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The War on God

The War on God 

“If you LOVE those who LOVE you, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ LOVE those who LOVE them.” Luke 6:32

After last week’s organizing of the Gaza Hamas blockade run we now have Premier Achmed writing a $400 Million check to his terrorist allies. Never have we had such an obvious war on Israel being fought from the oval office. We have had administrations sympathetic to the Palestinians but we have never had an administration actively directing a war or arming terrorists who are at war w/the Jews until now. This is consistent w/the communist goal of making an atheist Country in America and throughout the world. The only two countries standing in the way of this in any significant way are America and Israel. Every other country has gone atheist by following fundamental atheism or a version of it in a cult like Islam which is their militant arm. When have the liberals ever condemned any attack Islam has made on Christians or Jews?

The primary tenet of communism is man is the highest most evolved being on earth. Through evolution which is their version of Creation man was evolved over millions of years and improved by evolutions. They have pushed this cult for generations through a consensus of science where all the scientists agree on evolution and any who don’t are labeled heretic and ostracized from academia. This has eliminated God from the equation allowing the communists to promote their other theories and beliefs. Now the entire world of academia and liberal establishment has become controlled by fundamentalist atheists pushing their agenda while labeling anybody who believes in God as out of touch. This groupthink is used to shame Christians into silence while they promote their agenda.

This method has worked throughout the world except for two Countries who believe in the one true God. These Countries of course are America and Israel which have been targeted for decades. Both countries have been corrupted by atheism and are falling deeper and deeper into the abyss yet there are large majorities in both who are not bowing to evolution or their gummit god. This is why Israel has been targeted by this regime to be destroyed before they leave. This is why we are seeing the allies of this dictatorship directing their friends Bill Ayers and Code Pink to help Hamas to break the blockade knowing the world will side w/Hamas and against God. This is why Nazi Pelosi was lecturing the Catholic Church to follow her atheistic teachings or else.

Two main reasons America’s commies will side w/Hamas or any other islamofascist group, they are also for a communist dictatorship and are also a branch of atheism. Islam’s most violent group called the Brotherhood want to form a ME style commie gummit in the model of Saddamn Hussain. These brutal commie dictatorships are modeled after Stalinist Russia w/a Mullah Inner Circle and brutal dictator enslaving the people. The other reason is Islam is a death cult which is based on oppression and destruction of the Judeo Christian societies. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This is not in any way a political battle it is a spiritual war. This is the oldest war in the book between the God of Abraham against the same enemy the world has ever known. This is a war that has been going on before the world was Created by the one True God. We have the sides clearly defined as we have the clearest example of who is who. There is a clear war on God as there has been by the atheists in our Country are now taking their war to Israel to eliminate God from this planet. They only use politics as a weapon to further their agenda of taking out any who would stand for God and against their gods.

They need to eliminate followers of God to enslave the people to their commie utopia. These Stalinists know the only people they can’t control are Christians and Jews. Many have fallen for the teachings of the liberal cult but millions have not and will not bow to a divine leader. They will never bow to another god and that is a major hindrance to communism. This is why Stalin and Mao made atheism the national religion and outlawed Christianity. The elimination of Israel would accomplish this goal on a worldwide basis. That would leave American Christians alone in the world.

Now is the time to choose. Are you ready to fight this war or are you going to pretend it are merely political. Are you going to decide to walk w/the God of Abraham through Jesus Christ or are you going to hold the spiritual warrior’s coats while this war become more and more obvious. Are you going to stand on the Rock of Jesus or allow the shifting sands of atheism to fester and destroy? Are we going to hold each other and our churches accountable or go along w/the “greater good” theology? This is not from the word but is cowardice to make a stand for individualism and excellence which Jesus professed. We need a Tea Party in the church and a revival turning back to Jesus and away from the enemy. These attacks on Israel are clear what this battle is all about and who the enemies are. While we step into the breach it is time to go back to our basics and the first basic of this Country is Christ. Our Judeo Christian beliefs are what made and caused this Country to flourish. It is time to put our faith back in him and not in gummit. It is time to fight fire w/fire and fight atheism/evolution/communism with Jesus. Only through Jesus will we have Liberty and Freedom in America.

Pray for America and Israel