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Elon's Gift to the World

Elon's Christmas gift to the World


But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:20-21 (King James Version)

Anyone who does not realize the last four to five years was an organized coup have not been paying attention or were willfully participating or perhaps useful idjits. With the release of all the Twitter news there is absolute confirmation there was a criminal manipulation of the news being released which would damage President Trump and promote the Democrat Party.

To even imagine the FBI was spiking stories and individuals like the Soviet KGB is unconscionable which begs the question what other social media they were controlling, and which other agencies were involved. It will all be coming out, but in the meantime both of these institutions need to be reformed from the ground up and any social media playing these anti-speech games should be punished. At what point does it cross the line of being mindless entertainment and into the realm of gummit brainwashing?

Driving home I saw a young woman who was riding a bike on a cold bright sunny day wearing a mask. As I slowed for the light I asked if she knew viruses cannot survive in sunlight more than five minutes of which she blank stared and kept on riding. This is the level people have been brainwashed by the never-ending bombarding of one side of the story to the point people are wearing masks alone on their bikes outside simply as a virtual signal to everyone what a good person she is. She truly believes she is a superior human since she is saving the earth from global warming and keeping everyone safe as well as herself from virus particles that are gone by the sun’s ultraviolet light. This level of compliance is far beyond anything 1984 dreamed.

How can anyone still be wearing masks when they are completely useless. There are numerous studies showing they have no effect on stopping anything smaller than a dust particle and viruses are a million times tinier. You are attempting to stop mosquitoes with a chain linked fence, yet gummits are still preaching masks with no scientific proof whatsoever. A mask on a beard is the ultimate virtue grandstand.

Elon Musk is the second revolutionary character of the 21st century. Here is an atheist liberal who made his money by fooling millions of dirt worshipers they would save the world by paying ridiculous prices for a battery powered golf cart which could do incredible speeds for limited distances.

These people believed in global warming and were going to virtue signal as they got their ten-dollar cup of coffee at Starbucks and then show off as they dropped their kids off at school. He was saving the world with a one-ton battery moms would sit on as they took their gummit rebate for their 60K car while the radiation flooded their bodies, for mother earth.

He is an atheist who has made billions off the global warming scam and has now decided to use his wealth for good and is revealing the DC coup.

The coup started with Hillary buying an October Surprise from MI6's Christopher Steele who was known for making fake scandals which Hillary and the DNC/FBI spent $10 Million to produce. They then with the help of the intelligence agencies and the Three Pillars of Brainwashing (Academia, Media, and DNC) were supported by the District of Corruption to waste 4 years and tens of millions if not billions to promote this fake dossier. This was the first step of the coup or as Hillary called it, the I'm with Her Resistance.

The next step was far more James Bond in that Dr Evil was going to release a plague on the world to hide the real method to overthrow a President who would not cooperate. Dr Fauxi and China’s President Xi were working on the Covid virus and mRNA treatments in Wuhan China, they then decided to release it around the world. They infected the people of Wuhan and flew a few planeloads of these infected Chinese around the world of which one plane reportedly went from China to Disneyland, Las Vegas, NY, Disney World, London, Paris, Rome, and back to Wuhan spreading the very contagious disease. This would give them the fear they needed to complete the coup and was reported around January 2020.

The entire time these events were occurring there was a concerted effort with Twitter and the Social medias to suppress any news for Trump and magnifying information promoting Russiagate and fear of dying from the virus.

Pictures and stories of people dropping dead in China and then the NYC outbreaks which were killing senior homes by the hundreds turned America into a crisis of fear which the coup organizers magnified and terrified the nation into lockdowns and a task force ran by Dr Fauxi, Pence, and the goofy scarf lady Birx, who all knew this was not a dangerous disease so they made it multiple times more deadly by putting a protocol which killed thousands of people to magnify the fear. They used fake science to terrify people into submission.

The Three Pillar’s motto is never let a dead body go to waste and especially a mountain of bodies which is when they instituted the nuclear bomb of the coup, stealing the vote. Trump foolishly trusted the state Governors as they called emergency election procedures which instituted all the election laws California has passed to create their Democrat super majority. The keys to their voting frau…er…advantage is mail in voting which is an invitation to ballot stuffing as well as voter harvesting which you pay street people $10-50 per ballot and have a voter mule to collect and stuff unwatched ballot boxes with manufactured ballots from all kinds of sources. This was the coup and it worked.

The key to the coup was Cold-19 and making it into the Black Plague in people’s minds. This is why the girl is still riding down the street on her bike with a mask on since she is still afraid, she will get or give the Black Plague and die when in reality it is a 2-3 week cold if treated properly.

It was not because the coup was needed to magnify bad advice and eliminate any good treatments people were finding. Herr Fauxi was continually scaring people into wearing a mask, shutting down and then eventually getting the mRNA treatment which was mandated to stop the spread and eliminate catching the disease which in reality did neither, just like the mask.

Moscow on the Potomac has continued the coup through the midterms and attempting to push it through 2024 by claiming there are new versions of Cold-19 which are the mRNA treatments and boosters compromising most likely people’s immune systems. One of the side effects besides clots, heart attacks, cancer activation, birth defects, and sterility is a weakened immune system to fight common cold and flu viruses you get from everyday activity. This turns a cold into bronchitis or pneumonia which lasts longer than normal while being more severe. Now this is traveling through society and the CDC calls it the next version of the Black Plague instituting more severe lockdowns and boosters repeating the process leading to another emergency being declared for the 2024 Presidential election.

At a time when the world was locked down and everyone was getting their information from their computers and phones the DNC was running those devices to promote their candidates micro-targeting exactly who they wanted to reach. This was being helped by the FBI and every other agency declaring what was true and misinformation depending on the Party it helped. This was and is the bloodless coup Musk has uncovered with more proof coming as his investigators get deeper and deeper into the scandal.

There is no doubt how this happened and why, it was to get the outsider out of the Beltway of Bribery who was turning over the money changing tables and had to be thrown out of the city. This coup had complete cooperation inside and outside his administration as Barr and Pence were active participants in the fake plague and hiding the Hunter laptop when both should have been front page news. This was the largest most organized coup in American histoir (a little French lingo for Rio Linda) and restarted the worldwide Communist Reset. America has the same media as China and Russia without the freedom of thought those countries still possess. If you are not riding your bicycle with a M-95 mask you are a bad person and need to be silenced.

There was a coup being run and it cannot be denied. It has been proven in the court of public opinion it is just who was running it from the top. The most likely suspect is Barak. With so much violence from the blacks as cities burned are his fingerprints along with the hatred of whites and patriots the coup had the earmarks of his regime with the violence on so many patriotic groups. It really does not matter since he is just as much a puppet as Senile Joe when the world Communist Party is running the insurrection and always will.

Soon everyone will be all riding their bikes wearing masks with the 30th shot in their arms and legs as they zombie through life thinking they are good people saving the earth or universe or whatever the current Commie catchphrase of the day is. This coup absolutely is happening, and its fingerprints have been revealed by Elon with the more exposing tweets to appear in the future when he gets into the Vaccine tweets between Fauxi and the media/FBI proving the conspiracy and who the real insurrectionists were. He is giving America a real Christmas present, the gift of freedom from tyranny.

Merry Christmas America

PS: I received a thank you letter from Donald Trump with his signature for sending him a copy of my book, The Republic of Texas. What an honor.