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Last Debate

The Last Debate

Matthew 5:21 Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment

The final debate was the best in our lifetime. It defined what direction do we as a country want to go? The media wants to point to a throwaway line about not wanting to concede to her, but this debate was over in the first fifteen minutes. During those few minutes Trump did what he does best which is to expose to the entire world how radical Hillary’s position on abortion is. She is for partial birth abortion until the first breath although she may argue to allow it after that breath. This is by far the most extreme abortionist to ever run for President and now every pro-life Christian in America must be accountable to their own decision.

If you are a Christian and believe all life is precious and especially the innocent life in the womb you will no longer hide your blood covered hands, you must make a decision. Not only is Hillary a radical abortionist, this was the only issue she showed any real passion and angrily lectured America on the need to allow these evil procedures to prove your female solidarity.

Donald Trump called her out on the extreme position she had as only someone who had changed from pro-abortion to anti. He knew exactly where she was coming from and has become absolutely outraged by the barbarism of the hacking a baby apart in the womb. And then went beyond any position any Republican has ever gone on the life issue.

When the moderator asked him if he would be willing to overturn Roe v Wade he answered if he brought in 2-3 more Supreme Court Justices it would be the end of it. He actually said he would end nationwide abortion and take it to the states to decide. This is the Third Rail of politics and he picked it up and threw it across the room. Harpy was simply stunned and had no response whatsoever someone would actually not answer it like every other Republican and say it is the Law of the Land. No, he said he it was not and would end it.

If anyone is pro-life they are required to vote for Donald Trump. If you want to actually begin the first step to ending this curse on America you have to vote for Trump and make a stand against this plague. You do not have to wait for congress to do anything or watch the usual dog and pony show, he is going to abort Roe v Wade.

All of this feigned outrage about Trump not accepting the rigged election is only smoke and mirrors to take the peoples’ eyes off the real issue which is the Supreme Court. What he said is he will appoint judges that have two main criteria and that is being against abortion and protecting the 2nd amendment. This is the most important social issue in this country and it is time for the Christians to stand up as an army and make their voices heard. We need to stand up for the voices of the 60 million babies killed by abortion in this country.

It is time for pastors to take a bold stand for life and even though he may or may not be saved although many say he is, on this one issue there has never been anyone who has stood this boldly for life. George W Bush was pro-life but even he was unwilling to nominate a true pro-life judge who would say he would look at Roe. This scourge could be ended as a federal law within five to ten years as opposed to Hillary who would have partial birth abortion with the replacement of Scalia.

The one thing you have to give Hillary credit for is on this issue she is an honest abortionist, she wants babies killed well past the point they are viable. Most have complied with the American people who are solidly against partial birth abortion and settled for the first trimester. Hillary is a true radical and is not going to settle for an arbitrary point in time for a developing baby, what difference does it make?

To be honest, an abortionist knows it is a baby at conception so why settle with only destroying a third of the babies when you can kill all of them. This is being consistent even if it is being evil beyond comprehension. This is the Marxist world view of life and how easily they will discard it for their own hunger for power.

Every sanctimonious Repub who is taking a moral stand against Trump can never claim to be Pro-life ever again. We know that most only say that as a cliché to get the Christians to vote for their liberal policies every four years. In the back rooms they cuss the Christians for forcing the Independents to the Dems with our stands on abortion and homosexual marriage when the truth is the Repub trying to act like a Dem that costs elections. So, Romney, Bush, Carley, Ryan, Beck, Kristol and the rest of the NeverTrump purists can never call themselves Pro-life if they are going to vote for a Pro-Late Term Abortionist. She will make that the law of the land. You all can simply save the line of you are for protecting the life of the unborn, except Roe v Wade is settled law. Never claim to be Pro-Life again you have been exposed for who and what you are.

The Christian Church has never had someone stand up for their Pro-Life stand to the extent Trump is standing. If the Church would vote at a rate of 60% plus rather than its usual anemic 40% Trump would win in a Moral Majority landslide and needs to do just that? This is something that needs to be brought up again and again as well as the speech clause he wants to take away. The Church has had a long history and especially the Catholic church of standing for Life. It is time for Catholics to put their votes where their mouths are for this last chance. We could see the end of Roe v Wade in our lifetimes.

This election comes down to those five minutes in the debate. There is no wider distance in positions between these two people. He is for ending abortion and she is for expanding it. This is the distance as the East is from the West. The rest of the issues are simply fluff since this goes to the soul of this country. This is the ultimate divide between God and man which direction the church wants to go? We know which direction the Godless Americans want to move and now the question is which way will the Christians go? Will they vote for a flawed man who wants to do the right thing or will they wash their hands in their search for an unflawed candidate.

Lincoln was perhaps the most devout Christian President we ever had. During the Civil War when General McClellen would sit for months waiting for the perfect situation and then get defeated by the more aggressive Lee, he fired his top General and picked the drunken, cussing, womanizing Grant. When his entire cabinet objected he was a drunk Lincoln said, send him a barrel of whisky but I cannot afford to fire him, he fights. We finally have a candidate willing to fight to end abortion and as always, God chooses the last person man would pick to do his work. Now it is time for Christians to do their work and vote for Trump.

Pray America wakes