Brayin Candy

The Solar Myth

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.  2 Cor 3:17

Oh how fortunate we are we have such a forward thinking precedent like Premier Hussain. The visionary who points at all those imagined Green jobs which will employ so many people in the Solar/Wind markets. Just ignore the only thing Green about these jobs is the money you’ll be burning to make pig turds into turd salad. Never mind it’s big payoffs to the corrupt union and enviro-thugs this is pure Marxist ideology, you just don’t see whats good for you.

Marxist are very very good at making people want to drink the poison they’re always calling a health drink. The poison of Solar/Wind power is to make you feel guilty if you want to ever damage they’re Eart goddess. We are all supposed to live our lives like fairy princesses walking on their Eart as if she were made of eggshells. This of course is how and why they invented the myth of Global Warming, to make everybody in the world to feel sinful about using anything requiring energy and especially fossil fuels. These commies have brainwashed US for decades into believing these energy sources were pure evil and the use of them was and is a sin. Anything which benefits mankind is a sin in their cult. Anything enslaving mankind is holy.

There is no valid reason whatsoever to use solar energy except in the most minimal usages such as solar powered traffic devices or other low power uses. To pretend it could ever replace actual power plants is about as realistic as believing in the Easter Bunny or Amish Suicide Bombers. As was shown in the past essays, the cost of a coal fired energy plant is around 2 cents/KWH. The cost of solar power is shown to be 40 cents/KWH which is being very conservative. The President is putting all of his eggs in this bottomless basket while trying to convince you wasting $$ is futuristic. The cultists have convinced you to take something as reliable, abundant and tested 24/7/365 is not the way to go, but enough about obama.

The old Coal plant in Boardman will produce around 150 Megawatts per hour 24 hours per day 365 for 50 yrs. The modern plants the Chinese are developing produce over twice that since they use the exhaust steam to produce double the power the old ones make w/more efficient burn. These produce around 350 MW/H and no pollution w/lots of beneficial CO2 making trees, flowers and plankton/fish very happy. To produce as much power from solar you would need enough of these panels to cover around 10 square miles of land. In addition to wasting all of this precious land of which we can imagine the lawsuits from the eco-mafia, the land would be effectively wasted, like the brain cells of an ELF terrorist. 

The cost of a modern Coal fired plant is approximately a $Billion when you factor in all of the pollution scrubbers. They take up about an acre of land and can be placed nearly anywhere. The cost of installing 10 square miles of solar is around $10 Billion and nobody knows how you would connect the miles of cables and adapters required as well as the mountains of batteries needed. If there is ever a dust or hail storm they become useless. This is the best case scenario since w/these idiotic solar panels you have to worry about night, clouds, winter and dirty windows ruining that stellar record. To energize the entire NW would require around 10-15 plants which as can be seen, the infeasibility of 150 sq miles of solar is as impossible as obozo endorsing Capitalism.

Wind isn’t quite as bad, yet as T Boone found isn’t feasible w/o huge taxpayer subsidies and still transmission lines are not available. It would take over 1500 windmills costing $7-8 Bil to equal one Coal plant. They are expensive to build/maintain and undependable as there are very few places with enough wind to produce 24/7 at a profitable rate. The cost of 10 cents/KWH is likely a pipe dream and the maintenance is expensive since they tend to break down when hit by high winds. The other issue is the hypocrisy of eco-kooks who want wind power as long as it’s not built where they can see them. They are unsightly and have to be spread over miles and miles, like eastern Oregon where wind farms stretch nearly 100 miles.

There is no such thing as Green technology, since there is no such thing as Global Warming. It is a marketing fraud just as Green jobs are. Just as Green stimulus is nothing more than a slush fund for the DNC. They have to be supported entirely by taxpayer $$ even though the gummit knows there is no practical way to make them work efficiently. Nuclear is dependable and powerful, just far more expensive than Coal as well as the scare factor has been driven into the American psyche. The only truly practical means of producing electricity is Coal as is being proven by the Chinese, the last bastion of capitalism. We need to take their model and reapply it to America.

If we continue to drive off the Green cliff obama is steering us, we will find exactly where we are, 10 yrs later. We will have wasted those $$ on wasteful sources of energy in a cultish hunt for Butterfly winged power. The most efficient and plentiful source is sitting right under our feet and the only thing standing between it and energy independence is US. We can leave a legacy to the next generation if we will take the first step and break the chains of eco-worship. Coal is the hardest working power in the world which is truly turning coal into diamonds. Let’s not waste another generation listening to those who would enslave us to their Turd world ideas. Lets unleash the beasts of capitalism to make this Country begin a renewal like it has never seen. Lets Go Coal, you can dig it!

Pray for America’s Freedom