Brayin Candy

Bowing Down


 Who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, for obedience to Jesus and sprinkling by his blood: Grace and peace be yours in abundance. Praise to God for a Living HOPE. 1 Peter 1:2

Once again our President shames himself and our Country by bowing to the Japanese Emperor, must be a Mooselimb thing. Inside sources say that he decided that when he was axed about dropping the A-Bomb and couldn’t voice the words so he made up for it by making a deep bow to the Emperor and his wife. Never mind it wasn’t really a Japanese bow, he nearly touched the floor w/his nose to let the World know he was ashamed of America’s dropping of the Bomb. The last time an American bowed so low to a Jap, he felt a sharp tingle as the Samara Sword sliced through his neck in a POW camp.

Here is a President of the United States pretending he is a Columbia U freshman protesting American Imperialism rather than understanding the depth of the decision. He is using his hatred of America in every situation rather than knowing the history of the Pacific War against Japan. He bows to the Country who ran the most barbaric POW camps in the war, they beat prisoners on death marches to the camps only to be starved and tortured for months on end. He apologizes repeatedly for our water boarding when he ignores their water tortures. He ignores the bamboo under the fingernails or their famous staking out over a cut bamboo patch then let the shoots grow through your body overnight or their skinning people alive. He ignores the massacres of entire cities where 250K would be raped and beheaded until soldiers couldn’t lift their arms. He ignores their famous Samurai ritual of cutting our prisoners’ livers out and eating them while still alive as well as their hearts for virility. No, it’s only America was guilty of war crimes.

Leading up to the surrender of Japan we had lost 300,000 men and was estimated we would lose another 500,000-800,000 invading the main island. Not only would we lose our troops, it was their custom to commit suicide rather than be captured, it was likely nearly all of Japan would be lost. After repeated warnings and opportunities to surrender we dropped the two bombs and ended the war w/o all of those American and Japanese deaths. His ignorance is stunning as an LBJ clone that doesn’t have the courage to send 40K to Trashcanistan to allow our soldiers to win the war, while he spits on VJ day. Did we conquer and rule Japan, no we rebuilt it.

Imagine if Obozo was the President back then and the decision had to be made to invade Japan w/a chance of losing over 500,000 men in a matter of months. This group who pretend losing 4,000 men in 6 yrs is the bloodbath of the century, imagine if they had to make a decision. Is there any question we’d be speaking German east of the Mississippi and Japanese west?  He doesn’t have a clue, he goes ahead and bows like the Emperor was Mohamhead and America is guilty of every crime he imagines in his warped little mind. This is the shame he has wanted to put on this Country since he was a little radical sitting in his smoke filled dorm at Columbia.

The only thing he hasn’t done is to name Jane Fonda, Minister of Defense. His handling of the wars makes LBJ look like George Patton .Most of it due to not wanting to upset the Code Puke wing of the Party, yet much of it is his hatred of the military. The last thing he can afford is to allow us to win the war like they did in Iraq. He ran as a Cut&RunoCrat against the surge so he has to maintain the fringe of the nut tin or his poll numbers crater. He has nothing but contempt for the troops as was on display in Ft Hood where he made a token speech, then bows to Japan’s leader. The only bigger slap in their face was his non decision decision on sending troops. He will never be confused w/Lincoln or FDR, let alone Truman or Eisenhower. 

Like all Central Planners he believes he knows more than his Generals. He has handcuffed the troops in battle to the point that they can’t fight back and in a guerilla war which is a fatal error. He is so afraid of his own kooks he fears collateral civilian deaths more than he does our own troops.  Can there be any more demoralizing decision from your CIC than to know your very life isn’t important. Once President Bush left so did the respect for their mission. He has left them hanging out to dry in an attempt to break their will and to bring them home in disgrace. Unlike Truman and Bush, he doesn’t have the common sense or courage to turn this war back to the Pentagon. Next time he bows, it should be to a soldier who is gave his life, so he can play a round of golf.

Pray for America and Our Troops