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Tea Party Racism?

Tea Party Racism? 

“If you LOVE me, you will obey what I command. John 14:15

Why does the Black Racist always accuse Conservatives who are effective of being racist? Cause it works. The Whiteguilt is so deep and ingrained in Whites they just want to be liked by every Black on the face of the planet. They are so guilt stricken by the thought of being racist they will go to any length including kissing Al Stepnfetch’s ring to be given absolution for their past crimes against Black people. Just accusing the Tea Party of being racist w/absolutely no proof got the desired result of the Tea Party admitting they were racist and had racist elements promising to evict any racists from their group. They agreed to take down their signs. Game set match.

Being a self admitted racist gives me the view very few Whites have. I have gotten over my Whiteguilt so well I no longer feel sorry for Blacks having more pigment than me. I have no guilt over the fact I may have slave owner blood pumping through my veins. I am so racist I believe Blacks are some of the luckiest people on this planet no matter what path they took to get to the greatest Country on earth. The only ones I feel sorry are the ones so brainwashed into believing they are being held down by Whitey and deserve some sort of special treatment. I feel sorry a society would brainwash anybody into believing that in a Country like America where people have gotten off boats from every corner of the earth to become rich beyond their wildest dreams, would believe anybody is holding them down other then themselves. I feel bad their own corrupt leaders would promote programs which destroy their chances for a superior education to lift them out of poverty simply to exploit their plight.

Why do we need a leftwing group called the NAACP? After 100 yrs isn’t it time to replace this race dividing group into a National Racial Uniting Group or capitalism? Every election they come out from their rock to make a baseless racist charge at the Repubs to unify the Coloreds and force them to vote for more of the same empty promises. This time they made the claim they saw the Pelosi group walking through the Tea Party and falsely accused the Tea Party of uses the N word at one of the Blacks in that group. Never mind they walked through there trying to provoke the crowd and if not a Conservative crowd would have been pummeled, they never got the response they were looking for. There never was that name used and never will be. We are called homosexual Teabaggers, this quadruple standard is exploited by Big Media to paint the Tea Party as extreme and Pelosi’s commie thugs as mainstream. As expected the Tea Party buckled and it worked to perfection, again.

Watching Glen Beck and the group of Tea Party elites pile on Mark Williams like he committed murder was sad but not surprising. Oh, he was such a racist and needed to not only resign but flogged and ostracized for being racist. His crime, calling Islam a death cult and the followers savages. He also said something about it being a “monkey cult” which was over the top although he never was given the chance to explain that comment, it was too macacaish. Islam is a cult that is a cross between worshipping a Moon god as well the family rock of Mohamhead. And to pretend the cutting off of heads and stoning women for being raped isn’t savage, please explain? The Tea Party has arrived and is now mainstream afraid of it’s own shadow while the leaders wallow in their sanctimonious non-racism.

What Williams was doing was mocking one of the institutions of liberalism. The monkey cult was an attempt at humor that fell flat but the rest of it was pointing out the truth w/absurdity, something that is done every day by the Left like the teabagger charge. There is only one way to defeat the charge of racism and that is to admit you are racist just like every other person on this planet and charge forward, although don’t become as extreme as the NAACP or Black Racist Oblack. Those people not only look at everything through the glass of race but hate Whitey for political gain. They not only hate Whitey but use that hatred for their own enrichment sending out letters for donations and extorting companies against the charge of racism. We quickly throw Mark Williams down the elevator shaft for writing an edgy satire and then go kneel at the foot of Sharpton and Jackmail who tried to destroy boys’ lives at Duke for the crime of being accused of rape by a Black stripper. One is vilified and the others are sainted and that needs to stop.

We will never solve racism until we are willing to stand up to it and point out the charge of racism is racism. This has to be bold and strong to tell these racists they have no place in society using this cheap thug tactic to silence opposition. This plays on the crime of intolerance. The last thing anybody wants in the religion of liberalism is to be intolerant. They use intolerance as a weapon to further their agenda by considering any opposition to any behavior as intolerant. Being tolerant gives a liberal a moral superiority as it is another one of their cultish moral codes. To be racist is to be intolerant to Blacks and Conservatives are terrified of being labeled intolerant. So the racist/sexist/homophobe label is thrown and Conservatives shut up and become tolerant. This is what we are seeing now in the Tea Party sadly, it becoming mainstream and tolerant. What this Country needs are people who are intolerant to bad behavior for real reasons, who love the sinner and are intolerant to the sin. When will we see that type of bold leadership? We need leaders in the movement who are unafraid of this worn out tactic. We need people willing to take the racist charge and turn it back on the true racists in this Country. We need leaders who will talk about race in a deep and real way rather than run away from it in fear. We have millions of Blacks being used and abused simply for the political weapon their poverty represents. Until we are strong enough to take on every issue and ax those so called civil rights leaders why they have become puppets for the failed Teachers Unions and corrupt politicians we will never see things improve. As long as they know they can throw out the phony racist charge at Whites knowing their Whiteguilt will silence them we will all continue to live on their slave Plantation.

Pray for America