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Meltin Waxman Grills Insurance

The faith and love that spring from the HOPE that is stored up for you in heaven and that you have already heard about in the word of truth, the gospel... Col 1:5

Just as it is none of my business what Insurance Execs make, it’s none of the business of Melting Waxman or his gang of thugs. These KGB Stalinists think their victory last year awarded them ownership of every industry they have hobbled their entire lives. They now want to do for the Insurance industry what they have done to the Auto and Banking industries for political reasons. They have no idea what an effective CEO does let alone how he’s paid, yet Melting thinks he has the right to abuse his power as Thugocrat politics rule the District of Corruption.

How dare these clowns pretend they have the right to invade any industry they feel the need to destroy? These are the same people who refused to audit the financials of Fannie Mae when a whistle blower told them the books were cooked. The same gummit corp. that Rham and Gorelick made $Millions triggering this meltdown. Rather than investigate a corrupt Corp they have direct control, they go after a group of private businesses doing too well by their measure who need vilifying. How many times do we have to watch this?

This Party is Fascists who will destroy anybody or industry standing in the way of their absolute control. They’re infuriated the people would dare to stand up to their absolute rule and are blaming these insurance industry execs. They have no idea what compensations should be and now are going to make every industry bow to their dictatorship. Who in the world do these power hungry pols believe they are? The insurance industry is surviving the worst economy since FDR and the congress wants to investigate them? Where do thugs like Waxman get off and how do we delouse ourselves?

Salaries are determined by the market not Central Planners. This is probably one of the toughest jobs in the Country which is why they are so well compensated. To keep their heads above water is a tribute to some quality leadership and our gummit wants to destroy them. These men are the rarest of the rare and need be compensated accordingly. Every industry they have called to their House of ill Repute has fallen to their attacks so we can guess what their goals are in this investigation. How bout they look into their own glass House with the same vitriol.

These Central Planners are the most corrupt and vindictive congress to ever rule this Country. They have absolutely no authority to do what they are doing yet trample over the privacy rights of American citizens and companies. This Country used to be about Freedom and Capitalism and in one election has become oppressive to every industry in this Country. There is no motivation for companies to excel even if they wanted since profits are being outlawed by this gummit. How many more businesses do these people, who have never run anything profitably, need to destroy? How many more Americans do they need to put out of work?

All Melting Waxman has ever done in his career is destroy American companies and put people out of work. He sits On High declaring any company or industry making a profit guilty of crimes against humanity. He will judge the Insurance Industry w/the same gavel only now there is an obvious conflict of interest since he wants to take over their businesses. He wants to vilify them so the American people will want ohbummerCare. These are CEOs he despises as bad as Oil, Auto and Banking so we know the bias his investigation will have. He and his gang are nothing more than obozo’s Organ Grinder Monkeys putting on their little dog & pony.

If this congress was serious about getting our economy away from the cliff they would simply extend their summer vacation another 6 mos. You can bet that most of America would gladly they take a paid vacation until the 2010 elections when we can make it permanent. Everything they say or vote only makes it harder for businesses to survive. They have declared war on American business and their employees are the casualties. We have lost 6 million workers since Pelosi took the gavel and vindictive investigations like this are the reason those workers lost those jobs.

There are three things Melting Waxman is good at, wasting $$, raising taxes and destroying industries. While he’s investigating these execs for excessive salaries and perks, perhaps he can compare their results to his record? Perhaps they could do an investigation on themselves and try to justify why we gave them a raise when they were gumming our economy while leaking jobs like a bucket w/a paper towel bottom. How bout Waxman replaces every question he ax the Insurance Execs, w/himself? We know who would need that Golden Parachute.

Pray for America and Our Troops