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OhbumerCare Will Kill

In order that we, who were the first to Hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. Eph 1:12

Premier Hussain throws like he Bowls. He pitches like a Tard although must apologize to all Tards by comparing his throw to theirs. He obviously didn’t play baseball as a kid, then you need a Birth Certificate to play Little League. Do we really want a President who can’t throw a ball 60'? Sounded like the natives were ready to grab the pitchforks on his walk out to the mound to toss that marshmallow. He’s the least athletic President to toss a pitch. We hear how he is such a great hoopster but watching him pitch makes you know he plays more like Stevie Wonder than Michael Jordon. Guess he destroys the myth all Blacks are athletes. Next we’re going to find he has no rhythm.

He’s now going to do to our healthcare system what he has done to the auto industry. This is going to be a program to die for. We will have the efficiency of FEMA w/the compassion of the IRS. For those over 60 yrs old this is the last thing that you want since you will be where they do the trimming. You will be crossing the bridge with KennedyCare. If the SpendocRats had any courage they would be pushing Legal Reform to lower the cost and effectiveness of healthcare. The runaway growth of Lawyers who breed faster than Mexicans and do the things Mexicans won’t do, are the reason for our spiraling healthcare costs. Rather than confront a DNC cash machine they are going to kill the elderly to bring down costs.

Healthcare costs exploded when doctors became victims of shyster ambulance chasers like Edwards. These lowlife skunks make $40-50 million a year by taking advantage of jury’s heartstrings to bankrupt doctors who often do nothing wrong. These lawyers make up injuries so they can sue the socks off doctors and drive their malpractice insurance through the stratosphere driving them out of the profession. Many areas don’t have baby doctors due to premiums over $500,000/yr causing medical costs to explode. This is repeated throughout the industry and driving doctors’ rates and the insurance policies are reflected by those costs. He wants this status quo to continue so he doesn’t have to do the tough work of controlling his fellow thieves.

He takes the easy way and gives us a bloated Socialist healthcare system so these lawyers can be rewarded.. There will soon be a single plan maintained completely by a central gummit. This will be a copy of the Soviet programs where the masses are stuck in run down wards waiting for treatments and surgeries which never come. If you are either old, crippled, a hunchback or Republican you’re chances of getting proper care are less than Pelosi reading this healthcare bill. Rather than being a patient/revenue of the hospital you will become a cost to the system. There will then be a matrix deciding if you are a plus or a minus to the gummit. The Libs have found a way to solve the population problem w/o building the Showers and Ovens.

When you enter a hospital for a heart problem the doctors will send a request to an IRS type worker who will measure the cost of the heart surgery vs. the probability of the years of survival. Now if you are old, crippled, a hunchback or in a Red State, living on Social Insecurity you are a drag on the system to begin when the gummit is already spending 30K/yr on you. The surgery is going to cost $250K and extend your life another 10-15 yrs so the total cost to the gummit will be $550K+ or as an auditor would say wasted. There is no Hippocratic oath and if you get a pro choice Lib you won’t get the surgery but will receive a nice parting gift w/two handles.

For those over 60 you should be fighting ObamaCare like your life depended on it. The Dem Party has been the Party of Death for years, so why change now? For any Party willing to fight to kill babies til the First Breath and beyond, you should be very worried about how many last breaths they’re willing to sacrifice. If someone doesn’t have sympathy for a baby who survived a botched abortion why should they have compassion for an old person w/a bad heart? This is the heartless Party which wants euthanasia for every occasion so this bar will be nothing for them to leap. When they speak of savings in rationed healthcare, this is exactly what they are speaking.

My brother-in-law was on Michigan healthcare due to his financial situation last year. He had heart problems and finally went to the doctor to take a stress test. The doctor was amazed he was still alive and ordered he get a heart stent to fix a blockage. Problem is the earliest he could get it was a month away. He went to a Red Wings game and on the way out of the stadium had a massive coronary and died. He was to have his heart procedure 2 days later but thanks to medical rationing he died and saved their healthcare system $$. If he had regular healthcare he would have had his procedure the next day and still be living. Welcome to ObamaCare, enjoy your parting gift.

The other part of rationing is the lowering the wages of doctors. In Russia most the doctors were women. Not due to feminism but to the fact doctors only made around $10K. Men could make far more $$ doing other jobs which didn’t take the education or hours. Why come out of med-school w/a $500K bill if Chairman Mao Tsebama is going to limit your pay to $80K. This will lead to severe shortages in doctors and lowering quality of care further. Never mind the doctors are nothing more than messengers for the bureaucrat handling HC. No matter what the doctor wants to do, he isn’t going to do it if he won’t get paid. This will leave you maybe getting your "experimental" cancer treatment if DC says you can. Enjoy your parting gift w/the 2 handles.

Forget the cost of this bill will further bankrupt businesses and the economy, your healthcare is going to disappear. In ten years after it is fully implemented and costs have destroyed the Country and the system, decisions will be made you won’t want to hear. Like all Central Planning this will become a turd World HC system which will only let you die comfortably and weigh your life span w/the costs of keeping you alive. You better hope you get thumbs up from a computer screen in DC or you’ll find your parting gift.

Pray for America