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End Wage Controls


End Wage Controls 

“Beware of the teachers of the law. They like to walk around in flowing robes and LOVE to be greeted in the marketplaces and have the most important seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at the banquets. Luke 20:46

The only thing more outrageous than the gummit telling you the minimum you can make is them telling you how much you may earn. The primary tool of capitalism and the Free Market is for everybody to decide for themselves what they can make and no matter how much or how little. Controlling your wages makes them a powerful god over you. If you will let them control something as basic as your wages then you will be happy to let them control more and more of your life. The idea of Capitalism is a person being able to make as much as he can in an honest manner. Of course after 100 yrs of communist brainwashing we have learned to believe every $ earned is a $ stolen by an evil corrupt capitalist pig. Never mind the Million$ taken by graft and corruption by corrupt politicians, just keep your eyes on those evil industrialists, they’re the ones to watch.

If a person wants to work for less than minimum wage to either get his foot in the door or to help feed his family he should be able to, so should a wealthy man have no restrictions on his success. What business is it of the gummit to interfere in the most basic method of reward for an employee? We all have our skills and talents to offer to the marketplace and should be rewarded accordingly. Especially when we are looking at 20% unemployment for the gummit to interfere only worsens the environment for jobs and enterprise. This regime is at war w/business and will continue to do everything it can to punish business by passing more draconian laws to destroy the economy and jobs.

After the collapse of Fannie Mae where Bawny Fwank told us they were a fine upstanding corporation while his partners were stealing 100s of Million$, what was the first thing Premier Opunk do? After he destroyed the Bond contracts w/GM and Chrysler, he took the bonuses from the wealthy. The stimulus these bonuses paid to private citizens would reach far more people to stimulate the economy than any Pelosi/Reid spending bill. While these Porkfests that went through the congress to make slush funds for the unions, a bonus can be earned and spent locally on food, entertainment or any thousands of items to help employ people. This $$ reaches these people directly rather than being passed through a maze of bureaus where perhaps 1% finally finds its way to an actual person, oops never mind.

The other problem wage controls cause is it forces mistrust in the business world. At a time when the gummit has vilified you worse than Bin Laden there is no way a job creator believes he can trust these despots. The very thing that makes the market work is trust and King Ogeorge has proven over and over he can’t be trusted in any form of fashion. When you have the most powerful man in the Country having a word which isn’t worth the paper it’s written you have a business environment that is poison. No transactions can be counted on and no handshakes can be trusted. This is death to capitalism which of course is by design over 40 yrs.

Right now the gummit controls how little you can make, how much you can make, your healthcare, loans, student loans, energy and pretty much every other part. You are nothing more than a subject to King Barack Ogeorge and his Czars. The left has brainwashed us since birth to hate the rich and mistrust them as evil thieves as compared to the angelic gummit which keeps them in check. Never mind Pelosi, Boxarocks, Reid, Ob and the rest have stolen multi-Million$, they are all that stand between you and getting ripped off. They have done it by telling you they will take care of you w/a Minimum Wage and punishing the Rich. These are two things we have been told to think will keep us from living in the gutter when in reality they put us there.

In a truly free market we should be able to negotiate any price we want for our talents. There should be no floor or ceiling only the stars to shoot for. We need to eliminate the Minimum wage and the Pay CommieCzar to let this Country soar again. When you have an internet you can find instantaneously what you are worth and negotiate it in real time quickly and easily. We no longer need a gummit god or a union trying to fool us into thinking they are looking out for us. It is past time to eliminate both and let the people have what is left of their pensions or SSI and manage them ourselves. While they are using the “greedy” rich sleight of hand, they are taking 20% SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, HC, State, Fed, Mass Transit, City, Real Estate, etc which is 40-70% of every $ you earn. Meanwhile, your union is no more than the DNC bank that uses your dues and pension schemes to buy crooked politicians. You should be so grateful the evil “rich” aren’t taking advantage of you.

It is time to empower the people rather than a bloated god who has a never ending appetite of graft and corruption. These unshackled slaves would provide the greatest economic boom in World histoir. We have been tricked into believing all business owners are crooks rather than people w/brilliant ideas who have used their own talents, ingenuity and risk to employ other people for a common goal. That common goal is to make a product that people can use to make their lives better. When we all understand that and work to make their dreams as well as ours come true then the stars will be reached together.

Commies believe just the opposite. They want their hopes and dreams to be reached inside a gummit job. They believe the gummit can do no wrong or have any corruption whatsoever. If there is, at least the corrupt person didn’t make any evil profit from a poor unsuspecting victim, other than the invisible taxpayer. Course that taxpayer was probably Rich and had it coming anyway. It will take a long time to overcome the brainwashing and many are so filled w/anger and hatred for America and capitalism they will never be convinced. Those who do will be freed from this hatred and envy to allow themselves to escape the bonds of Minimum Wage and collective wages mentality. When that happens they will make more and be satisfied in all parts of their lives. They will be open to creativity and flexibility that only a purely Free Market experience can allow. They will be free to make what they are worth and have the liberty to shoot for the stars and hit them. When we break the chains of an oppressive gummit and are released from the bondage of wage controls then we will relight the Lamp of Lady Liberty.

Pray for Freedom