Brayin Candy

Capitalize the Press

So the sisters sent word to Jesus, “Lord, the one you LOVE is sick.” John 11:3

We have been brainwashed into believing we need a huge Establishmedia to ration our information when we don’t. There are two ways to make the media unbiased, one would be put a $1000 bounty on liberal journalists, the other would be to close the corporate newsrooms and put them out to pasture replaced by smaller more dynamic news orgs that will give a variety of thought. Right now we have giant corps like GE who use their news programs as nothing more than write offs to filter information. We have no variety of opinion in the large news companies and only tiny little FOX exploring the corruption of our gummit. Now is the time to pull the plug on these money pits and let Capitalism take over. Could there possibly be anything more corrupt than NBDNC?

When you have an internet bringing information to your fingertips in real time do you really need a giant monolith deciding what they will and won’t report. Do we need these corrupt corps or their distorters being activists for the DNC to get their politicians elected? It is time to call them out for the commie propagandists we know they are and make them suffer for their one sided coverage. We don’t need them nearly as bad as they need us and it is time to make them pay. It’s time to save some trees and dolphins for these Eart worshippers and tell them to keep their yellow ink and nightly snooze. A bit ironic they lecture us on protecting the forest while they are using trainloads of trees to print their birdcage liners.

We now have been told the Stone Age Press was colluding to make sure all of obozo’s questions in the campaign were no brainers. If anybody would ax a question about his past mentors, the questioner was going to be labeled a racist by all the other journalists including Media Matter$oro$. This was a coordinated attack on the FOX reporters and even attacked Steponallofus when he questioned Black Oblack on Minister Wright. Reporters completely backed down as we all remember the different rules that Gov Palin was exposed to. Small wonder he looked so brilliant while she was sliced and diced into a terrified monkey. Wonder how many emails were exchanged on what techniques and tactics to use to unnerve her and edit for maximum effect. Was SNL also involved?

This journalistic malfeasance is more proof we need to take this out of a bloated socialist boondoggle and put into a free market. If we had a Capitalistic system there would be an investigation into this MediaGate and find out who and where it went. Was it only journalists or were their heads of corps or people in the campaign and who? These questions need to be answered to see how the election was manipulated from the commie-cult media and where do they go? We know it was coordinated out of the Ohbummer campaign although we still have to know how many journalists participated. We have to take those reporters who felt their job was that of a political hack was more important than any impartiality. Once again the corrupt journalists give a bad name to the other 2%.

How many more of these scandals can the Establishmedia absorb before the entire façade comes goes Humpty Dumpty? When you have people who are obvious hacks delivering the daily dose of propaganda you can’t have too many more of these scandals pounding extra nails into the Press Corpse’ coffin. To imagine the smartest man in the history of the planet needing such a choreographed campaign while trashing Palin worse than Bush. Did the Obozo campaign write the questions for Gibson and Colic? Did they pick out Gibson’s glasses? Did they tell them how they wanted her to be portrayed or did they have to be told since they attend the same strategy sessions? To imagine the levels they needed to reach to get below the Bush campaign standards they not only did it but exceeded anybody’s expectations.

It is time to bring a fairness nondoctrine to the Samestream mediots. We need to have the same number of Conservative outlets as there are liberal. There is only one way to guarantee this and that is to remove all govt regs and subsidies to let the market determine the winners and losers. If we would fire the losers to let the market determine rather than the corrupt networks we have now the spectrum would be covered. If we had a solid representation of numerous Conservative outlets, there would be no limits to the number. This is exactly what they don’t want since the liberal ideas would be left on the waste heap of histoir where they belong.

The Dinosaur Press has become as corrupt and partisan as the gummit. We no longer believe a single report they give and are laughing off their claims. How many times can you report Conservatives are racist poo poo heads. We already know they are an arm of the DNC living off the fat of giant corporations w/no regard for truth or profit. It is too important to explain what Capitalism is and how it can bring freedom and prosperity to not only every person in America but the World. Our Exstream Wing media is standing in the way of that information to continue their evangelization of their Commie Cult. Those giant corps and banks need to cut them free to sink or swim in the marketplace of ideas to force them to report the Truth no matter where it runs or whose toes it taps. Now more than ever it is time to launch a new media who is not a braindead ideologue but a Free market warrior hungry for the Truth. We need to bring the power of Capitalism to the media and bring back a truly Free Press. That said a bounty would be more effective.

Pray for America