Brayin Candy

Trump exposes the Media Pillar

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
John 14:6 KJV

The Three Pillars (Academia, Media and DNC) exposes themselves more and more every day from the day President Trump was elected, but this week was one of a kind. The mediots and DNC were always out front with their unabashed hatred and fear, but Academia always hid in the shadows pulling the levers from their marble halls on high. This week they let all the world see exactly who and what they truly are. They are political hacks who are consumed with complete hatred for America.

Academia are the High Priests of the liberal doxology since the universities are the Vatican of the left. In their humanistic atheism the only god is man and the only thing greater than man is a group of men like gummit. The only thing bigger than that is the most intelligent men on the planet which reside in the Halls of Knowledge. There they declare their decrees of right and wrong in a godlike declaration which are amplified by the media and DNC.
Donald J Trump is the biggest threat to them since Ronald Reagan by ignoring their Commandments and religious laws such as Global Warming or Cooling or whatever this week’s label is. He never bows down to their “science” and regularly mocks them and their religion. He is the ultimate heretic to their Holy Priesthood.

This is the same “science” which never questions its foundation such as evolution even though the more knowledge they have about the complexities of cells and microbiology the harder it is to explain the randomness of life let alone evolving species. Basically, they are saying you throw some rocks into a big mixing machine and if you stir them long enough a computer will come out.
They all know the impossibility of that occurring, yet none of those wandering the Halls o Knowledge dare ask.

The world just assumed these were some of the most intelligent and sophisticated people on the planet from years of decades of study and research. You expect from the Hallowed Halls some very serious esoteric deep thinkers. You expect these to be the very peak of brilliance and seriousness since they are always lecturing America.

The Impeachment farce tore the blindfold off that myth as some of the most pompous blowhards on the planet showed up to make absolute fools of themselves. You get more intelligent discussion on DNCNN than you ever received from these students of the law. You may have had the cast from Saturday Night Live come out and call Trump every name in the book as listen to these overeducated idjits prattle on.

You had law professors say he should be impeached for an innocent phone call which are made thirty times a day in the WH and taken completely out of context. Not one of these esteemed professors mentioned they did not witness the call and only embellished and manipulated the words to fit some nefarious narrative they know doesn’t exist.
These pinheads never bothered to mention innocent until proven guilty or any of the legal Rights the accused is assumed to have. No, they all assumed he was guilty and were making up explanations in the place of actual testimonies or evidence. To think these clowns are the ones who are training the next generation of lawyers is frightening. It’s professors like this who give the other 5% a bad name.

These were obviously died in the wool Communists who believe capitalism is evil and Trump represents that evil. The problem is Socialism destroys everything it touches and has collapsed our education system. It is filled with corruption and favoritism through tenure and favors to advancement inside the state system. This leads to a lack of competition and mediocrity which is what our schools and universities have become.

Trump has done was professors. Not anymore, they are exposed to the entire world showing how fake they have become. The only thing they had to offer was more anger and hatred directed at Trump and his supporters. These are the intelligentsia of America and they are outraged someone without their breeding would be elected President. In their eyes this mistake must be reversed and if they had to destroy the law to do it, fine.

What America saw at the Nadler Kangaroo Court were some very average people. These were the eggheads who debated the numbers of angels on a pin and weighed navel lint. They and their other two pillars were very impressed with them however America saw right through them. Even the snarky attack on Barron trump fell flat and backfired on the professor as she sat there smug with hate. Just like everything else in the Three Pillars this came back like an Acme Rocket blowing up right in their faces.

Their bubble is made of titanium with one-way glass which
does not allow them to see themselves. America knows fairness and the Three Pillars is lacking any type of fairness or integrity. The accused has no Rights to a defense of the charges or even the simplest explanation outside of the Pillars’ accusation. They are still claiming Russian interference even though the $40 million Mueller report could not find any. This is another Stalin Railroad and the Absent-Minded Professors were exposed for the buffoons they are. To think these are the best from the best schools says volumes about them and their nut houses they represent.

Pray America wakes up