Brayin Candy

Terrorists and Hobbits

But timothy has just now come to us from you and has brought good news about your faith and love. 1 Thes 3:6

Are the Tea Partiers, Hobbits or terrorists? Since the DNC wasn’t trying to finance or give them more Rights than Americans, then they must be Hobbits who were the heroes of the Free World. We had a clear view of the liberal cult as this battle is for the center of socialism, the money supply. This is their funding of their entire Ponzi scheme they have invented and worshipped for decades representing a real threat to their centralized power. This exposes so much of their cult in so many ways beginning with their attacks on anybody who disagrees with their demands let alone stand firm in the path of their agenda.

The cult of liberalism is a satanic religion which forces people into a deep emotional attachment to the tenets of their cult. Some of the rituals they fundamentally follow are vegetarianism, militant earth worship, evolution, abortion, homosexuality and the biggest tenet is tolerance. The more deeply involved liberals are with their atheistic rituals the more morally superior they believe they become. This is social religious legalism in that the cult member has to work himself into heaven or an enlightened person compared to the simple common people. It is a religious caste system which says if they live according to the liberal rules they will become a superior person, paralleling the Nazi beliefs of an advanced society.

Liberals who follow their cult fundamentally and become vegans, homosexuals and or earth worshippers attain higher status allowing them to be looked upon as an enlightened person. They believe in evolution so since they consider themselves evolved they are the highest point on the evolutionary tree having evolved beyond simpletons like Christians or Capitalists. Since they believe they are the highest evolution and intellectually superior the only thing higher than them is an organized group of them or a communist gummit. A government is the holy grail to liberals since as a combined group of liberals it becomes a godlike entity or in their eyes, god.

The ultimate goodness to a liberal is tolerance. They receive a feeling of superiority by being tolerant and expressing their tolerance to any and all behaviors which advance their agenda. If they tolerate homosexuality or homosexual marriage they are morally superior to anybody who doesn’t. Unlike the Bible which says to love the sinner and hate the sin, they believe you must love the sin or tolerate it. The ultimate sin to a liberal is intolerance everything should be tolerated to one level or another to prove yourself to be tolerant. Liberals are tolerant of everything and especially those things that would destroy America or the social structure, which explains their tolerance to open borders, terrorists, Islamic radicals and every other America hater.

The only thing liberals are intolerant of is anybody who disagrees with them, then they have free reign to be absolutely intolerant. As we have seen with their intolerance to the Terrorist Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and every other person who stands in the way of their religion, they are absolutists. They are allowed to say, do or attack in any manner they like without any interference or condemnation they would have for their enemies behaving in even the slightest hint of similar behavior. This is because they are fundamental cultists whose minds have been melted into cult behavior can lash out fanatically to anybody who dares to expose their satanic cult for what it truly is. Cults like the darkness and anybody like the Tea Party who exposes their agenda for what it is will be savaged by the self appointed priests of their religion.

The same Party who claim to encourage populist grassroots movements suddenly sees a truly grassroots movement suddenly appearing out of thin air to begin a movement against their agenda and they become the ultimate establishment status quo. The same people who at one time prided themselves with their violent protests and marches against the establishment are suddenly threatened by those who disagree with them and will not back down to their thuggish tactics. The Tea Party represents the ultimate sin to the liberal cult in that it will not tolerate their religion. The Tea Party is absolutely intolerant of their ultimate god, Big Gummit and that is to them the number one sin which has to be exorcised. Their exorcism is dehumanizing the offender to make him irrelevant so people will not listen to them or follow them.

The problem for the cult is people are tired of their religion and no longer want to follow it or be unemployed and overtaxed so fundamental cult members can worship their gods. America is starving for the Truth and the Tea Party is shining the light and not backing down to the bullies in the DNC attack machine. Now, if someone didn’t believe the Tea Party in the beginning, they are now seeing how right the Tea Party was and is. They have been saying for two years that this is a cult, being worshipped by a bunch of communist religious fanatics forcing America to pay for their social idolatry with their tax dollars and their jobs. Now those who were not paying attention suddenly have time to pay attention and are beginning to understand how dangerous and destructive this cult truly is to American society. We are losing our jobs, houses and families so some fundamental earth worshipper can feel good about not drilling a well into rock or digging a hole in the ground for coal or cutting down an inanimate tree. The Tea Party is standing in the way of their forced worship and exposing it for the false religion it is scaring them more than any other threat on the horizon.

Right now, the Hobbits and the armies of the Free Men of Middle Earth are at the gates of Mordor. We are surrounded by millions of union Orcs and the armies of Dark Lord yet we have traveled many miles to become the main threat to Sauron’s unlimited power. They have built the ultimate war machine more powerful than the world has ever seen and ready to conquer through the powers of darkness. How in the world could a simple little Hobbit take down the greatest assembly of centralized power which is the strongest, most highly educated and evolved history has ever seen? How could a bunch of hobbits ever defeat people brought up and trained by the finest colleges in America? Perhaps the same way Frodo made it to the Mountain of Doom, through courage, determination and an uncorrupted spirit longing for Freedom? Perhaps they will be defeated by destroying their ring of power; which is the cult of liberalism.

Pray for America