Brayin Candy

Pelosi Spits on America

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM. 2 Cor 3:17

Obozo’s Deathcare bill is sitting in the open like a cow pie on a Texas highway in the August noonday sun. It’s just lying there flat stinking with all the flies swarming around it waiting for the tumblebugs. Oh, sure they would love us to talk about whether or not we’re xenophobes although after 30 yrs of being called racist, sexist, homophobes you start to realize it’s the tactic of those who have lost the argument.

So when Nazi Pelozi and her criminal thugs marched through the Tea Patriots she was making her statement she was going to spit on Americans publicly. Imagine if Bush had walked through one of their protests, what would happen to him?

The only question that really needs to be axed after any law is passed in the House of Criminals is: does this bill give you More Freedom or Less Freedom? There isn’t anybody in America including Nikita Pelosi who will say it gives you more, it takes away your Freedoms. Any bill needing to be enforced by 16,000 more IRS auditors w/the threat of jail makes you far less free. Last Saturday America had a lot more Liberty and Freedom than it does today. This is why it is a Cow Pie stinking in the TX sun.

We now find the bill is a giant jobs killer. We have lost 10 million jobs since Pelozi took over congress and 7 in the Obama Meltdown. This bill will cost another 2-5 million jobs as the costs skyrocket and businesses are bankrupted, which of course is their goal. We find today John Deer the 150 yr old All American Company is going to have to pay an additional $150 million for this bill on top of their current HC costs. In a recession like the Obama Meltdown you are not getting extra sells let alone higher margins so the only place left to cut expenses is jobs. At $50K per job this represents 3,000 more jobs very likely to be lost. This is going to be repeated throughout the Country as the "rich" try to find a way to make the numbers work now they've just had their HC costs double.

There is no sympathy from the District of Corruption since they are both living on the public dole and exempt from this cow pie. This is only to control the slaves not the owners. These criminals don’t care people have lost their jobs since they are only interested in punishing the rich outside of DC and controlling America. They hate America and the American people as was on display when they walked through the Tea Party crowd taunting them and gloating. Her goal is to put as many of those people out of work as she can to punish them for speaking out against her glorius leadership.

The other stinker in this steaming pile of poo is how every pro-life American in the Country is forced to pay for abortions by threat of jail. There should be a separation of church and state since this is the liberal’s most sacred tenet. The blood of babies is their most precious sacrament which is as if Christians was to force atheists like themselves to eat and drink the sacrament. They would be screaming church and state as the atheists lined up at the courthouse. We should have the ability to be conscientious objectors to this bill on the basis of our religious beliefs. For anybody who views abortion as the killing of a baby they should not have to participate on moral grounds. Rather, we are forced to pay for those killings by threat of jail time.

Oh, you can bet this has been a finely orchestrated strategy to try to call us racists rather than talk about their cow pie. They planned this from before they made their famous walk likely w/a prior conference call to their attack dog media to pre-write the headlines.

To the Tea Patrots class and credit they didn’t take the bait and only yelled their frustration at her political arrogance. The press of course couldn’t rewrite their published story so they went w/it even though the evidence is just the opposite. The TP is the moving force of this Country’s return to its principles as was shown by which side was being childish buffoons and who was being who they are, proud Americans. The only question which needs to be axed: does this bill give you more Freedom or less?

Pray for the Tea Patriots