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The  Release of The Republic of Texas has been amazing.

Recieved a letter from President Trump thanking me for the book. 



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The year is 2033 and the United States has collapsed and is being taken over by the One World Government controlled by the United Nations. New York City has become a crime infested ruin as it is being run by the gangs, union thugs and vigilante groups targeting bankers, stockbrokers, and Christians. The Bible has been outlawed and churches have gone underground as pastors are being muzzled for hate speech and many being arrested. Christians are being rounded up and imprisoned for their faith as the oppression of the United Nations becomes stronger and more powerful.

Meanwhile The Republic Texas has seceded from the United States years earlier becoming the most powerful country on earth by practicing Judeo-Christian values as it is a nearly completely Christian nation valuing the individual over the government. That individual includes businesses as the government sees its duty as an aide of business rather than an adversary. Regulations are kept to a minimum as companies report on their own pollution technology, wages, and profits.

The Republic of Texas has built its power the main provider of energy and the free flow of business which sees itself as a good steward of God’s creation making it the cleanest air, water, and best place to work drawing the best people from around the world. As it grows in power and wealth the United Nations sees it as a potential asset and begins the process of bringing it into the Union of Nations and the conflict begins. The Republic of Texas does not want to give up its freedoms, taxes and religious expression which begins the last stand moving Texas towards World War III. This world war would be The Republic of Texas against the entire world.

The main character of the book is Steven Moses the wealthiest man on the planet who made his fortune in the oil business. You will follow him through the book on one of the most entertaining rides you have ever been on. His love interest is June Darling who heals his damaged heart and helps him from one adventure after another.

You will be flying hover jets, Ramjets, Shuttles into space and on the bottom of the ocean with a love story which is keeps you turning the pages. There is no book like it and you will stay up late to find out what happens from one cliff hanger to the next until the end which you will never expect. For Christians it will reaffirm your faith as the basic message is what would happen if Christians turned their lives completely over to God and let his power work through you. What would your life look like if you had that conviction and boldness?

The more exciting piece is this book is now on an audio version which is an old-fashioned Radio Play with all the characters played by professional voice actors so you can watch a movie in your mind as a kaleidoscope of visions roll through your brain in a world outside this one. You will play it over and over as you escape into another world that could come true if enough people turned their complete lives over to Christ.

I wrote this book in 2013 and was told to republish it by a friend who said you have to get it out since it is all coming true and is it ever. God has blessed this with miracle after miracle. I hope it gets in your pod or bookshelf and love it as much as we do.

Buy it now and start your journey to The Republic of Texas. 

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Army Murray takes down the Vax

Army Part 2

Army Part 3

Incredible Video on Rumble Vaccine expert Army Murray explains what the Vax does to your cells in your body:

Naomi Wolfe Accuses CDC Director of Murder


Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (King James Version)

Democrat icon Naomi Wolfe besides being the rare beautiful Dem woman has been doing exhaustive research with her group Daily Clout with over a thousand people researching the Pfizer report released by the gummit and has found some terrifying findings. She believes the resignation of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky who was caught, about the safety of the vax for pregnant women is more coverup about the vax dangers.

If the Pfizer report becomes the actual truth of its findings there is a very real possibility over fifty percent of women who took the vax may not be able to have healthy babies. According to the report 54% of women who took the shot prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy, after pregnancy or had sex with their husbands, or even inhaled breath from their vaxed friends at any of those times had babies with adverse effects including death or even babies nursing from their mothers.

Rochelle Walensky knew this since the report came out days before she was interviewed on TV claiming the shot was perfectly safe for mother and baby with no side effects. She knew babies were dying in outlandish numbers and told women to get the vax to keep the fear alive for Cold-19. To think she was convincing women to get a vax that was more likely to kill their babies than not of horrific deaths to combat a disease which had a less than one in a million chance of killing either. In reality the mother had a better chance dying in birth than of Cold-19 and this witch told her just the opposite.

Fifty years ago, Rochelle Walensky and her evil doctor friends would be asked two questions, cigarette? Blindfold? Rather, she will likely get a monstrous salary at some Big Pharma money launder and rewarded the rest of her life for her contribution to the billions they made. At what point does somebody in power say enough of this, this was a crime against humanity and criminals need to be punished enough it never is considered again. It is time to bring back public hangings for these mass murderers.

Naomi Wolfe’s courageous group has found from many baby doctors these babies were infected since the vax was full of dangerous chemicals as well as the mRNA gene therapy is able to go through the placenta and infect the baby which suffers the same side effects which are plaguing athletes who have taken the shot.

The report found around 25% of babies aborted themselves as well as babies having tachycardia or accelerated heart rates as well as skin falling off and breathing problems after birth. These babies were not healthy, and many had emergency deliveries in an attempt to save the baby. The same events happened from babies nursing vaxed mothers’ breast milk and the gummit did not care in the slightest. Just how evil is the District of Corruption today?

They had a mission to perform which was to get Trump out of the WH. They had to maintain the fear of the virus as well as the only protection was the vax and mask. They needed people to comply every step of the way and the narrative was for mothers to get the vax to protect their babies and themselves while telling grandma and grandpa to not come to Christmas unless they were vaxed too. What kind of evil does it take to manipulate people in this horrific way?

Rochelle Walensky was an evil pawn in this coup, but played the part with such passion and articulated fully how safe it was for pregnant women to keep the façade of safe and effective going. She laughed and joked as she convincingly told the interviewer how safe it was while she had to be briefed two days earlier when Pfizer gave the report to her and the CDC showing pregnant women were putting their babies in danger, and everyone says women are not able to lie which is a lie.

They lied about it not coming from the Wuhan lab in China as well as it coming out of an open market. They lied about it not being spread by the Chinese around the world by people on planes to the tourist locations to infect as many as possible.

They lied about the best treatment which should have been immediate treatment of drugs such as Ivermectin. They lied about ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine and zinc as a cure. They lied about the vax being effective which it was not, and they lied about the safety of the vax let alone babies and pregnant mothers. They are lying about athletes and actors dying spontaneously from heart attacks and clots in the brain, they have lied about everything and now they want us to trust them about more boosters.

These mothers’ lives have been destroyed and you will hear nothing about them thanks to militant media. These reporters not only do not care they support the killing of these babies in the name of Moloch the god of dead babies. Mediots were goosestepping right along with the coup to close down voting security with emergency mail-in voter fraud to make it easier to stuff the ballot box and get rid of Trump. Now they are in whitewash mode and trying to sweep the clot shot and mandates down the sewer drain.

Help Naomi Wolfe and groups like Unify Oregon let these babies dying cries be heard. Let these mothers have their day in court to punish people like Rochelle Walensky and Pfizer who recklessly allowed these murders to continue. It is one thing if you do not know the dangers, it is something altogether different if you expect over fifty percent of the vaxed mothers to have problems with their babies. This was the most successful brainwashing in the history of the world.

This brainwashing with an algorithm directed squarely at women using their natural instincts of nurturing, health, and family to terrorize them into doing whatever they could to keep their families alive. This included pregnant women and bombarded them with false information until they and their entire families got the shot thinking the country needed 100% compliance to defeat a virus which these dead and unhealthy babies was their results, and they knew would happen.

People lost jobs, died from the vax, were hospitalized, as well as permanently injured all so a Party could steal an election. What kind of evil would risk the entire country just to regain power? Of course, that would be the Party which is controlled by a Satanic Cult which worships the creation rather than the Creator.

It is time for Americans to worship the Creator and let him control his creation. It is time for America to go back to the church and Bible for the truth. Until then nobody is safe from the Communists and especially the babies.

Pray for revival!

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