Brayin Candy

You Lie!

For what is our HOPE, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you?

The only truth we heard in the Joint Speech was Joe Wilson. The Dems still believe since they own the gummit and the establishmedia they can lie to America and get away w/it. They believe they can say whatever they want and have it reinforced by the Stone Age Press and America will follow like the lemmings we used to be. It’s a new day as we see in the Tax Revolts burning across this Country. Even w/all the advantages they enjoy, the truth is reaching the American people. If we had the internet in 1939 there may have never been an Adolf Hitler.

The only way socialism is ever able to survive is if you have control of the media to allow your ability to lie w/o accountability. Socialist dictators like Hitler are able to open Death Camps since they only talk about a general problem, and then tell your Generals to solve it. Throughout the war Hitler was never actually told about the Holocaust camps, he simply gave an outline to SS Gen Himmler, saying he needed him to solve the Jewish problem in the Ghettos since they were no longer earning any income/taxes. They went from being productive to a drag on society as well as genetic inferiority. Hitler simply axed for a Final Solution so Himmler knew exactly what he meant. They started by shooting the Jews but it became expensive as well as a waste of bullets and mass graves which eventually evolved into the Death Factories. Hitler never said there would be mass killings; he left it up to the Generals who executed the plan.

So in this speech Barak said there are no Death Panels or Abortion in the bill. Of course the bill doesn't specifically say Death Panels will determine if you live or die, it will be executed by the bureaucrats who ration the HC $$. Now Abortion is another subject altogether. If you believe Nazi Pelosi will not pay for the killing of babies in the womb, perhaps you’d be interested in some GM stock? Abortion is the most sacred sacrament to the Left as we know, to a barren femihag; the only good baby is a dead baby. This is why they refuse to write into the bill any amendment which would say no tax $$ will go to abortions. They want to leave the door wide open just as Hitler did for his Holocaust.

Of all the problems w/abortion the damage it causes women is perhaps the worst. Of course it doesn’t equate to the death of a living human being, the damage done to womben is equally tragic. The National Organization of Broads have sold this procedure as something as simple as taking aspirin, when it has destroyed millions of womben’s lives. Planned Abortionhood is nothing more than a Death Factory which doesn’t prepare the girls for the horrors they are about to deal. After they have the procedure, they come home and realize they have killed their baby and are filled with overwhelming guilt and shame. Once they realize they have taken every girl’s dream and turned it into a nightmare, making a mistake into a crisis. Womben never recover from the realization that they have turned their womb into a tomb no matter how difficult the choice.

After an abortion womben will have all the problems of depression. They are 150% more likely to be treated for clinical depression, 4 times more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs. After an abortion womben have a 250% greater incidence of suicides. For many of these girls it’s the only way that they can rid themselves of the guilt by numbing themselves or suicide. The Truth is only Jesus can forgive and heal their pain.

For a procedure sold as something as simple as taking an aspirin we have found it destroys the womban same as it does the baby. The guilt the she has to live with in most cases will destroy her for life. Not only is she having to go through the trauma of having a miscarriage which is every womben’s fear, she has to live her life knowing that she caused her own miscarriage. She has to live knowing rather than raising a “mistake” like people have throughout the ages she made a selfish choice of throwing her baby away. This leads to lack of relationship with their future husbands and children. A truly horrible holocaust has been pushed onto young girls by bitter old maids.

The lie abortion is simply a choice is one of the biggest lies in history. The statistics scream out to the ruinous guilt which haunts these girls while adoption shows no signs of these issues. As a matter of fact many of the studies show lowering of depressive symptoms after giving up their babies to adoption. What more selfless gift can a girl give to a waiting family? If we outlawed abortion and pushed adoption we would save Billion$ in post Abortion Depression costs both economically and socially. The Party of Death has pushed abortion for 50 yrs, fooling girls into ruining their lives when they should have freed them from this guilt. Telling a girl the one thing which makes her a miracle is holding her back is a terrible lie. This is another pay to play for Planned Abortionhood as they will be able to siphon off the DeathCare trough to feed back to their DNC.

Premier Hussain said there are no abortions in the bill. Just like socialist dictator Hitler said there were no Death Camps, he and we know it will be a key requirement for the DNC. If there is one thing he and they have been, it’s always pushing for more abortions. He sponsored bills in Chicago requiring doctors to kill a baby who survived an abortion. Now he wants us to believe he doesn’t want abortion at all? Yeah, and Hitler didn’t want the Jews sent to the gas chambers. He was lying about this just as he’s lying about the Death Panels as well as the Trillion$ more in debt DeathCare is going to enslave our children. The only true statement in the Chamber that night was made by Joe Wilson.

Pray for the March on DC and Abortions’ Victims