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Bring God and Capitalism to Welfare

Bring God and Capitalism to Welfare 

“A new command I give you: LOVE one another. As I have LOVED you, so you must LOVE one another. John 13:24

While spending the long weekend at Teen Reach Adventure Camp in a small forest outside Sherwood OR it became clear there is no way to reach troubled kids like a small group of volunteers with God. We made more difference in 3 days to 24 abused and abandoned boys than the atheistic state can do in 3 yrs. In reality we undid some of the damage the gummit has done to these orphans. This was a perfect example why Churches need to replace gummit welfare. The $$ donated to a church have and will always be used more efficiently than some nameless bureaucrat could ever dream. This proves once again a group of people w/God can always accomplish far more than a godless empty gummit. We gave the boys something that has changed their hollow lives.

We had one boy who had never been to a camp like ours and planned to hate all the xenophobic Christians he was expecting to meet. He sneered at the singing as well as the worship until he heard the counselors open their lives as well as share a love for him w/o prejudice. He was wrapped in New Age mysticism and a bit of Gothic attitude that turned to a gentleness and hunger for Jesus. The second day he opened up how his Giant in his life was kids always making fun of him for the past 3 yrs. He made this confession in front of 23 peers and a number of volunteers. His openness and hurt was real to everyone who heard it as we could all relate to the pain he was suffering. He changed more than any kid that has ever gone to that camp as he shared regularly w/us counselors and his fellow campers. This is the change that can only happen in a small camp w/the power and love of Christ Jesus and why the gummit needs to push this. This camper wasn’t the only one changed as the power of the Holy Spirit changed all of us through these boys.

We have been fighting the war on poverty for over 50 yrs and have seen no improvement. We have destroyed lives, families and entire cultures in our attempt to turn poor people into wards of the state. We have wasted Trillion$ on a DNC boondoggles using the most corrupt means possible. We have hired professional social workers who are paid extremely well doling out other peoples $$. If this isn’t a perfect recipe for failure and corruption it has to be among the top ideas. What motivation do these workers have to get their payday out of the system? How many would volunteer their time?

The churches have the advantage of volunteers working for free or below avg wages. They are answering God’s call and blessing people to make their lives better. Rather than paying some high priced pencil pusher you have part time of full time volunteers doing the same job to make peoples’ lives better. Add to this the short lines of communication as well as complete flexibility you have a far better system of welfare. If we had a leader who would encourage the churches to be the primary or major supplier of welfare we would see more people reached and better results. These people would be fed both physically and spiritually to get themselves off the programs and back to being productive members.

We need to wean our poor off the gummit teat and turn as much of this safety net over to the church. They already have the structure and have historically worked with the poor as well as have millions of willing volunteers to make the $$ have the most effect. In addition to feeding and clothing these people there are groups who are always doing house chores or whatever the skills needed. This personal interaction is something the godless gummit has no way of providing. The churches also have an established network of job locations to get the people out of the hopelessness they find themselves in. Of course there is the side benefit of offering spiritual guidance and fulfillment.

The gummit needs to want to do this and a change from the commie cult is the only way to make this happen. After we replace these God haters w/Christians there needs to be a revamping and encouragement to support these church ministries. The first step will be for the gummit to stop attacking churches and let people know of the benefits of having Christ in your life in times like these. The next step would be to replace the charity deduction for churches w/full tax credits. This will allow people to double and triple their tithes and giving to fund these programs to reach more people. Who knows w/a credit you may even see liberals begin to give to churches???

As the churches begin to grow their outreaches and ministries there will be less and less burden on the gummit pork troughs. Right now we are spending nearly a Trillion $$ per year on welfare and we could easily cut that 1/3 to ½ if we would turn many of these programs to the churches. Over 10 yrs you could easily see the entire welfare system taken out of the gummit and given to the churches. This would transfer $$ and waste out of the gummit and free it up for creating jobs as well as a better lifestyle. This would require the separation of State from Church. Big gummit would need to release control and turn it over to the church to really help bring God to the poverty.

Tax credits would be a far more efficient use of our money as most churches return from 80-95% to the people they are trying to reach as opposed to the gummit’s 5-10% reach. It is handled by moral people who are accountable to church elders, members and God. Of course man is fallible although for every church that has some corruption there are 99 that are above suspicion thanks to living by Christ’s words. The wealthy would be eager to give to the churches w/their disposable income as they would know it was the best place for their giving making this an ever growing circle helping more and more people in a more humane and Godly method.

As more are weaned off the gummit dole, the cost to taxpayers goes down making a better and better system. The camp showed clearly how we could reach the kids over a weekend for minimal cost and maximum effect. Our camp cost around $10,000 for a 3 day weekend when the state would have cost over 5 times that much. These camps could be specialized for handicapped kids or whatever since the staffing is completely done by volunteers. Even if the gummit could afford these camps they couldn’t reach these kids the way they are reached by bringing God and Jesus into their lives. Rather than the atheist religion the state is forcing down these kids’ throats leading to the emptiness of drugs, alcoholism, depression, sexual deviancy, crime and suicide from the emptiness it brings. We let them witness what Jesus brings to a life as well as the happiness which living a Godly normal life allows.

We need to quickly, after the House cleaning bring tax reform which will not only stimulate the economy but cut spending dramatically. A tax credit could bring our camp 100 kids rather than 24 and really make a difference in their changed lives. We can turn potential future problems into productive workers. We will then be able to eliminate entire agencies that have become entrenched into the District of Corruption. This of course will be fought by Big Media and Big Gummit however if we allow God into the mix this war will be won. These warriors will have to do like David did against Goliath and pick up their smooth stones and put them in the sling of God to send it right at the head of this Giant. They need to return to the God of Israel and the God of our Founders to become the ReFounders of the New Revolution. This Revolution will reignite the Torch of Freedom barely flickering in Lady Liberty’s uplifting hand.

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