Brayin Candy

America is the Tea Party

May the Lord make your LOVE increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. 1 Thes 3:12

We now see the libs are trying to blame the market crash they were warned about by the Tea Party on the Tea Party. After two years of screaming and being ignored or ridiculed by Pravda for saying this overspending was going to lead to a meltdown of epic proportions and did, they get blamed. Now, when the Tea Party argues to stick to principles and don’t raise the debt limit to continue the status quo, that overspending would make the market collapse they again were ridiculed by the commiecrats and Republican Country Club. Seems once again the ministers of smart who were lecturing us about how they had do something no matter how inept, to make the markets appreciate their intelligence and power; failed epically.

The problem for the Communists and Socialists who occupy our District of Clowns is the markets aren’t impressed with their deal making. The markets are far more intelligent than a bunch of dinosaurs who believe they can control an economy the size of America let alone the world. The problem is they are so corrupt in their establishment they no longer have the ability to make the decisions which need to be made to slow the waterfall of billions pouring out of our treasury. The only small group that wasn’t completely corrupted by the system and ready to make the stands which needed to be made were the Tea Party Congressmen and Senators who are now being vilified. They were the only ones willing to take on the massive forces of power who want to destroy America and should be trumpeted.

Until we have leadership who has the strength and heart of the Tea Party we will never get off this road to oblivion we are on. We need to eliminate the old guard who have become used to losing and find comfort in losing. We need to replace them with the young warriors who love this country more than they love their positions. People who will stand up to the forces who want to end capitalism and will do whatever they can do to bring about their communist utopia of misery. This is the America they have been attempting to bring for their entire brainwashed lives. The only thing they would like more is more malaise and more centralized control.

The commie left consider the Tea Party terrorists since they are terrorizing their plans of absolute enslavement and control of America. The Tea Party has the trust of the American people and will continue to as long as they stand by their principles against the forces of evil with unbending fortitude. They are the only thing in the gummit that hasn’t been corrupted and is what gives them their trustworthiness to the Country. It is time for them to make a real difference to economic engine of our Country and take some bold steps into the heart of the battle.

There are two areas we need to change to begin to rebuild our economy. The first and most obvious is rebuilding our energy industry. We need to fight the liberal establishment who has destroyed our domestic supply. We have an abundance of known oil reserves and untold amounts of unknown resources. We are also the Middle East of coal if we will can take the stranglehold of this oppressive gummit off our coal industry and let them do what they do best. We need more than anything right now an abundant amount of low cost energy to relight the fire of the American dream.

You can never have an economic foundation without a steady source of energy and we have our own resources of that lifeblood of economics. The only way we are going to access this energy is to expose the true terrorists of economics which are the Sierra Club and all of their branches. These are and have been the real destroyers of our economic engine by strategically taking out the most important industries and sources we needed to maintain and expand our economy and jobs. You can’t have freedom without a healthy and free economy.

The second area is the need to reform and flatten our tax structure. It has become nothing more than a tool to buy bribes and graft from potential donors for politicians. We need a system that is far flatter and less complicated which allows businesses and people to make decisions based on economics rather than tax consequences. We need more people paying into a system that basically has a deduction for charity and home mortgage and nothing else. We need to eliminate the taxes on corporations, which is double taxation and stifles the expansion and growth of jobs. This is one of the primary reasons businesses move to other more favorable countries. These are two goals that all of America could agree with and continue to build their trust in the one Party that keeps its word. These are two goals that separate the commie and socialist left from the freedom lovers and give America a real step forward.

These two issues will be fought tooth and nail by the dinosaurs who like the way things are. The old bulls are bought off by the system while the Tea Party is free from it. These are critical issues that not only are important yet easy to understand and expain separating themselves from the status quo. They can agree with the obozo when he says they need to take the subsidies from the corporate jets for trillionaires, then simply say yes; take their subsidy as well as ethanol, windmills, Amtrak, USPS, GM, Chrysler, GE, NPR, unions and every other tax subsidy that has wasted so much of our energy and jobs. America will understand these are real changes that will improve and simplify their lives while decentralizing power for the District of Corruption. Then we will make a real difference, exposing for voters that the Tea Party is America and America is the Tea Party.

Pray for America