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Waterboard Lying Pelosi

...but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3-4

I am sure that putting a picture of Bugeye Pelosi in a terrorist’s cell would be torture but there is no way waterboarding is. Nazi Pelosi has been caught in one of the most obvious lies since Korans in the Turlit. She has been beating the waterboarding is torture and Bush did this w/o her knowledge for 2 yrs. The Rats ran a successful election making its cornerstone the anti-war Party which doesn’t "torture". Guess what, not only did she know about waterboarding and all of its advantages of information gathering but she approved it. An anonymous source in congress said she wanted harsher techniques such as ringing their Mooselimb chimes. You can’t cut her power craven hypocrisy w/a Diamond Saw.

"Briefing on EITs including use of EITs on Abu Zubaydah, background on authorities, and a description of the particular EITs that had been employed." CIA Document

She wasn’t only briefed she was briefed with only herself and Porter Goss in the room. There is no possibility she didn’t know exactly what waterboarding was or she didn’t approve it. She was Speaker for the last 2 yrs which means she had the power to stop it whenever she wanted. She really was on board w/all the techniques and knew there was in no way endangering this human filth. She is now only interested in the votes her fake outrage represented. Same w/her entire Party.

We know the Dems are for coddling terrorists and criminals so this is one more clear example. We remember they supported the IED bombers against our troops this entire war, so why lie? Americans could care less if bombers were tasered, yet our brave soldiers use safe techniques. There is no danger to the terrorist, yet it has stopped numerous attacks on this Country. Thanks to these methods there was the stoppage of an attack on the George Washington bridge, JFK Airport and LA Airport among others Mask Pelosi has stonewalled. This is a completely safe and tested method of getting good information which can’t be gotten any other way.

Granny Pelosi thinks they can just ax a terrorist a question and give him a lollipop and he will give up his information. Never mind most of these terrorists were caught on suicide missions so they would gladly die rather than talk. Waterboarding allows these slime balls the opportunity to experience near death. Last thing these Dems in charge want to do is to make anybody uncomfortable. Now we find out from CIA memos she was in on the waterboarding from the start. She has destroyed those life saving tools for votes.

She is now on board for having war crime trials on waterboarding and bringing criminal charges on all those approved of her so called torture. Subpoena Nazi Pelosi first and see if she can Blink? We now see she had the same beliefs about waterboarding as she had for Campaign Finance violations. This is nothing more than their latest club to bash Republicans and especially the Bush WH. This is another bloody shirt to wave pretending how morally superior they are compared to the Repubs when in truth they are moral delinquents. This is nothing new and is one of their favorite slight of hands, to conceal their incompetence.

Nazi Pelozi knows there’s no downside risk as we see now. She has been caught red handed and there is no questions from our nonquisitive press. Comrade Pelosi knows that they will cover the waterboarding w/outrage and anger as long as it can damage Bush, but if and when she is exposed they will dutifully bury the story. The Bankrupt Times will continue to carry their water hiding the news until the paper finally goes up in flames. There is no punishment for being caught in a lie or corruption if you are a commie since all the reporters are sleeping in the DNC Whorehouse. Her $100 Million in the bank proves it.

Just as the Libs feigned outrage of waterboarding they are ready to close Gitmo as the final solution. We are about to take prisoners Trashcanistan and Iraq refused and going to let them free to run the streets of America. Now the ones in Montana may want to get back to Club Gitmo as there are lots of hunting accidents in the state. Especially if you’re wearing a big ol bull’s-eye Turban and Gitmo PJs. Do you need a license and tag? The ones released in San Fagcisco will be hot tubbing on weekends in the Castro district w/fellow homosexuals while playing Abu Grabass. Since NYC voted overwhelmingly for Premier Hussain, perhaps they can have the entire prison let loose in Times Square. Why should they fear these poor innocent terrorists?

We have turned our security over to the exact same people who caused 911 by ignoring terrorism. These loons are going to get us all killed w/their politics above safety. Leatherface Pelosi gets all the mileage she can out of beating the torture drum to help bring in votes and then we find out what we already knew, she was lying. She knew, she approved, and now she wants to have it both ways. Once again we see that the only outrage she had was that we weren’t going far enough and once again they care more about terrorists than they do American lives. We know we’re no longer going to be proactive but reactive to attacks looking for who caused it, like it matters after your dead. They will swear to catch the terrorists until they find some Christians to blame. Now they will get waterboarded.

If only the Dems took terrorism as seriously as they take gaining power or fighting Repubs. There would be a never ending crusade as well as the end of terrorism w/in 10 yrs. Rather we have a bunch of nattering neigh bobs who’s primary concern is if the terrorists Lemonade has the proper number of ice cubes and their pillows are hypo-allergenic. If we had a real Man/Palin in charge these terrorists would have one concern, breathing. Of course this won't happen w/our sissified metrohomosexuals who control PravDNCNN and the District of Corruption. It’s what happens when you put the politics of waterboarding in front of American lives. So now we can start a dead pool for the number of killed by terrorists before SarDate.2012.

Pray for America