Brayin Candy

Terri Schiavo and Lady Justice

Lady Justice has a new tear running down her blindfolded cheek. An innocent victim was murdered by the swift sword of Lady Justice. Her flowing robes are now stained with the blood of an innocent sacrifice. This is truly a sad day for America and the law of Rule. Once again Florida and the Democrat Party has shown that they will kill for convenience. The only truth that came out shining like the brightest star in a dark black sky was the family and especially the Father of Terri. This is a Father that all of us can only aspire to become.

Terri’s death will forever be a symbol for the Right to Life. The Party of Death can make all the legal arguments they need since they found a judge who had the same perverse view of family, that they do. A man who is married in license only, is allowed to tear a helpless woman away from her loving family and kill her for his convenience. For a judge to rule on a vibrant living person with such shaky evidence as he said she dead, is appalling. Where has our judiciary gone where this kind of evidence can overturn a person’s right to breath?

How can we as a Country kill a healthy person by thirst and starvation? A bullet would have been more humane. If this way is so wonderful a way to die then the Death lawyers and spokesmen would happily trade places with her. May they have the same "peaceful" way of dying. A mortician has far more compassion than these bloodthirsty ghouls. A compassionate judge would put her death on one side of the scale and make these hired guns overcome her weight to make sure he erred on the side of Life. We as a Country has her blood on our consciences now.

The only one besides the innocence of Terri who is to be applauded in this tragedy is her family and especially her Father for his Love for his daughter. This is a man who loves unrequited. He did anything and everything he could to save his daughter’s Life. This is what every parent should and would do for their child. He is a Father who would lay in front of a train to save his child and did, which is why he is a Saint. He is a Father we can all need to be.

The Party of Death is running away from this like Rats from a dying ship. They do not want their face to be the face of the Grim Reaper, although it is far to late. This is why they sent Jessie Jackmail down to Florida to minimize the damages. They want to avoid the jaws that are coming shut on their beady little heads. Americans now clearly know which Party was pushing for needlessly killing a handicapped girl. For a Party that has no values and places symbolism in place of substance, the symbol of the murder of a helpless is far too clean a picture.

None of the prominent Demasaurs came to the aid of Terri and her family. Hilary, Kennedy, Reid and Dean all let her starve to death by standing in the way of saving her. These are the same people who were outraged about panties on Terrorist’s heads yet have no problem starving an impared woman? They did not have the courage to say they wanted her dead, but did nothing to stop this injustice. Their silence screams volumes as to where they stand. The Party that celebrates every abortion is supposed to make America think that they would not be causing her last breath? Hilary could not stand up for Terri because that might threaten her re-election money from NYC. You can bet the clinton’s polled this issue to see which side she should stand and was advised to hide under her desk. So they sent the Black guy.

As opposed to the DinocRats abscence of core values, the Republicans have stood for Life the 15 years. They have done everything they could do short of violence to stop this death. In the end there was no way to go around the courts unchecked power. Those who stood in the way of ordering the tube reinserted should pay a steep price. This needs to be a wake-up call for the need for judges who will always Err on the Side of Life. Americans need to realize that they are a Brain Injury away from being slowly starved to death, themselves. This is why Lady Justice is on her knees, weeping.

Pray for W and Terri’s Family