Brayin Candy

Obama's Fairness Doctrine

 Against all Hope, Abraham in Hope believed and so became the father of many nations just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”

We are now seeing what the liberals mean by fairness. For the past decade they have been yelling about how unfair the system was and they were going to bring about a fairer system. Their definition is that they decide how the game is played and they will define fairness. Now that they are in complete control they are able to use the power of the Federal gummit to punish those who disagree with them and reward members of their Party. The IRS scandal completely reveals their definition of fair.

We have had the Wall Street Occupiers declare how unfair it was for the hated 1% to have some sort of advantage and they needed the Feds to equalize that inequity. We have heard it from The Three Pillars (Academia, Media and the DNC) lecture us about how they would make the system fairer and now we see exactly what they mean. They were going to make it absolutely corrupt as they were always planning on using the gummit to punish their enemies and reward their allies in crime. This was first done by Hillary Clinton and now the same people are back and the Stalinists are simply doing what Stalinists always do, abusing their power completely.

This was obviously being coordinated out of the White House as well as Congress to shut down the voice of dissension. After the avalanche of the midterm election there was a fear in the DNC that they were going to be swept out of power and likely lose the Presidency. They used every agency at their disposal to destroy those voices through punitive discipline to cripple their ability to raise money to broadcast their messages like the liberal political groups do. This is their definition of fair when they have the power.

Anybody who actually believed they were into equality was simply being fooled. They are only into power and greed as well as the destruction of America. They craved the power of the IRS which was going to be their army of equalizers to punish the Republicans and especially the Tea Party. Once again they played their word games to fool their followers into feeling good about a terminology such as “choice” and perverted the term to their own craven use. Who could ever argue the word fair?

The Catholic Church has really been fooled by this term, although they call it Social Justice. This is another example of a term which sounds good in theory but in practice is something altogether different. This theology has been the rage over the past decade as the Church says that it is wrong for certain people to have advantages while there is poverty in the world. The main problem with Social Justice is who decides what is just and what is not? We are now seeing the reality of Social Justice and that is, those who are in the Party get gummit subsidies and favoritism while those outside of the Party gets roadblocks. Those who disagree with the Party are punished. Where is the Social Justice in this? Why are pastors and priests always fooled by these communist word games while these same groups are at war with the church?

We have seen these tactics used over and over again in every communist armpit around the world. They vilify the achievers while they scream about fairness for the workers to fool them into giving up their freedoms. We have watched these power crazed communists take our freedoms of religion, speech, press and nationalize industry after industry. There has never been a more centralized gummit than we have now and with the latest revelations of the IRS and spying on citizen phones we have an unprecedented ability to control the people. This is their definition of fairness.

The last refuge of a scoundrel is telling you it is for your own good. Obama’s excuse for spying on every Verizon phone and likely every phone was to protect us from terrorism. We are supposed to believe the most terrorist attacked President in our history, who left our Ambassador to die at the hands of butchers and then lied about it, is tapping our phones to protect us from terrorists? The only phones which likely are not tapped were Mooselimb phones since that would be profiling, but tapping Tea Party phones is stopping terrorism. You really have to be caught red handed to pull the terrorist card after spending five years not even using the word.

We are seeing a deeper and deeper level of a Police State under the guise of fairness. The use of the word can justify any action by rewarding those they deem worthy and restricting those they label unfair. They can take away all of our freedoms to make things more fair for their fairness goals and prop up the victims of the unfair such as Solyndra against the evil fossil fuels. This is a very subjective term and will be used promote the community good as they see fit. Anybody who is against fairness will be punished accordingly.

Phraseology is the primary weapon used by the Communist Party since nobody would go along with tyranny so fairness is one of their most powerful phrases. It is a term which nobody can argue, yet is subjective enough to allow complete domination. It is another way of describing the taking of wealth from the successful and giving it to their preferred groups who launder it back to them. It is a way to break down the Free Market and make it a more centrally controlled dictatorship. For the individual it is an excuse to track and monitor them in the guise of making things fair. The main problem with fairness is who decides what is fair and what is not. We are now seeing what Obama thinks is fair in the IRS, the Justice Dept, the Military, spy drones spying on your computer and phone. Every dictator believes he is the only one who can deliver fairness to his slaves. If he drops a few billion into his bank, it is only fair.

Pray for America to Wake Up