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What President Trump meant

But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. Mark 10:6

This week the entire DNC Establishmedia went ape over the President saying he would listen to foreign operatives willing to give dirt on a rival candidate. By the outrage you would have thought he said he would have the FBI dig up or make up dirt on a candidate like Barak did, no they were outraged he would answer the phone and listen. This has only been going on since the dawning of politics but now ABDNC has drawn the line and we now have another impeachable offense.

Imagine if the same people who have their hair on fire about foreign opposition research were just as concerned with voter fraud affecting the election. The Clinton machine is famous for dirty tricks and Opo research and just as famous for voter fraud. The same is true for the entire DNC machine as it has well published evidence and convictions of vote fraud yet we get no concern whatsoever from these guardians of America’s elections.

At what point is true and fair elections more important than the Communist cult? This country is at a point where there are more than enough noncitizens in a position to change an election with such permissive election laws there is no possible way to control this potential wave of fraud and nobody can do anything about it for fear of being called a racist or homophobe.

True the Vote was an investigatory group who was looking into voter fraud around the country and estimated there was around a 2-4% fraud factor in favor of the Communist Party. With the influx of new arrivals across the southern border they may be able to increase this number to 5% plus which will have a devastating effect on future elections. Unfortunately, for the followers of the cult the ends justify the means so they can be outraged at someone would listen to outside information while being fine with outside voters voting in the same election.

If your goal is to fundamentally make this a Soviet country you must manipulate the people into doing what is not in their best interest. This means the agreeing to losing their jobs and livelihood for an altruistic reason outside of a better financial situation. This is how the atheistic religion came into being by the DNC through earth worship back in the Spotted Owl crisis. Once you have people more concerned with a creature than their own personal wellbeing then you can manipulate them into more and deeper personal destruction.

They then began the war on the automobile and oil driven forms of transportation and replaced them with Choo Choo trains claiming one was good for the planet and one was bad. They take a 21st century problem and solve it with 19th century solutions. This was followed by the war on nuclear power with movie after movie showing the destruction of the planet by power plants which had only minor incidents which were exaggerated to have its desired effect of closing down this vital energy source.

Now they have the nuclear bomb of mass manipulation with Global Warming, or as they were forced to modify to Climate Change or some call weather. They have their High Priests in Academia declare something is destroying the earth and their followers line up to flagellate themselves in the name of saving their eart. They do not need any proof or explanation other than an animated film by some really smart people and they are ready to destroy their own lives as well as yours in the name of earth worship.

These people are fundamental zealots who make fundamental Christians look meek. They take to the streets with their World Ends Tomorrow signs and make fun of Christians who believe in Revelation. Both are faith based although one was invented by members of the DNC and Enron while the other is based on the Bible and 3000 years of prophesy.

Just a review of where GW began. Al Gore had been partners with Enron and had developed an investment scheme of Acid offsets for the coal powered energy plants throughout the Midwest. They had some scientists’ claim there was something called Acid Rain occurring and killing the trees and needed to be stopped.

Enron had purchased hundreds of millions of Natural Gas futures and believed they could put the coal plants out of business with their offset scheme and nearly did until other scientists proved Acid Rain a fraud and was actually bacteria killing the trees and the bottom fell out of the Nat Gas futures market destroying Enron.

Al Gore and Ken Lay then found a small research in a similar field in England who was investigating the connection between CO2 and the temperature of the earth so along comes Global Warming and the offset riches Gore was enjoying with Acid Rain. He made his movie and all of the really smart/Socialists joined in knowing they could manipulate the earth worshipers and were right.

Now these followers will march like sheep to the slaughter if you tell them it will protect the earth or stop any sinners who do not kneel at the church of Al Gore. This is why you can be outraged Donald Trump would dare talk to foreign agents who could affect their precious elections while you are for leaving the vote exposed to massive vote fraud.

If the DNC was in the slightest consistent with their outrage and Russia then they would say that the possibility of one fraudulent vote was too many. They would be equally outraged there could be unregistered voters affecting elections around the country and especially in states like IL, NY, FL and CA but you will

hear crickets from those same outraged people. No, they have their selective outrage down to microscopic divisions.

This week’s outrage is no different than last week’s and will be no different than next. It is all based on their cult following whatever is told them and they will dutifully march to that drum no matter how ridiculous or hypocritical the beat. Just as they are hysterical about Trump saying he would look at opposition research even though Hillary paid for foreign Opo research she is even more hysterical Trump would do what she did and needs to be impeached for it. The church of the DNC does not see any conflict in her doxology.

According to the DNC anything the Repubs do is criminal and needs prosecuting and anything the Dems do is justified. This is how you can be incensed that some Russians may have done something to affect our election while you are fine with somewhere in the neighborhood of ten million illegal voters did change it. The ends justify the means and their ends are to stop earth’s sinners from hurting their great and powerful god; Ghia Ackbar! This is what happens when you worship the creation rather than the creator and what is happening to America today.

Pray America wakes