Brayin Candy

The Yugest Year Evah

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV

The past year has revealed more about the Satanic Cult of the DNC and its tentacles inside the District of Corruption than the last thirty years combined. Now, rather than accepting things as they are people are questioning and viewing the entire swamp with suspicion and disgust. From the FBI to the Pentagon people and systems are being revealed as enemies of the people rather than protectors.

The biggest revelation was the exposure of Hunter Biden and the family enrichment method of hiding the graft and bribes. Who needs a trial to see how a corrupt business in Ukraine pays off the Vice President’s son to receive favors from his father? The favor they received was stopping the investigation of the company by the Ukraine prosecutor who was getting close to filing charges of money laundering but Vice President Biden and likely Barak had the investigation and investigator stopped.

This corruption is nothing new and happens hundreds of times a day inside the Beltway of Bribery. You never have the company or gummit pay you directly, you have them pay your family with some fake job or in this case a board membership. If anyone asks it looks legitimate and in DC nobody will bother to look since their own Hunter Biden is doing the same thing somewhere else. It is the ultimate scratchy scratchy and how work gets done in Moscow on the Potomac. Every thing in DC is done through nepotism and favors making the Soviet Union look like Kindergarten.

Now the Communist Party is using the Clinton defense on Slow Joe. You cannot question his corruption since he is running for office and it would be unfair. Since when is looking at someone’s record of corruption not a valid issue in a campaign? This is like saying if someone has a giant money laundering foundation where she or he is taking in billions of dollars of bribes for favors you cannot question those bribes since she or he is running for a higher office. Shouldn’t that corruption potential be the center of the campaign and disqualify the person of the Presidency? Why should America want another corrupt politician for President so they should answer those questions of bribery. Apparently, the only thing that can disqualify you is asking about DC corruption.

2019 was a nightmare for the FBI and CIA as they were exposed from top to bottom as enemies of America. Not all of these institutions are corrupt but the Comeys and Strozks make the other 5% look dirty. Anybody who has been paying attention can see there was a coup attempt starting long before the election first to get Hillary elected and then to get President Trump thrown out of office. He is their biggest threat this village has ever seen. None of their tactics of backing a politician down work since his secrets are in plain sight and have been for thirty years. Their favorite trick of blackmailing is worthless since everyone knows his life since it has been on display as an institution so now the mirror is being shown on them.

What America is seeing is there was a dossier purchased to smear Trump by the Hillary campaign which was going to be her October surprise. It was a story of how Trump paid to have hookers pee on a bed that the messiah and his wife, Saint Michel had slept in six months earlier. Problem is nobody believed anyone including Trump would do something so wierd as to have hookers do such a thing and for what reason? How crazy do you have to be to come up with this perverted a story and then why would you push it, yet everyone in the swamp used it and pushed it as the Gospel truth.

We then saw how coups are run in DC for the first time in histoir. They point to the corruption of Nixon in our history books, but we watched a real live coup from spying on a Presidential candidate which we have been told is illegal since Watergate to having the dossier being called a tool to blackmail the President by Putin and broadcast around the world. This was actually handled as if it was a real event and after spending nearly fifty million and hundreds of DNC hacks investigating could not find a single instance of blackmail or corruption by the Trump campaign. End of story, right? Wrong.

America also saw how the swamp will destroy lives as they jailed certain individuals on process crimes such as perjury or income tax laws while ignoring others who did the same things but were on the side of the Federal Bureau of Incompetence. These corrupt cops like Comey and Mueller were going to get their pound of flesh even if it meant bending the rules through pettiness and vindictive tactics. They could throw 90% of DC in jail if they used the same standards they used on Manafort and Stone, but they won’t since they were simply making examples of them.

Oh, how the DNC showed itself to be a power hungry enemy of America in 2019. From fighting to get more Mexicans into the country to its need to overthrow an election it disagreed with, they need to control your life. This Communist Party knows far better than Americans how to live their lives and control them far better than people know how to live, work or think. This Party will have you living in the Stone Age for your own good and the good of the EART. We all need to worship the dirt since that is what created us and is what sustains us as opposed to what those stupid, racist, sexist, homophobic Christians think.

They have their virtuous clichés such as Climate Change which means take away your cars and planes while taxing you at 75% and controlling your life 24/7/365 or Medicare for All which means rationed medicine. Medicare for All is really healthcare for only the connected, the rest can wait. You will have to have your Communist Party card to get a heart surgery while the Deplorables go to the clinics if you can find them. Socialism sounds so wonderful until you are under it and everything is the Post Office or DMV and then it is too late.

2019 was the year of exposure. Everyone was exposed either by Trump of by their own craven hatred they exposed themselves for who they are. Can anyone really think the DNC is a serious Party that has serious ideas to make people’s lives better? Would anyone want to live under their system of justice of guilty until proven innocent or with their Green New Deal of no fossil fuels after making America energy independent? Do you want to live without cars, planes, houses or plentiful food? How serious is that idea? Just move to Mogadishu and save the rest of America the misery. Virtue has an extreme cost for everyone except the signaler.

President Donald Trump is the last person on the planet who should be President which is why he is the perfect man to do it. He has exposed the corrupt politicians and Press Corpse for exactly who and what they are.

America is witnessing one of the greatest transformations this country has ever seen and long past overdue. The lid has been lifted and the fog of corruption is there for anyone willing to open their eyes and look. Slow Joe Biden is just the tip of the iceberg and to think he is leading the Party of Corruption is just too delicious to imagine. Apparently, lemmings really do follow each other off cliffs and have a defiant scowl and lecture when they jump. That scowl while leaping made 2019 the Yuugest Year Evah.

Pray America is back