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Dr Rand Paul Rx

LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Mar 12:30

How refreshing to have political novices like Rand Paul. He may not be polished like a professional and there are strong disagreements between Republicans and Libertarians on most social issues but they are right on most the smaller gummit issues. He is certainly right on the issue of the Fed overstepping their limits on the major issue of race. Does anybody truly believe there would Jim Crow segregation if not for the gummit intervention, of course not. All the racists in the Demcorrupt Party point to the Civil Rights Bill as the savior for Blacks when in fact capitalism and freedom were the motivation of the change.

Thanks to the bill they moved Rosa Parks to the front of the bus and moved White men to the back. This has become the most abused bill in the history of this Country to divide us into our little fiefdoms rather than bringing us together. People like Rachael Maddow if not for Affirmative Action would have to be judged on her talent rather than filling an artificial quota for homosexual women. While she is moved to the front of the bus a heterosexual male is moved to the back. If the gummit would get out of the way you would have capitalism and competition decide who and where you sat on the bus by talent, dedication and effort which would make the bus run efficiently.

The beneficiaries of quota politics like Maddow have a vested interest in keeping the system the same. Those who benefit from being artificially moved to the front of the bus where all the perks are will never want those benies taken away. She has become a millionaire w/o any talent as has thousands across this Country as they learned how to scam the system. Why do we still need to protect a system which is completely corrupted to promote groups of people who are already living the American dream? Why do we have to continue to hold White males at the back of the bus and punish them so people who are lacking in talent or skill are moved forward to maintain quotas? It is way past time to end holding people down in America as we worship at the cult of Political Correctness.

For Rand Paul to even discuss this taboo topic is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully he will take his message to the American people and begin to end racism in the Country once and for all. Right now the main form of racism is reverse racism where people like Maddow are given positions for nothing more than sexual orientation. If not for the AA quotas she would have to become an Establishmedia DNC spokesman and develop the talent of being able to lie w/conviction. How racist can you be to believe blacks or any other quota group couldn’t survive w/o the protection of congress.

Capitalism is just the opposite of govt control. Capitalism allows everybody on the bus to add your particular skill to the group and make the bus run smoother, faster and safer than any other form of economics. There is no assigning seats or places artificially by being born or entering the bus simply by how you can manipulate a corrupt system. Rather than using political tricks to make million$ like Jesse Jackmail or Maddow you use your God given talent and abilities to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This makes the entire bus run better and makes everybody on the bus more fruitful as their talents intermingle letting the cream rise to the top. Rather we move Rosa Parks to the front and take the ones who have the talent and ability to be in the front to the back by political preference.

This law is so old, corrupt and outdated it is time to tear this wall down. We have made artificial bus drivers out of folks who have no business driving this bus. Do we really still need to enforce Jim Crow laws or stifle business to make sure women have enough opportunities? Can we simply hire the right person for the job based on skills and talents required for the job at hand rather than quota slots? We need real people like Rand Paul and Sarah Palin to stand up and say enough is enough.

Is our society really better by having a 120 lb woman hired as a firefighter even though she can’t physically handle the job? Are we really doing a Black kid a favor by admitting him into Harvard over a Japanese student even if he will likely drop out simply to fill an arbitrary number? Are we really doing favored groups a favor by telling them they can’t really succeed on their own? Our Country is completely passed this and is time for DC to catch up. Unfortunately for America, like Reagan once said, “The closest thing to eternal life is a Dept in DC.” His speaking heresy is a sin which will not be allowed by the liberal attack dogs.

Maddow has a selfish interest in keeping the quotas alive. They have her very rich and famous by moving her to the front of the bus so she has personal motivation to keep the quotas. Along comes a Tea Party whippersnapper wanting to tear up the liberal groupthink so she goes to the tried and true method of method of twisting his words into calling him a racist, sexist homophobe. This is guaranteed to shut down the discussion for the time being as well as strike fear into any heretic who would speak of the end to quotas. Will we find a person who is willing to say no longer are people determined by the preferred group they belong but by the content of their character? Only then will this Country finally reach equality. Only then will we return to the melting pot that truly made this Country great. Only then will the Dream of America be reached.

Pray for America