Brayin Candy

JoKare, Death & Taxes

Remember that at that time you were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, w/o Hope and w/o God in the world. Eph 2:12

The need to push through JoCare is a must so the gummit can steal all the oldsters’ $$. The only way these Stalinists can keep this Ponzi scheme going is to take peoples’ estates and turn them over to the Gum-state. This is how all dictators maintain their power and have the money to keep the masses satisfied. First you make the gummit the determiner for who lives and dies and then you change the estate laws so they take everything you own.

While reading The Joker’s book, The Audacity of Hope; one of the statements which stuck out was his insistence on the gummit’s need to seize everyone’s estates. He may have said everything over a $million so we know he meant everything. He is an extreme socialist/communist who thinks they own everything everybody owns, since it was earned in America. They believe if it is earned in America than it needs to be returned to the poor who the money was stolen.

The reason Premier Hussain and Nazi Pelosi needs to ram Socialist Healthcare through congress is to get the foundation of the gummit seizing everything you own. When our healthcare is taken out of our doctors’ control and turned over to an IRS type agent, then there will be a computer decision for life and death. The agent will have your entire net worth, health history and political affiliation in front of them to help make their decisions. Likely it will be done by computer to decide life or death. If you are over 70 yrs old those death rations will be made more and more frequently. The computer will be programmed to say no to a 75 yr old cancer surgery so the $$$ can be used to save a 25 yr old AIDS patient. Never mind they both have the same life expectancy, one is politically protected.

The next step is to say our Country is out of money and we need more ways to find tax revenue to pay for this abortion. The last thing a socialist will do is to cut taxes since it allows people to make decisions for themselves. This is the antithesis of the Socialist Party since as they are showing in the FEMACare debate, they need to control every part of your life. Just like FDR who wanted to raise tax rates on everything over $100K to 99.5% and did raise it to 79% and eventually 100% over 25K during the war, they will never lower taxes to raise revenue. The other thing FDR did is begin the hatred of the Rich, which was the start of the #1 tactic they still use. This means the only way they will raise revenue is to increase the Estate Taxes on the Rich. Premier Hussain will raise these taxes to 100% over a million or whatever level he calls Rich.

This is the ultimate plan of the DNC and the Joker to make everybody slaves of the state. As this Country slips into more and more desperate times, these ideas will become more and more palatable to the masses. They will allow the gummit to tax them at 50-70% in exchange for HC and every other welfare need. Rather than Soylent Green this gummit is setting the system up to ration/withhold HC from the elderly and take their estates from them to pay for this Soviet system. This will make sure the elderly don’t spend their savings or give it to their children before they die. The gummit is going to make sure death comes as early as possible.

This is the perfect system for the DNC. They have put in place death counseling/rationing for the elderly to make you sacrifice your life for the lives of the young. You will be told you are a burden on your children and the sooner you die the better for everybody, especially Big Brother. There will be a line item thrown into that Life/Death Matrix to determine your net worth and estimated Estate Tax to help make the ultimate determination. Is there any question which way those computerized thumbs will be turned? This is about as tough a decision for the DNC as Late Term Abortion Federal Funds. Any questions?

We have the most heartless and hate filled man to ever hold the WH. He has no compassion for anyone in this Country and only wants to pay back Rich Whites for the crimes he believes they are guilty. This Party is the Party of Death and believes any means justifies their ends. They have no passion for people, just the unending hunger for power. This is the first step to control every portion of our lives including our length of life. These people worship gummit as their god and if this passes they will have ultimate control of Life and Death. After they decide who is born and who dies, they will take everything to expand their over bloated largess. These Extreme Left Wingers are going to sacrifice us to their god and give our savings as their offerings.

Pray for America and the Tea Parties