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Slow Joe impeaches the Impeachers

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations. Psalm 100:4-5 KJV

An impeachment about nothing ended up impeaching the impeachers. Why would any Party try to seek impeachment based on hate? There is not a single piece of evidence of a crime in a phone call the President made about corruption and the investigation of spying on his campaign. It is not his fault the VP was involved in the corruption. Without a complicit Establishment Media Complex this would have been booed out of the hall, but Pravda carries and intensifies every fluctuance without questions.

This is what happens when the world is being run by fifteen-year old on social media rather than the elders who have life experience to tone their emotions. Anybody with a thimbleful of objectivity could listen to these so-called witnesses and see they did not witness anything which wasn’t already known. How foolish do you have to be to run an investigation of a phone call the basic transcript has already been released on? Can you imagine if we began having investigations on every phone call the President makes to make sure it does not offend anyone?

In the end like everything else the ACME Party tries it backfired on them and their swamp. What everyone saw was the career bureaucrats believe they know more than the President does and do not need to listen to or carry out his orders. You even saw a career military politician tell the Congress he was running his own foreign policy and was actively undermining the President’s policy. Not only was he ignoring the President’s policy he was ignoring his chain of command to rather run an insider group to continue the Barak policies. Thought the military code had something to say about that?

When you clear away the smoke and mirrors of this impeachment you will find the President was wanting to investigate the most corrupt country in Europe as well as the center of the 2016 spying scandal. This is where not only the Hillary emails may have been hacked as well as the origination of the Trump Dossier. Ukraine may have been the center of where the entire Trump coup was hatched and begun so of course he would want to have the truth exposed and why Barak did not.

The other obvious question was the exposure of the Biden bribes through Hunter. According to the impeachers it is fine to investigate a President, but it is off limits to investigate someone running for President. Aren’t they both running for President, so they are both fine to investigate even according to 15-year-old logic? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander so let’s butcher that gander too.

The latest dump has exposed the heart of this scandal which is showing the entire DNC shadow gummit being run out of the Blackhouse is controlling much of the graft and corruption around the world. It is being organized by the State Dept and assisted by the FBI and CIA as well as the rest of the Beltway bubble. This is a version of the Soviet style Inner Circle which has run the politics in America for the past fifty years. The last decade allowed Barak and the DNC to install their most loyal people. You cross them and you can see what they can do to destroy you. How many elections and October surprises has the Deep State revealed to turn elections?

This backfired in monumental proportions. We can thank the Hate Squad for pushing their Party off the cliff and impeaching a President for nothing. These are conversations which are made in the WH every day of the week as they should be. Unlike the Barak calls which were bribing or paying off countries to do what he wanted in the Middle East, Trump was telling them to clean up their act before we send more money to be skimmed and laundered for favorite politicians around the world. Hunter Biden is just the tip of the payola iceberg and many in The District of Corruption have had tastes of Ukraine candy. It is no coincidence that Ukraine is a gateway for Russian and Romanian sex trafficking while these payoffs going to the same corrupt families.

In a free and transparent America Joe Biden would have dropped out of the campaign months ago. He knows just like the Queen of Corruption the mediots and his moral justifiers in the DNC will cover for his obvious crimes. He does not even need a fake charity like the Clinton Family Laundry, the DNC will ignore any and all their corrupt individuals by banging on the table like they did last week by calling Trump corrupt to hide their own.

Trump don’t play that game. He was texting and focusing on the corruption of the Pelosi inquisition and how phony and fake the witnesses who did not witness anything. He exposed them for the power-hungry apparatchiks they are and why he needed to replace them. To whine and moan about not being listened to enough is not only pathetic it is bordering on Benedict Arnold. These clowns while preening to their fellow insiders looked like obsessive power craving narcissists to the outer circle who are the exact people who voted Trump in.

The Trump voters were validated in this Schiff Show. America saw exactly what they were trying to hide from her. This was an inside job being run by insiders who pretend they care about the little guy. It showed who the real 1% are who run this country and world. Not the wealthy 1% who are vilified by the real 1%, but the 1% who have the power of the Federal gummit to make people and countries do what they want them to do.

When these people who testified go to a world leader he listens and does whatever it takes to get those billions of taxpayer dollars the agency passes out which is what was heard. You don’t pass that money out to investigate corruption since corruption is what these people including Joe Biden/Clinton deal in so why would they ever want their best tool known? Now America knows who and why it is never talked about in the DNC. Did anyone challenge Slow Joe to quit over his son’s obvious corruption or even needing the slightest explanation during the debates? There was no curiosity on their stage only complicit individuals wanting to maintain the status quid pro quo. They are all guilty of compliance.

You didn’t hear it from Kama-lot, Saint Peter, Commie Bernie, Ma Squaw, Gabbi or Wang, they were all silent and complicit. If there is enough smoke to declare Trump guilty of bribery and extortion then the raging forest fire around Biden should be enough for a firing squad, yet only silence from those sanctimonious hypocrites.
President Donald Trump has a way of exposing everybody for exactly who and what they are. Pelosi and the Mod Squad thought they were impeaching the President when they completely impeached themselves. America on both sides know exactly who and what everyone is whether it is Old Media playing their usual fake outrage game or their latest establishment candidate using his power for graft and corruption, everyone sees who does what for their own selfish greed.

In the old days the appearance of corruption is corruption, 15-year olds do not understand this concept.
They run on emotion and internet clichés not logic or right and wrong. All of this is due to the moving away from God’s laws and moving toward man’s evil. Man is evil and capable of the most horrendous crimes in histoir. Everyone knows the DNC has thrown God out of its Party and replaced it with a new age version of paganism and earth worship. Pelosi continues to pretend she is the High Priest of the Party with all her prayerfulness, but her prayer is a scam just like the impeachment to sway an election.

America can thank Schiff for Brains for impeaching the entire Deep State while exposing all the parts. It is a small group of DC cronies who want to control the world through graft and corruption using other countries to launder their cash. The DNC is deeply involved since it’s centralization of power gives the bureaus more power leading to larger bank accounts. It also showed how little their candidates want to change the system with their helping Slow Joe hide his corruption and America can figure out why. America thanks you Nancy as this was a great way to kickoff the investigation into the Trump lynching. What started as an impeachment about nothing turned into an impeachment of the impeachers.

Pray America is Waking