Brayin Candy

The Economic Chains

The economic chains that bind 

But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. Rom 8:25

There is only one reason this country does not have full employment and that reason is the Federal Gummit. With a country filled with abundant resources and well educated people there is no excuse for the disaster we are witnessing. We have 20% real unemployment because the Commucrats require it to maintain their viability. If we used and managed our resources efficiently we would not only have full employment but would have the most vibrant and creative economy on the planet, yet we are mired in misery and mediocrity simply because a small percentage of people want to rule rather than govern.

A good example is North Dakota where they are having one of the greatest economic explosions since the 1920’s. There is an oil boom thanks to modern drilling techniques which are making dirt poor farmers into millionaires and unemployed roughnecks working the oil fields making six figures. It is truly a gold rush that nobody is hearing about since the Federal gummit does not want to explain why there is not an even bigger gold rush or why it is trying to stop it. There are thousands of side jobs such as construction and support businesses popping up in that area to house and service these workers which are in short supply and making very good incomes. This is the best success story in the last fifty years that nobody is hearing about.

A few years ago oil explorers came upon the Bakken shale formation where it is estimated lies 24 billion barrels of extractable oil. In addition to this massive oil find it is estimated there is an equal amount of natural gas making it one of the largest finds in the world. This should be brought on board with the help of the Feds to make life easier and more productive throughout the economy and help the people suffering in this malaise. Rather, the EPA and every other District of Corruption communist agency is trying to shut it down and stopping the Keystone Pipeline which could take it to the waiting refineries in Houston. This is why we have artificially high unemployment rates.

The federal gummit is attempting to put a moratorium on this find using the phony fracking is dangerous argument even though they have used fracking since the early twentieth century with no valid problems. The only thing standing in the way of full development of this massive oil discovery is the uncertainty caused by the Fed of shutting down this resource to satisfy the environmental zeolots. There is no possibility of the fracking chemicals getting into the water supply since it is separated by ten thousand feet of bedrock and has been since the earth was created. It is simply another red herring they are using to stop the ability to bring domestic energy to the marketplace where it is desperately needed.

There are a number of these finds being located throughout the west. They have discovered one in the Colorado and Utah area called the Green River find which holds perhaps a larger reservoir of oil and NatGas as well which could push America to an economic foundation to provide other industries reasonable and plentiful fuel well into the future. Only one problem stands in the way which is DC and the environmental communists who want to shut this economy down. Without their interference we would be developing these resources as well as the supporting infrastructure such as pipelines and refineries to bring this economic lifeblood to market.

The environmentalists who are well funded by the Saudis and others have convinced America that anything to do with oil is bad and harmful to the environment. This has been done for decades with little or no proof such as Global Warming, yet have been able to convince a large enough minority to promote this falsehood to the general population. They have combined a religious belief in protecting Mother Earth and the Three Pillars (media, academia, the DNC) to make people believe if you are doing anything they label harmful to the earth, it becomes a pariah. They are now attempting to make Fracking and the Keystone pipeline that pariah and shut them down. These are extremely powerful forces which have brought this country to the brink of economic catastrophe and they see this as another push in that direction.

These are the same people who claim Christians have no business in the political halls when they are the most zealous fanatics of their religion in America. They are the Taliban of religious bullies making people who do not worship the earth having to be forced to worship it. Making people who oppose abortion on moral and religious reasons pay for abortions. There is no scientific proof to their claims as we find over and over, yet we still forced to suffer massive economic and personal restrictions due to their religious proclamations. There are no actual cases of fracking causing damage to our ground water, but if an environmentalist claims there could be damage we have to shut down the production until proven otherwise. If an environmentalist claims there is the slightest possibility of a spill from the Keystone pipeline even with hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines to disprove this claim, we have to shut down the Keystone and all of its economic benefit due to his fundamental belief.

This is a religious Taliban similar to the crazies who run Iran. These Enviro-Mullahs who are the Dirt Worshipers make declarations based upon their beliefs and the government dictates according to those proclamations. We are actually under a Government Theocracy wrapped in a cloud which is created by the Three Pillars. They all work in conjunction with the common goal of defeating Capitalism and replacing it with their Communist Theocracy which they have nearly completed. This group is extremely hostile to oil and fossil fuels which they view as the biggest threat to the world when in reality they are.

There is only one reason we do not have full employment and that is our gummit. If we were to develop and manage our massive resources we would not only come out of our malaise, but would have the fastest growing economy in the world. Like Jacob Marley, chain by chain we have bound ourselves into this situation we are in which has been carefully dictated by the Three Pillars and their fellow zealots over the last century. We are now at a very dangerous point and need a number of factors to get us out of this snare. One of the first steps we can take is to develop and manage our natural resources starting with energy such as the Bakken formation and the Keystone pipeline to begin the hard trek back from the brink.

Pray for America