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Pelosi Waivers

…because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and the LOVE for all the saints… Col 1:4

Nazi Pelosi told us we had to pass DeathCare to see the absolute corruption inside. We are veiwing the very tip of her iceberg of personal corruption as she is trading ObamaCare waivers for campaign funds. This is how all communist dictatorships work as those inside the Inner Circle have all the benefits while those outside the circle have to pay bribes. We now see what the real purpose of their Ponzi scheme which is another program to use as a method to steal money and power from the individual to their centralized gummit. Just like her waiver scandal where she sells waivers for cash we will later see a myriad of similar methods to blackmail people and businesses promoting the DNC. For the Party of ends justifying the means we will see everything from hospitals being built in friendly districts by their Unions to showing your voter card to gain admission to those hospitals, it’s the way corruption mastitis’s.

Minority leader Lola Pelousi has been caught once again with her hand up to her elbows in the cash jar. Of course her house propaganda organ will excuse her since they are both after the same goals, our enslavement. She was passing out waivers to her past and future donors in the restaurant and hotel industry which is the same business her husband launder their bribes through. She was able to funnel 20% of the entire Country’s ObamaCare waivers through her tiny district to her friends and allies. Besides her pals in the entertainment industry she also got waivers for the Union money machines. While she is lecturing America how wonderful and necessary big gummit healthcare was yet she is charging her friends the privilege of opting out of her wonderful plan. Guess they had to read the bill to find out what was in it to separate them from their checkbooks.

This of course is the smallest tip of the Titanic's iceberg when you imagine what this monstrosity represents. If allowed to become law we will see corruption and graft throughout the economy. The first step of course will be to bankrupt the insurance industry by forcing them to give full coverage without any underwriting while not letting them increase the premiums enough to pay for those improved benefits and higher risk groups. The additional crippling of allowing companies waivers will make fewer premiums adding to the speed of their bankruptcies which is the ultimate goal of these central planners. Once the private industry is gone the real enslavement begins.

After all of your choices of private coverage is destroyed and replaced by a single payer Medicare plan, ruled and controlled by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats you will be at their complete mercy. From that moment on they will literally own you and your family’s lives. This is when the death panels will be setting up the treatment matrixes to decide if you do or don’t deserve that triple heart bypass. They won’t need a literal death panel in black hoods, but they will program the computer formula which says whether you are worth saving or not. Rather than your doctor and you deciding if you would benefit from an operation the program will analyze your age, health, weight, earning potential along with whatever factors they want to plug in which is where the corruption like the waivers will be multiplied over and over.

How hard would it be for a Pelosi to get a call from a potential donor wanting an operation they have been denied and offer to donate a large sum to her campaign? This is the way it is done in other communist Countries and how it will be done here. Anybody who doesn’t believe it is possible, only has to look at this waiver corruption and ask yourself what is the difference? There will also be favors done for locating hospitals, care facilities as well as doctor staffing or location to their favored districts vs those they consider their enemies. This system is filled with corruption so there will be no possibility of it working let alone saving anybody money, but that never was the purpose was it Nancy.

The real purpose besides the opportunity for graft was a way to bring more cash into their black hole. The reason the commie libs are not concerned with the bankrupting of Social Insecurity and MedisCare is they believe they will be propping them up with this giant Ponzi. They believe they have another funnel just like SSI that they can take contributions designated for the Trust Fund and divert them to the General then move those Trillions to prop the other failing programs. If they are allowed to add another giant entitlement which will dwarf these other boondoggles they believe they will have an endless supply of money which will never run out since all they have to do is tighten the Death Matrix and all three funds lower their outflow. During times like these they simply throw more grannies off the cliff to cut HC, MC and SSI expenses.

DeathCare hasn’t even been instituted and we already are seeing how rife with corruption it will be. Nasty Pelozi proves beyond a shadow of a doubt it will be used as a giant pile of pork they can use whenever the needs arise. To imagine how much opportunity there is for corruption and graft is beyond comprehension. There are literally no controls on this money and will be controlled completely by the District of Corruption for the District of Corruption. We are getting a taste of what will become of our healthcare industry as it becomes nothing more than a political football to be used to reward and punish as the situation reveals itself. We will no longer have the freedom to choose our own doctors or hospitals although it won’t matter because they will no longer control deciding what and how much care you will require. Healthcare will become the bare minimum as the industry becomes less and less efficient as funding and paperwork become far more important than care and service until if completely fails. There will be two distinct levels of care, those who are donors of Pelosi and everybody else. You better pray your life never ever depends on which side of her campaign coffers you live.

Pray for America