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Valerie Jarrett Slum Queen


We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by HOPE in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thes 1:3

The Head Czar of CommieCzars’ Valerie Jarrett is Tony Rezko and Van Jones w/o the ethics or charm. She is Obummer’s right hand man who runs the personnel hiring of the Inner Circle. She is a not so closet communist who’s doing everything in her power to bring about a commie Country. She rose up through the Richard Daley machine working inside the mayor’s office while taking graft through inner city neighborhood funds laundered by her and Tony Rezko’s slum lord properties. She is the type of Rat who will allow tenants to live in her unheated rundown buildings in below zero conditions since she stole the gummit $$ while she protests Tax Cuts for the evil Rich. With this woman corruption and hypocrisy have no limits. 

Valerie was born into the Chicago machine since her mother’s father was a leader in the Chicago Housing authority. Her parents and ex-husband’s parents ran in all the Chicago commie Party circles including Barack Chavez Oblack’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis. Daughter of a doctor she received her degrees at Stanford and Law at UM. She began her career in the Mayor’s office as an aide for Richard Daley for a number of years while she exploited the Chicago slum projects. She met obama through his office as they made their climb through the ranks of the Daley machine. She and Angry Michelle also worked there becoming partners in graft.

Slum Queen Jarrett made a fortune in the Chicago tenement market, primarily from managing slums and condo conversion sells with obozo’s convicted and jailed financier Tony Rezko. She and Rezko made over 100 shady transactions in a number of slum projects. Basically, Rezko would launder the gummit money for the projects for dirty politicians and unions. It helped she was the CEO of Chicago’s largest housing program, The Habitat Corp. Can you say conflict of interest if outside of the Chicago city limits? She made millions from gummit programs which poured $$ into her projects to upgrade them although rarely improved. Windows were always broken and turlits continually overflowed. Her leadership of the Habitat Co is a perfect example of what are wrong w/corruptible gummit programs. This foreshadows what would become w/their gummit HC.

Grove Parc Plaza was given $4 Mil to upgrade the 500 apartment structure. At that time it was given a failing HUD grade of 82 and 3 yrs and $4 Mil later was declared unlivable w/a grade of 13. It was declared unlivable due to fire damage, mice running in the halls and roofs collapsing. Wonder who got the $4 Mil, the poor Blacks living in those mice infested heatless projects or corrupt politicians. Her company was able to give Oblack a $10,000 contribution even though they couldn’t turn on the heat for the building during -20 degree temps. She was forced to turn on the heat after being sued by the courts. This is the same person who will be rationing your medical care.

One of her single payer type projects was the Lawndale Restoration. It was around 1200 apts in 95 buildings. Slum Queen Jarrett poured over $70 Million gummit dollars into these buildings which lasted barely 10 yrs before they were condemned by the Feds only to start over. This was supposed to be a private/public partnership when in reality it was a cash machine for corrupt politicians through Rezko’s money laundering machine. He never owned anything and was nothing but a paper handler who conveniently washed gummit grants and loans to be diverted from the poor Blacks to the greedy politician’s. Both Jarrett and SlumBama were heavily involved in these projects while he was a Senator and his knowledge of this scam was well known.

She was a member of a number of Boards from slum projects to banks and even the Chair of UofChicago Hospital Board of Directors where she arranged for Michelle to get her position at that corrupt hospital.  This job was pure Graft any way you slice it and now we know who arranged it. We can also know as close as she was to the Bamas why she was on the Board and later Chairman. A corrupt Hospital who hired and kept a person on their illustrious Board who’s in bed w/Rezko that are both slum lords could only happen in a DNC stronghold. The difference between her and Tony Rezko is Rezko got caught as an outsider while Jarrett was the ultimate insider. She nearly got OB's Senate seat but apparently couldn't afford it? Rezko is heading for jail and she is Karl Rove, it’s the Chicago way.

As a corrupt politician she was very well paid. For her outstanding work as a slum organizer in the Habitat Corp she made $300K/yr and another $550K in deferred compensation. She made an additional $350K as a member of a number of Boards spread around Chicago. Amazing how it is ok to make a fortune as a bought politician yet it is evil to make a profit as a corporate CEO. There are no bounds to the hypocrisy of the Rats. She is spending their first year demonizing and firing the people who make this Country run while they shovel ready $Millions into their own public pockets. Is there any question the Graft and Corruption of their Single Pay-to-Play HC program will be the largest trough in the history of mankind?

The absolute disaster these slums in Chicago became is more proof that the gummit and especially this corrupt gummit would destroy our HC industry. They would turn our hospitals into dilapidated clinics and run down slums in record time. Imagine all the $$$ earmarked to HC is funneled through the DNC Laundries to end up in politician pockets. The same problems that developed in Parc Plaza would be magnified by 1000s as we spend Trillion$ in run down bloated gummit cesspools. A corrupt gummit has no profit incentive to become efficient, only how many greedy hogs need to be greased. We are axing the very same people who couldn’t manage a Chicago housing project to manage our entire HC system. These incompetent thieves make the Katrina restoration look like a Swiss Watch Mfg. If we agree to gummit DeathCare we will all be condemned to the toilet leaking, Rat infested, windowless Habitat Apartments.

Pray for America and The Tea Party Express