Brayin Candy

Teapot Dome Hypocrisy

For we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place and CHANGE the customs Moses handed down to us. Acts 6:14

For 8 years we have been preached to how evil Oil Companies and Halliburton are. Ever since Michael Mooreon’s Fraudulent 911, how there is the evil Oil conspiracy is being run by a shadow gummit destroying our freedoms.

The Oil companies have been the Boogermen for libs for so long No Oil chants/bumper stickers have become cliché. If there is anything the DNC stands for it is the absolute destruction of those evil Oil Companies. Never mind, since one of their main money men is invested heavily in both Oil and Halliburton, whats a little oil on their long white skirt. We can now clearly see Liberalism actually stands for nothing other than the acquisition of power through any means

Mooron’s movie was attended by the entire liberal establishment in a Red Carpet Diamond encrusted Tux & Gown opening was so outraged we would go to war over oil. Evil oilmen like GW and Cheney had hatched a scheme when GW was Governor of TX to attack the WTC and then overthrow the Taliban in Trashcanistan. As Gov of TX he was in a perfect position to overthrow the Taliban to put in a pipeline for the Carlyle Group to bring Russian oil to Pakistan. Course the fact GW had to win the nomination, election, plan the attack on the WTC and talk Carlyle to build the pipeline they rejected, it was all true. The clincher was a Taliban official came to talk to clinton about protecting those ancient Buddhist statues the Talis blew up, confirmed his conspiracy. You just had to accept oil is evil so it all fit.

Well, well oil well, now it’s just fine to loan Brazil $2-10 Billion to drill oil in the Atlantic off Brazil but not here. All those years of oil being the root of all wrongs in the World and obozo is handing out $$ for $0R0$ to make a gazillion

Tax Free petro-dollars. The DNC financier owns $800 Million of Petrobras shares representing 28% of the company as well as $62 Million in Halliburton to do all that Oil development. Yet a month ago, Obummer and the congress nostra lectured US to get out of our cars and drive coffins on wheels. Wasn’t we told Cash for Clunkers was about saving oil? Now we find Hungarian $0R0$ is able to get a major loan from our gummit while Americans are denied.

The Teapot Dome Brasil plan has been in the works since Premier Hussain was elected. $0R0$ bought most of his stock in Petrobras last fall after he saw obozo was pretty much assured or had already won the nomination.

This means not only did he expect there was going to be a big find he had assurances he would get the loan to exploit their oil expecting to make another fortune. He called in his marker last week when King Barak found his HC plan was hit by Americans who were willing to fight back in the Tea Parties and Townhalls. This is when out of desperation he willingly went along w/the Teapot Dome Brasil plan. He agreed to loan $oro$ the $2-10 Billion Loan if $oro$ would give ACORN/Unions $5 Million to finance their ACRIMEturf rallies. Unlike the Tea Parties he has to pay his thugs to support this Lead Balloon.

This proves once again Libs have no ethical values. Their opposition to Carbon Fuels is as deep seated as Femihags opposition to Sexual Abuse when their Abuser was bill clinton. The enviromarxists will protest the expansion of this oil industry corruption right after Susan Sarandon protests these Wars. Their protest whether it is for Oil, Global Warming or the War is nothing more than hallow slogans to gain political leverage, nothing more. There is no morality in their politics, only political theater to enslave America. The sooner Conservatives realize these arguments are simply to put us on the defense, the better off we’ll be to point it out.

Obozo will gladly allow the drilling in over 1000 sq miles off the Rio coast but will not let us drill 1000 acres 10,000 miles away on the North Pole. He will allow drilling in an environment right off a shore millions visit yet not allow it in an arctic desert nobody will ever see. He will allow Brazilian oil execs to make Billion$ while punish our oil companies for windfall profits. He will watch the Brazilian Ethanol industry fold, even though it is far more efficient than ours, since it will be cheaper to pump the oil out of the ocean floor than distilling sugar cane. At the same time he is going to be wasting $7 Billion on our wasteful ethanol subsidies which amount to $1.45/gal. Imagine how soon we could be self sufficient if we would allow oil companies to find/develop our oil reserves. He won’t let US do that while we pay $oro$ to develop Brazil's.

Is there any of this which isn’t absolutely insane? How does he justify loaning $5 billion for offshore drilling for them, yet outlaws US? How can the left justify this after the last 8 yrs vilifying everything about Bush/Cheney/Texas with every attack no matter how absurd. Screaming at the tops of their lungs about Black Beaches and oil stained birds like drilling would lead to pools of black goo. We have heard every excuse imagined why drilling is bad for the environment yet he loans $Billions to a Country with lowered standards and receive no oil royalties or benefits.

The only reason he is doing this is a thank you for all the $$ that $oro$ gave to the Ohbummer campaign and more directly the $5 Million for the current thug tactics. He has paid for the rent-a-mobsters armies we are seeing attending the Townhalls. He needs to pay to stop the will of the people. Perhaps Michael Mooreon can give back his Oscar and admit the obvious, his crockumentary was pure politics. Premier Hussain has thrown away every argument which has stopped a real energy plan for America like oil, coal or nuclear in worship of the Global gods. The next time they argue why we can’t use oil, coal or nuclear we will just say if it’s good enough for Brazil its good enough for US.

Pray for America and Our Troops