would be an end to listening to terrorist phone calls and they have stopped following the money trails. So we will not only use cops to stop the terrorists but we will blindfold and disarm them while they attempt to protect our major cities. The Military will be cut and we will leave Iraq just like Nam with people clinging to helicopters evacuating the Green Zone as Peloser and Kerry toast Champaign.

After the attack, if any of the murderers are found they will be placed in the slow turning Justice System. When you only have days to stop and find more attacks the smartest people in the World will get them the best lieyers in the Country and make sure their innocent until proven guilty terrorists, keep their mouths shut. Their trials will drag on for years to prosecute while they get off on some minute technicality. We may have millions of dead Americans but at least the terrorists will respect us. In cases where time is critical, the Pelosers will put up every roadblock and pitfall to stop the investigations cold. They will put a stop on being proactive and handcuff any reaction. We will go before the UN before we go to our Military.

After Peloser estrogenizes our Country we will not only have a target but she will roll out the Blood Laced Carpet. She will take us back to the BJ years where terrorism was only an annoyance and if handled properly wouldn’t affect your poll numbers. She will apologize to the terrorists for President Bush and his cowboy methods. We will eliminate the military and bring back the ineffectual DOJ. She will have some short term feel good successes until the terrorists realize America is open season as they plan their next attack with impunity.

Pray for W and The Election