Brayin Candy

You Can't Fix Stupak



…and said, “Get up, take the child and his mother and go to the land of Israel, for those who were trying to take the child’s life are dead.” Matt 2:20

You can’t fix Stupak, no matter how hard you try. The moron held the Country at bay for 6 mos while he ran his little Pro Life scam and then turned it over for an Exec Order not worth the paper it’s written on. He traded his morals for the worst piece of legislation to ever go through the District of Corruption.  Now he’s free to vote for even more destructive bills.  He’s claiming he is retiring since his main goal as a congressman has been achieved by providing communist HC to America, but he knows his career has been targeted by the Tea Patriots. He also claims to want to spend more time w/his wife, how noble as we will see if he really does retire or just another lying lib.

The main talking point is they’ve now insured 30 or 40 million people who didn’t have insurance. This either counts the Mexicans who are about to become voters or the 20-30 million who have now lost their insurance along w/their jobs thanks to the Obama Meltdown. When you add the 5-10 million more who will lose their jobs in the insurance industry as well as company failures thanks to doubling their insurance costs for the next 4 yrs due to this disaster, you have more than 50 million needing insurance.

Just like the EU we are being told he is trying to copy, we will have the chronic 15-20% unemployment rates that go along w/their Turd World HC. We will have hospitals told to shrink their expansion plans and tech investment as we see our HC sink into a Post Office business model. For the commies it accomplishes a dual purpose in driving us into their beloved FDR economy as well as enslaving Americans to begging for their medical needs. What is not to love for a Stalinist who wants to punish White Americans for their capitalist sins?

We are going to hear nothing other than the numbers insured since there is nothing in this bill they can point to positively. Are they going to point to the fact now young men have to buy insurance or be fined for not having it like most young single men? Simply forcing parents to insure their children til 26 actually insured over half the non Mexican uninsured in this Country. Thanks Stupik for really coming through for the American people.

Maybe he can point to the 16,000 new IRS agents who will be auditing your insurance, banking and taxes to find out every breath you take. Remember how these same people faked outrage when they falsely accused Bush of looking at American’s library and video rentals screaming about invasion of privacy yet now they’re fine with attaching you’re checking accts and forcing you to buy the right insurance. Once again they prove they have no more true outrage other than how any event real or imagined can be exploited politically. Just like the using our soldiers’ coffins for props they use their “right to life” as a bargaining chip to fool the people. These people are cultists who are atheists worshipping an all powerful gummit god. This is the only god they truly bow to.

Perhaps Stupik can explain how this HC is going to make more jobs rather than fewer? Who is going to hire people in either part time or entry level jobs knowing their wages just went up 15K for a minimum wage job? Stupak basically doubled the minimum wage when he voted for abortions on demand using our tax $$. As a “pro lifer” perhaps he will explain why he voted for a law which allows 14 yr old girls to get abortions w/o their parents approval yet paid for by taxpayers. No Stupik, America is not stupid; you’re pro abortion who says you’re for life to get votes.

So Stupak, you showed yourself for who you truly are, a socialist pro abortionist and nobody was going to ever buy what you are selling again.  The DNC is completely exposed for who and what they are so none of their lies are going to be believed. The people were screaming at you 70-30 and you forced it down our throats anyway. There is nothing you can point to in this bill to make America stomach it so you try to say 30 million are covered when that doesn’t happen for 4 yrs if ever and Obamonomics has forced 30 million people off their employers coverage w/more to come. So you can’t fix Stupak, but if you have accomplished everything you wanted w/this abortion law and you want to spend time w/wifey, quit now and start spending time w/her now. Or are you just as committed to her as you are to being Pro Life?

Pray for America