Brayin Candy

Filibuster Busters

 The Old Dinosaurs in the Senate have become a museum for the insane. From Sinisters Drunk Uncle Ted, Byrd-brain & Box-a-Rocks, there is no shortage of the musings from the Ash Heap d’ Histoir. They seem to be in competition with each other of who will be driven away from the Chamber in the Rubber Truck first. Byrd-brain’s ridiculous rant calling Republicans Nazi’s because they demand to allow judges to receive votes by the entire chamber is enough to get a one way ticket. What next Crazy Uncle Ted giving lectures on the evils of Driving Drunk??

To call the Republicans Hitler is about as extravagant as it gets from a man who used to recruit to the Klan. Those decades of his life must have slipped his feeble marbles. He once again proves the Rats can get away with any attack on any Republican w/o any fear of scrutiny by their lapdog press has become obvious. If any Republican had said anything remotely similar about the Rats, the Stone Age Press would be in full front page assault mode. Let alone if he were a KKK er.

So why is this Old Dinosaur upset enough to compare Republicans to Hitler or those evil Jews who Crucified Jesus in The Passion?? The Pubs want to stop the Dem filibusters against our Conservative Minority Judges. This extreme tactic has disallowed a floor vote which has never ever been done in our history. The Republicans want to have their judicial nominees to be able to win confirmation with the 51 vote majority rather than the 60 vote supermajority it takes to stop a filibuster. Obviously, since we have 55 Republican Senators we can confirm any of these judges without the minority votes. The filibuster rule is being abused to give the minority power it was never earned at the ballot box. Their coup disenfranchises 55 states full of voters.

The Republicans need to become Fili-Busters! They have to step up to the plate and defend their power in the Senate. The Senate’s role is not to decide who passes the DinocRat litmus test on abortion or homosexual marriage, but to vote on whether the nominee is qualified, period. We need to take a stand on this point and not allow our Senators to be bullied by the press and their minions in Congress. This is a major axis point in the transfer of power to Republican.

The official changing of the rules in the Senate to return to allowing filibuster for the 6 criteria allowed in the Constitution and eliminates this extremist tactic. The Rats use of this loophole which has never been allowed previously IS the Nuclear option. They are the ones who have used this extreme measure to disallow Conservative Blacks, Hispanics, Women and Catholics from assuming judgeships they are fully qualified. These filibusters are strictly political to make sure that the minorities in America don’t realize their Brothers and Sisters are advancing through the Republican Party into places that they can’t go on the Rat Plantation.

There is enough irony of an ex-Klansman lecturing the Party of Lincoln about stopping him from keeping minorities from advancement, to build a battleship. For an ex-clansman to call them Nazis was either the ultimate putdown or "his" ultimate compliment??? Imagine those Christ Murdering, Hitleresque Republicans demanding a vote in the Senate. They should just resign for their outrageous demand. Forcing the Rats to confirm judges the way it has been for the past 228 years.

The phrase, those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw rocks; doesn’t apply to the Dems. The double standard allows these feeble old fools to live in their Crystal Palaces and fire howitzers through them without anyone noticing the broken glass. The scribes from Pravda provide cover for these outrageous statements with no retribution. The digital press is now reporting it with a larger and larger audience viewing these byrdbrains for what they really are. The tide is turning and from CommieWood to Camelot. The web length of truth is being shined on their vile attacks. The starving old Dinosaurs wade into the night with the warm ooze of tar squeezing between their toes.

Pray for W and Our Freedom Marching Troops