Brayin Candy

End the War on Energy

The man who had received the five talents went at once and put his money to WORK and gained five more. Matt 25:16

The only good news in the economy is gas prices are going down. Now we know who will take credit for that but it is really a reflection on how bad the economy is. Whenever gas prices are dropping we never hear about those evil oil speculators or greedy oil companies, no we will hear how wonderful our great leader is when it is in spite of him. Gas prices never should have gone as high as they did and the only reason they are lowering is due to a worldwide depression. Due to our excessive regulations we have gas prices at least a dollar more than they should which could be leading us out of the morass.

For the past fifty years, our commies have been at war with fossil fuels. This has been their number one weapon in their war on capitalism, cheap abundant energy. If they were going to destroy this Country the easiest way to do it would be to take away its fuel and that is exactly what they have done and this depression is the result of that war. The byproduct of this war is the control of Americans from stopping them from what they love most which is driving and making money. For a communist the primary goal in your life is to make America a Soviet style empire and that requires collapsing it and then installing a Premier until the pieces are in place for your workers paradise. To get there you must make energy unattainable or at least far too expensive to use for anything other than gummit usage.

From the time of Reagan, Conservatives have been attempting to develop our vast natural resources in energy. We are the Saudi Arabia of Coal and Natural Gas but the liberals continue their war on energy. Every Repub attempts to expand our oil and gas production and every Dem shuts it down. Carter held the Alaska pipeline as long as he could attempting to convince America that wearing a sweater was an energy policy. Reagan opened up drilling offshore and expanded our Nuclear power as well as coal fired energy production. Clinton closed all of our low sulfur coal lands to help his Indonesian donors and Noilbama has attempted to close every producing well in our inventory.

Obama began his destruction of the oil industry with the BP oil spill and basically closed all the exploration in the Gulf even though judges ordered him to allow it. He then loaned Brazil $10 Billion to begin their own exploration in deeper water than BP was drilling and then promised we would be their biggest customer. He had to say that since the nationalized company Petrobras needed more cash since it was near bankruptcy and had to have guarantees of sales so more investment could come flowing in. The collapse of Petrobras would have been a major disaster to his number one donor Soros so he sold us down the river.

Liberals are always good at spinning tales about how they are only cutting off your energy for your own good, when it is just the opposite. How many fables have they spun about how deadly fossil fuels are that turned out to be complete hoaxes? Way back when they were saying how lead in gas was leading to retardation of Black kids living near the freeway when it turned out there was no correlation whatsoever. Then we had the carbon monoxide was destroying the ozone and later sulfur was causing Acid Rain when it turned out to be a bacteria was killing the trees, but our academia has to always find a fossil fuel to blame. Finally we have the granddaddy of all hoaxes and that is global warming. What could be bigger than fossil fuels are destroying the entire world? Yawn!

Let’s take a look at this theory. Just like the Acid Rain theory our brilliant professors are saying if we pump oil out of the ground and burn it the exhaust is going to destroy the world. Never mind the obvious questions of how do they know what the perfect world temp is although it appears the Renaissance era seemed to be one of the sweet spots which was one of the warmest periods in histoir. We are being told that CO2 which we exhale and trees inhale is going to block the suns reflection from the earth and make a CO2 roof on the earth turning it into a giant greenhouse. We should require all professors wear giant floppy shoes, a red rubber nose and orange hair? They already drive in tiny little cars.

It is time to ignore these fossil fools and get on to rebuilding our Country. We need to develop all of our resources to lower the overall cost of our energy to help lower our manufacturing and transportation costs across the board. This will not only make our products more competitive it will lower our living expenses making our standard of living increase without any extra pay. Bringing the cost of gas down to 2.50/gal and electricity lowered by 20% will save the average American around $200/month. In addition everything you purchase will decrease due to the lower costs which will make food costs drop as well as every consumer item you use. This could save your budget another $100-200/month without changing anything. If we took the gummit out of the energy business every American would have an extra $300-500/month or more to spend or save.

While people are improving their lifestyles through a lower cost of living, businesses will be making more profits to begin employing more people. Businesses will be lowering their energy and transportation costs they budgeted in which will add to their bottom line. Even though their customers will be enjoying the lower prices, businesses will be enjoying higher profits without costing the gummit or taxpayers a dime. This program improves the lives of the 100% and not just the mythical 99% which pits American against American. We all would enjoy the benefits of low cost abundant energy together rather than despising one group over another thanks to the war on fossil fuels. It is time to declare a truce on energy and begin to enjoy its abundance.

Pray for America