Brayin Candy

The Oroville Dam and Global Warming

Psalm 69:2 I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing: I am come into deep waters, where the floods overflow me.

If Global Warming was anything other than a religion the storms on the West Coast would prove the entire theory wrong. Algore and the Warmists claimed in the late 90s that there would be no snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and California would be a desert. Not only are there record amounts of snow the entire Southwest is about to float away. Now we are seeing the real dangers of these liberal zealots who actually believed this nonsense. The Oroville dam was being neglected due to their belief in a snowless thirty to fifty years so why worry about a silly dam so 200,000 people have to worry about being flooded.

Nazi Pelosi, Barbara Box-a-rocks and Governor Moonbeam are all fanatics about this Junk Science and have planned accordingly. If you were in the backrooms you would hear them act as if these predictions of no snow were gospel and truly believed there would be snowless mountains. The recent draught verified those predictions and they and the Democrat monopoly in Sacramento were also convinced this was fact not fiction.

This is a major reason they stopped maintaining their dams and flood infrastructure since they saw them as obsolete and they had better boondoggles to spend it on like the Choo Choo to nowhere and protection of the purple backed cricket. Now there are real dangers and people’s lives have been threatened by this incompetence of the Dems who have run that state and the entire West for decades. They would rather throw money at feel good make work projects than manage their God given resources to the benefit of their citizens like water and flood control.

The only discussion about dams in California for the past twenty years has been about tearing them down. Nobody would be surprised if the Oroville dam was one of the ones they wanted to level since the NorCal dams have been targeted. It is unlikely since this dams feeds the California Aqueduct, but they have had a push to dismantle all of the water projects which were built in favor of a more natural existence and forcing farmers off of their land. A true believer thinks the rivers should flow the way they did when the Indians were here and do away with making energy and drinking water. For a fundamentalist liberal, man is the problem and needs to be eliminated so their dirt can heal.

If the fake scientists who promote Global Warming or whichever fallback term they are using were honest they would admit it was no longer valid. They should take a look at these mountains full of snow and water and realize the world is not warming. This is being caused by the same El Nino or Nina which has been occurring since the beginning of time. There is no difference in the weather from today than it was fifty years ago and if anything cooler. It is time for them to fish or cut bait and prove the theory once and for all. Show us where the Global Warming is happening and what the earth temperatures have accurately been doing for the past ten years.

If the world has been warming some scientist would definitively prove it and collect his Nobel Prize, but they cannot. Every article they come out with proving the eart is warming after you read ten paragraphs into it they show there is no change or lower temperatures and projecting out further to protect their gummit grants. Of course anyone who points this out needs to be silenced for being a Flat Earther and not believing in Gravity. No believers, Global Warming is not the same as Gravity and skepticism is a part of science which used to be valued but not anymore, now it is pure groupthink.

The entire gummit believes Warming is the same thing as gravity and is a fact which is going to happen if man is not stopped from producing CO2. The brainwashing of this religion was brilliant with the rolling out of algore’s movie, Mind out of Balance, which allowed you to visually see how CO2 represented by plastic wrap over a glass was trapping the heat. It exaggerated the case and none of their proofs were scientific including his contraption showing rising CO2 levels which never happened, yet the visuals and catastrophic predictions terrified braindead liberals around the world. Most of the planners fell for this fake science and why we have every water and infrastructure project in some way preparing for eart warming Armageddon and now we are seeing their results.

If California would have been preparing for normal rain and snowfalls as well as above average they could have been ready for this winter and thrived. The Marxists have been at war with business and farming for so long that this fake science was a made to order club to make them pay. Their arrogance and condescension of anyone who dared to challenge their cult was burned at the stake for the heresy of not believing in science. Now we have dams potentially failing and possible catastrophes being the results. If it were not a cult which robs your free thought they would have a plan B for just this event, but they have not and are all in on Warming so the dams get ignored except to tear them down for the fishies. One dam goes down anywhere in the country and it will make New Orleans look like Sunday Brunch.

Fortunately, it looks like they avoided the Oroville dam collapse but it should serve as a warning to the nation saying they need to rethink their faith. Is it real or is it fake and be honest. If it is real prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt after nearly twenty years of testing there should be mountains of evidence. If it is still questionable or fake then it is time to ignore it and move on as if the weather has not or will not change other than natural fluctuations and solar influences. The sun has far more influence on the planet than man driving his cars to the store and back so expect the weather reflect those results. In the end this is a debate between believing in man or God just like always. It is time to accept that man may be wrong and God may be right and man has to play by his rules, not the other way around.

Pray America woke