Brayin Candy

A Boston Earthquake

Were you a slave when you were called? Don’t let it trouble you–although if you can gain your FREEDOM, do so. 1 Cor 7:21

 HOW SWEEEEEEET IT IS! This historic win by Scott Brown for Senator is a victory for all Americans and Freedom. The one thing the pundiots have assured us, is the Tea Patriots had nothing to do w/their victory. These mediots couldn’t be any more wrong if they tried, but why repeat myself? This win as well as the Nov elections are a mile post to the power of the Tea Party. This is a true patriotic revolution of a generation that has finally grown up and willing to take the challenge of making a difference for generations. We Baby Bummers have a mission to be proud, as we take the Country our parents gave us and are now willing to make the sacrifices we saw them make. We will leave the Miracle of America better than we received for the next generation. This means deconstructing the communism that has invaded our gummit battle by battle.

Scott Brown had the sweetest victory speech ever? Yes, his win was the ultimate David v Goliath story, going against the giant Kennedy/ABDNC machine and slinging a stone tween the eyes w/the truth. His story how he realized he had a chance when he saw a homemade sign in the snow, that he didn’t make was precious. The line, my daughters being available; was golden as he embarrassed his girls who laughed their heads off, showing what a great family he has. He fatherly adds, I'm going to be in trouble when we get home. The line, you can criticize me but don’t criticize my truck was pure Americana. That line is why he won, he represented all the hard working schleps who've been insulted for what they drive, watch or enjoying their sports. This race was the elitists in the DNC vs the normal red blooded Americans who they hate, which Marcia represented and who they’ve tired of. His speech was entertaining, educational and charming to really show what a deep character he enjoys.

Scott represents a new day in our Country. The week began w/an Earthquake in Haiti that shook the Island and now an aftershock has split Taxachusetts. What a miracle having a disaster that mirrors Katrina in Hurricane alley, then in the Bluest Island in America, Brown kills KennedyCare. After Frankenstein stole the 60th vote in MN to allow the commiecRats to expose themselves completely til all Hope is lost, Kennedy dies and a Patriot takes his seat. God is Great and still has Mercy for this Country. All Glory to Him!!

This week we celebrate the gift that Scott Brown represents. This was the power of prayer as all those warriors can give thanks to his Mercy and Grace on this great Country. Even the State religion, Atheism; has to wonder how our God is beating their cult. How Cap & Tax as well as all worshiping DeathCare could have been destroyed, when they had it all days ago. How did the world find the truth about Global Scamming and DeathCare while they were in control of the news filters? There is only one answer, its all God.

What are the odds a simple line on the Chicago Trading floor would launch this movement? A frustrated statement after the passage of Porkulus, that we needed a modern Tea Party has made the most powerful movement we've seen since the Nam protests. Difference is, this movement is fighting for our Country rather than our enemies. Unlike the communist organized anti-war movement built on deception, this one is built on truth and openness. This one is a passionate, truly American movement patterned after the original patriots of 1776 against a tyrannical oppressive gummit. This one is using their anti-American tactics minus the violence, against their corruption. This one has protestors who shower, shave and wear makeup. A Tea Party convoy following Scott’s truck to the District of Corruption would be hugely symbolic for this win.

This victory as great as it is, is merely is a high water mark of the power the Tea Patriots have. These brave souls who have turned into a charismatic movement has caused an earthquake to prove that they can move elections in every state. Just like the original Revolutionaries, we don’t need a single leader but numerous Generals willing to take the fight to the Red Coats. We will choose a leader after we win these battles so they have nobody to Quayle when there are no targets. We are a ragtag army that frustrate the Alinsky’s rules. They can only attack the movement as we have seen calling us racist, homosexuals as well as the usual xenophobic accusations these Stalinist thugs always rely. They are like the Red Coats marching lockstep through the open fields while we are behind every rock and tree firing at will. We will be firing muskets and cannons at these columned targets mowing down brigade after brigade til November. 

These Red Coats are going to have to defend massive spending, regulations and oppressive gummit during the worst economy since FDR. They're going to have to explain how their massively oppressive DeathCare is better than the Insurance Industry. They're going to have to explain enslaving us to excessive Cap & Tax when Global Scamming is a complete and  absolute fraud. They need to explain why the terrorist leader of the bloodiest attack on America deserves to have the same rights as the people who he forced to jump out of the towers, at a cost of $200 million. Why are we spending more $$ to try him rather than rebuilding those towers? These corruptocRats are lined up in open fields while we have our cannons loaded and ready to fire massive volleys into their ranks.

They will hide behind Bush since blaming others for their failures is all they know. Now we have ways to get the truth out and destroy their never ending excuses. We can go to the Townhalls equipped w/the knowledge to expose their lies so they become as frustrated as an out of work liberal shopping at Walmart. We can destroy their arguments on the internet firing from all directions. They know the Tea Parties are going to be bigger and better than ever to sweep these Red Coats back into their wilderness of lies. We have ended the Kennedy Curse so now its time to purge America of this communist Curse. Bring on the November Massacres.

Praise God for His Mercy