Brayin Candy

Terrorizing the Terrorists

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God? Micah 6:8 KJV

President Trump sent Iran and its fellow terrorist states a message stating America will no longer be held hostage by these crazy mullahs. At what point do you say enough is enough and if we play nice these madmen will no longer be madmen? Every president since Carter has done it and even when they would strike out like Hillary did with Bin Laden, they still buried him with full Islamic honors. They pretended if you kill the dirtbag and treat his corpse with honor his followers will not go on a terrorist killing spree when that is who they are.

Thankfully President Trump is not playing that game and when a terrorist decides to attack Americans the military will terrorize the terrorist. Now it is their turn to be looking over their shoulders when they are out of their bunkers just like some child on a school bus. This is the only language they understand so it is time to teach them some manners and General Scumbag learned him some.

The usual pearl clutching and America haters are out with their clichés about this will stir up the hornet’s nest or we are going to invade Iran when neither of them holds water. Why would President Trump want to go into a country he has no interest in? His legacy is not going to be destroyed by fighting a ME Turd world country for what? To change a regime that is in the middle of the most terrorists on the planet. Why would he consider that?

The bigger issue is all the cowards worrying about retribution from Islamic terrorists. After twenty years of hearing about how they are the Religion of Peace we are now being told these Peaceniks are going to kill us if we kill their leaders? Which is it, are they peaceful or are they killers? Everyone knows the answer to this question and is why the President outlawed the immigration of those coming from the most terrorist Muslim countries. The killing of this dirtbag exposed the libs for who they really are and exposed their true thoughts of Islam which is they are terrorists waiting to kill.

All through the Barak years we heard about smart surgical military tactics were so much better than sending in a hundred thousand troops and when they do a surgical strike, we hear how dumb it is. The usual mediots are telling how it makes the world riskier for upsetting the Islamic terrorists. Well it must be Islamic terrorists since the White Nationalist terrorists would be cheering this assassination, so they must mean Muslim terrorists and is that Islamophobic? Would it be Islamophobic to suggest that if one Iranian General is killed these peaceful people of color would not be able to control themselves and must kill some White people around the world? Aren’t they making Trump’s point?

No, it is time to stop being held hostage worldwide by these Islamic madmen and fight this war on America's terms and not theirs. If they want to terrorize the public let them and feel the consequences of being shunned for being Muslim terrorists. If they cannot conform to civil society, they can move back to their Turd World huts and hunt for Christians and Jews there. Until then, if a major terrorist organizer is out in the open, we have a knock, knock joke they may not want to hear.

The world has been held hostage long enough by Iran and Hezbollah as well as a half a dozen other terrorist organizations and rather fight them in wars it is time, they be taken out individually until there are no more left to take out. If they want to plant bombs or have their followers wear bomb vests, then they should have no problem taking a Predator up the tailpipe.

Since even the Dems are saying killing Islamic leaders will cause Muslims to kill it is time to have the discussion of why we are tolerating this inhuman behavior? Why does the world have to accept a religious cult has the right to kill people for not believing the way they believe? Why do we have to be so tolerant to a religion which is by light years the least tolerant of any religions? Not only that, why do we have to give them preferred status for their death cult simply because they are a minority? For them to be agreeable to the killing of innocent victims is not acceptable in civil society which is why they should be shunned until they agree to the existence of Israel and Christianity. Until they stop massacring tribes in Africa and throughout the Middle East for the crime of being Christian, they have no right to acceptance in society let alone preferred status.

This terrorist execution exposed the entire left with their dire warnings of what they know about Islam. They are terrified of Islam and hide behind their virtue signaling in hopes of taming the snake. They act like women wearing turbans and men in religious garb is a beautiful thing when they are terrified of them and afraid, they will be the next person blown up. When are they going to admit they are more afraid than those Islamophobes and understand everyone else is in it together?

It is time to let the dogs loose on their leaders who have innocent blood on their hands. It is time to surgically remove these animals from the face of the planet one at a time using our missiles rather than our blood. If it stirs up a terrorist wave it is time to have that terrorist wave and fight the war in the streets.

There are only so many places they can hit and so many people they can kill and if they keep losing their leaders there will be fewer and fewer minds to share their tools of terror. It is time to break the chains of fear to free ourselves of Islamic terrorism.

At the end of this if there is an end, the world will know who the bad guys are and what religion they belong. There will be some blood in the streets, but if law enforcement did their jobs, they could target the bad guys and stop most of the attacks before they start.

Terrorism only works if the general population is terrified by a relatively small amount of damage, but if society stopped being afraid of the lightning strikes the terror leaders will have a real fear of an invisible drone with their name on it. Then they become the terrorized and society becomes free. Thank you, President Trump, of sending a message only terrorists understand.

Pray America is back