Brayin Candy

Foxy Lady Palin

Gov Sarah Palin is a clean Breath of Alaskan air so foreign to the smog gaspers in DC who just can’t handle. No, they are so used to inhaling the smoke they’re choking down like it is for everyone. Well America knows when they see the real thing and long to taste her cool breeze. We don’t like the slick rehearsed bilge but prefer common sense and American values. She is why the Libs hate politicians like Reagan, Bush, Thatcher or Truman since they don’t have complex answers trying to package their lies. No, the Palins of the World just tell you what they think from the hip and let the PC ninnies feign outrage.

Gov Palin irritated the ruling class of elitists both left and right when she said she didn’t care what they thought. That stuck her in the class of Bush/Reagan since she clearly embarrassed the Chablis sipping Republican avant guarde. These so called conservatives who live in either DC or the Upper East Side claim to be conservative yet attend all the A list parties, don’t want to have to explain Gov Palin to their smug friends. They have to try to explain what it is to hunt or fish as well as tell their friends there is somewhere besides the NE corridor. No these conservatives are more like Hilary than Sarah. Their idea of camping is having the windows open at the Hamptons, where they call fish bait; Sushi.

Most Conservatives, who are unashamed pro-life, hunting, fishing, drilling, raging heterosexual hayseeds; enjoy leaders who possess backbones. We love Gov Palin as well as heroes who will sacrifice their freedom for ours and don’t need some sweet talking metrofag telling us why we should be ashamed of our Country. No we love our wives, families and Country just like Gov Palin. We respect and thank her for the fact she’s willing to risk her son for her Country. That is a sharp stick in the eye of the Cut&RunocRats. She’s not bitter being an attractive woman and is wise enough to know what a gift beauty is. She is us and we are her.

Gov Palin is a leader in the mold of Harry Truman, willing to go after corruption wherever it may be. She found Republican dirt in Anchorage and made sure it was eliminated so now she’s ready to take her Colombo Overcoat to the District of Corruption. This is the rare breath of crystalline air America has lacked, making the Establishment nervous. Many of those elites know if corruption is seriously rooted out, their friends could be in prison. So like always, DC circles the wagons, wanting to kill the Calvary, which is their Stalincrat way.

The sad part is some of our token conservatives like Georgie Will and Peggy Nooner are being tools for their liberal colleagues. You know those Poopitsir Prize scribes who haven’t had an original idea in 20 yrs. They are the porch monkeys for the DNC as they turn their backs on Conservatism to be allowed on the veranda. These conservative Uncle Toms know if they attack a Republican they get instant cred, a couple of back pats and an extra helping of brie. At least Judas got 40 pieces of silver.

Gov Sarah Palin has brought freshness as well a fun ladylike charm to a Party lacking for the last few decades. The femihags have told us women can either be successful or have a family. Oh yeah, they reluctantly agreed that you could be a Hilary and have one child if it is raised by the state. They showed their true allegiance when they supported BJ then slutted every woman he assaulted. Gov Palin destroys feminism by being a happy wife, mother and Governor w/o nepotism. A self made woman in a manly man’s world was the feminag dream, now their worst nightmare. She makes the National Organization of Broads obsolete. So what if she doesn’t speak DC spin fluently. She ain’t there to woo the self-absorbed pundicRats.

Gov. Palin will drain the trough in the District of Corruption to root out the Hogs who caused this meltdown. Of course there will be resistance, but even though she’s hated by the usual enemies, as a woman she will be harder to attack politically. Unlike Obummer who is up to his feminine neck in corruption, deflecting his guilt like Jackie Chan on speed, some will stick. Sarah Palin and the Sheriff can throw these corrupt politicians behind bars although Dodd, Frank, Raines and Johnson would look good decorating some DC Lampposts. She can start naming the crooks now and give them a taste of what they are in store over the next 4 years. Then there will be a crisp Alaskan Breeze blowing over the gaseous DC swamp bringing a breath of fresh air from Foxy Lady Palin.

Pray for W, Gov Palin and Our Troops