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Thank You Glen Beck

Thank You Glen Beck 

“As the Father has LOVED me, so have I LOVED you. Now remain in my LOVE. John 15:9

Fifteen years ago at Promise Keepers in Autzen stadium home of the Ducks we had an unusual event happen. First thing in the morning we had a low fog hanging over the stadium as the event was about to begin as we were starting the morning prayer, a flock of geese in a V formation flew over the crowd about 50 feet off the ground and buzzed the stadium a couple times, just like the Restoring Honor rally. Who knows if it is God sending his angels to acknowledge his presence but it is a great visual for everybody in the crowd. Thank you Glen Beck, you made a meaningful day to God and America. This is what America as a truly free Country would look like, no violence, prejudice, anger or crime simply a love for our Country and our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is exactly what most of America knows is right and is ready to turn back to. In my book Brayn Food the main point is you have to have God and the Ten Commandments to have political Freedom and a Free Market. There are great responsibilities citizens of a free society have to accept or you will have a tyrant take their place. Free citizens in a democracy have to demand honesty and integrity of each other to maintain freedom and free will. The weakness of free societies and self governance is it has no structure to maintain honesty so it becomes a ripe field for corruption which is what we see now. We have a Party as well as corporate leaders who are atheistic moral relativists who believe whatever they want to believe. People like Rangle, Pelosi and Madeoff who believe any end is justified by any means.

We have been brainwashed into believing an atheistic religion that has no God, Bible or absolute right and wrong only different shades of grey and it doesn’t work. We have tolerated this behavior while we were living fat and happy in our lavish lifestyles, but now it is exposed for the dead end we have been warned about. People are realizing this and are ready to turn back to God, the Bible and what is right and wrong. This is why America is about to throw out the Party who represents that lifestyle and has become completely corrupt both physically and spiritually. This is why Tea Patriots are winning races across America as we are firing these corrupt pols.

Closed Gummits such as the Soviet Union and China are filled w/corruption and theft by the Inner Circle making the economy ripe for black markets and mafias for the unconnected. This is where Barak Insane Obama wanted to take us since he would own the Inner Circle enjoying his lavish lifestyle while the other 90% fight and claw for the Cake crumbs. They then install a martial law type dictatorship to maintain order and control the vote keeping themselves in power forever. A funny thing happened on the way to the Gulag…..God.

For a capitalistic society to work efficiently you need citizens to maintain themselves. They have to work outside the confines of either Gummit or the law to transact business and commerce honestly. In most wholesale businesses they are organized in the old fashioned way of a man’s handshake is his bond. When a price is agreed upon by both parties and they say they have a deal there are no contracts or lawyers but a simple handshake or a man’s word is given and you know the good or service will be delivered and the price will be paid. There may be the usual Murphy’s Law problems causing difficulties but both sides will do what they can to get the job done.

In a Free Market those agreements are made thousands times per second and millions of times per day. If everybody’s word is good the economy works efficiently and you have no need for lawyers and their cost/time or Gummit costing the same. This is exactly why you need people having their lives run by God rather than $$. When your life is built on the Word you have a higher calling than what you can buy or be you have a relationship w/the Father who knows everything you say or do and he controls your honesty. When you have capitalism working like this it runs seamlessly and efficiently eliminating the need for excessive law and Gummit to make men truly free. Having a Judeo Christian society is by far the most open, tolerant and free form of govt ever designed. This is what our Founding Fathers knew and as Christian men of honor understood the value of a man’s word. This is why and how we can regain this great Country by putting God back in our lives and become like our Founders, Christian men of honor.

Glen Beck understands this great principle and his Restoring Honor rally was dedicated to this very issue. This was more like a Promise Keeper rally than a Tea Party event as the Tea Patriots came and humbled themselves, they fell on their faces to their Lord asking for his hand of mercy on this land. America knows it’s broken both economically and spiritually it’s just we have forgotten or never known what America used to be about. We have the greatest form of Gummit ever designed, built on the Bible but it is like a car w/250,000 miles in need of an overhaul, which is what the Restoring Honor rally was about. Glen and the Tea Party has put America on the lift and are going to rebuild it from the grill to the tailpipe to make this car better than new. With the skilled people and technology we have today there is no reason a truly Free Market can’t turn this into an Indy Car. Just like David vs. Goliath, one nation with God can beat this Giant recession, but first and foremost we need God. Thank you Glen Beck for reminding America who she can be

Pray for America