Brayin Candy

The Global Snow Job

Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your HOPE fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Peter 1:13

The Global Snow Job has been exposed for the fraud it is. The Nobel Prize scientists were cooking the books to make it look like warming was happening when there was absolutely none. The Cult of Science has become more and more corrupt as they became political rather than scientific. Like the Jonestown and Hale-bopp cults, once the leaders feel the power they control and the $$ they receive, the power becomes intoxicating. This exposure of Global Scamming shows what a money grubbing shyster Gore is. He should be required to give back his Academy Award and Nobel for his movie Incoherent Lies as well as his windbag profits.

The Global Snow Job has been having a hard time maintaining its lies for a couple years, since we have been able to measure earth temps from satellites. The original theory was developed by inaccurate weather stations spread around the world. Problem is there was no control on where they were placed and many were put inside the city where temps are higher. They also floated buoys on the equator which again couldn’t measure below the top layers of the ocean. Once the saw a slight increase in temps 10 yrs ago, they made a bunch of predictions that the world was ending. Of course the only salvation for the eart was to pump $$ to the High Priests of Science and pray that they could save us. Their solution, destroy America.

A funny thing happened on the way to Armageddon, we invented laser temp reading from satellites. They are absolutely accurate and could take millions of measurements throughout the world in more controlled locations. They also were able to measure the ocean depths and found no heating whatsoever. That is when the shamitists decided to cook the books to maintain their cult. They then declared this science a consensus of scientists to stop any further exposure, oops.

Consensus is the oldest trick in the scientific book. Just like evolution you declare the science decided and there is an agreed consensus. All the scientists who agree are declared real scientists and any scientists or gasp, commoners question their consensus, they are labeled heretic or flat earthers, to make sure nobody pays attention to their questions. If someone was to ax a High Priest something like, if evolution is true, why haven’t they found a transitory fossil? The response is, they’ve found plenty but your not a scientist so you don’t understand. Worse yet, you’re a Christian or a Creationist, stone em! This method was transferred to the Global Warming Cult and if someone axed questions they just said, you’re not really a scientist so you don’t count. They would decide who was or wasn’t and then destroy the heretics politically or financially. In Oregon, the Head State climatologist was fired for questioning manmade Warming, heresy!

People are always susceptible to cults like Global Scamming, Jonestown or Islam, especially libs. They are generally either atheist or agnostic so are trying to be morally good w/o having to deal w/personal issues like following the Bible. Algore is the perfect example. He doesn’t want to live by those old fashioned Ten Commandments so he invents his own commandments, climbs into his 747, flies to LA burning 20 tons of Blood for Oil, but since he buys a Global Credit Card he has absolution and is an ethical person. Liberals want everyone to love them so like Al, the gazillionaire SoddomWood starlet gets in her jet after a night of booze and drugs, eats a vegan meal thinks Global thoughts and has her absolution. When she hears about the polar bears being killed by SUV exhaust you have the perfect cult. You don’t have to do anything except feel bad and help make America a communist dictatorship to make yourself feel good. Then make a PSA about the polar bears and all your liberal friends will know that you care and are a really really good person, pop some more pills and leave your fatherless kids w/the nanny. There is no personal morality w/this religion.

The basis of this cult is science. If anybody questions it then you can say that these High Priests verify earth worship and they never lie, so you must believe. Science used to search for! Now we have verified that these scientists are nothing but charlatans trying to enrich themselves and enslave us. This corruption had to be widespread since this information has been available for years. Which means that most scientists were twisting the data and hiding it from the public for politics. This also means that albore knew about it and has been lying to make himself millions. He stood to make a $Billion off Cap & Tax as well as the UN boondoggle.

We’re now seeing the more important issue. This fraud has been exposed completely to the world, that top climate scientists were changing the temps to fit the theory. This proves that they couldn’t care less about the earth or environment and only cared about the club it represented politically. This is still being hid by the Buggy Whip Press which proves that they don’t care about the issue but only want the club to bash Repubs. The Rats don’t care about the earth or environment except how it helps their communist utopia. The Truth is liberalism doesn’t care about you, me or anybody/anything, they only use issues like GW or Healthcare as tools to trick their way into making a totalitarian communist regime.

There is no longer any point in arguing w/these people on issues since they are nothing more than a means to an end. They will feign outrage like this Snow Job to reach their ultimate goal, communism. If they cared about people, they would renounce Cap & Trade today then push to develop more resources to make this world a better, healthier and stronger financially for all of us to live. Do away w/small cars, choo choo trains, bike lanes, tiny houses and let people live the way they want to enrich this Country. Declaring energy development would start this engine immediately and there are no reasons not to. This scandal shows them for the corrupt tyrannical monsters that they are.

Pray for America’s FReedom