Brayin Candy

Teri Schiavo

I have never been so proud of my Party as I am now. The Respect-life Party has gone to the ends for Terri Schiavo and there is no doubt as to where we stand. Sure there are some Rinoes who have stood with the Dinosaurs for Death, but the leaders of our Party have stood in the Breech for Life. We may lose the battle in Terri’s case, God Rest her Soul, but we have fought the War. There has never been a more transparent difference between the two Parties. The Leaders of our Party has ignored the Stone Age Press, an Out of Control Judiciary and Polls to stand by their Principles.

The Dinosaurs have to pretend that every issue has 82 shades of Grey including life and death. That is why they have to change the name of death to Vegetable, Brain dead, Fetus, Weed, Unwanted and the list goes on and on. The last thing they want Terri to be called is a human being or someone’s child, because that will make people think of this issue as killing. These people cry when their houseplant dies of not watering, yet they are perfectly happy to argue the value of killing a person of thirst or sucking a baby out of a mother. You cannot paint your shades of Grey when something is as simple as Life or Death. They have to use greys to hide their absence of values or core beliefs.

The DimRat Party has gone from the Happy Days in the 60's and 70's of Camelot and has followed the Bloody Road of Abortion to the modern days of Crash-a-lot. This is a dark day in America as we await the death of another innocent victim being sacrificed to their god of humanism. Any means justifies any ends when you color different shades of grey. It was ok to kill the Royal family of Russia to bring about Communism. The same for China, Vietnam, Cuba and Cambodia. It is ok to kill a baby as long as you are protecting the mother’s freedom to "choose." In their warped view the very thing that makes women superior to men is what is holding them back, childbirth. It is fine to disgrace the office of President and the Country as long as he’s vetoing abortion bans. You can even throw a boy back to a brutal dictator after his mother drowned escaping, if you have enough paint. In their world any immoral act can be justified if it furthers their agenda.

The long march to amorality has brought us to the murder of a perfectly healthy woman to appease the god of assisted suicide. How much more Godless can we go?? Jesus said, how you treat the least of these is how you treat me. How appropriate that on the day of his crucifixion we are killing the least of us.

There could not be a more black and white case in America than the Schiavo case. If you have two people disagreeing on an issue you have to give them both some weight to their story. Even if Judge Greer Reaper assumes the husband is telling the truth, yet there is a 10% chance he is not; you have to err on the side of keeping Terri alive. This is a simple Black and White or in this case life or death. You always give every indifference to life because life is precious, even a vegetable’s, which she is not.

Our leaders in Congress, Gov Bush and President Bush have done everything they can do within the law. They cannot send in the troopers like Bull Reno and start a civil war between police. They have sworn a declaration to uphold the Constitution and it’s laws. We are not Democrats who will use any means, including force to forward an agenda. How anyone could predict that the steps that we have taken would be snubbed and they would not review this case is why we need moral judges. Her death for an agenda is going to forever stain our Country, laid at the feet of the Party of Death. They and the Libertarians have pushed for this death for the last 2 years and now they can enjoy their "victory." This is one major reason many Americans could never belong to those Parties, for their immorality and amorality towards life.

We have done all we can for Terri and for that we should be proud of our leadership. They as we are having our hearts broken during this deep dark Easter celebration. God is in control and perhaps he needed America to have a lamp unto it’s feet to get back on the narrow path. Perhaps he needed to expose evil for evil and what you get when you turn your back to God. None of this exposure would have happened if Jeb and GW were not in power, although in the end they were powerless to stop this senseless killing. The Judicial Branch has no heart and has no humanity, only empty briefs. For that, a little girl in Florida is going to pay the final price while her Mom and Dad cry helplessly. We can only Pray for Terri, her Family and this once great Country. We can Pray that Jesus will Heal Her and Welcome Her with Open Arms into his Glory. Amen.

Pray for W and Terri’s Family