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Civil War II

Civil War II 

Exodus 17:16 For he said, Because the Lord hath sworn that the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.

The night before the inauguration the finale of the celebration concert was The Battle Hymn of the Republic complete with fireworks. President Trump and his family listened to the Marine Corps sing it at the foot of the Lincoln memorial. How appropriate this visual would occur after an election which was more Gettysburg than Lincoln-Douglas. This was only a turning point in the war of ideas which needs to be won once and for all.

After eight years of Buffoon Obama’s attempt to destroy the country he despises, America is now in a vicious Civil War. There is no convincing the hardcore Marxists who have bought into the cult, they will say or do anything for their religion. Gummit is their highest god and Trump took Her away from them. Their anger only goes one way since they are atheistic moral relativists who will justify any violent action to return their church to power. What was witnessed by their riots and women’s march exposed them for the absolute hatred controlling their lives.

Since they are atheists, there are no Biblical Commandments controlling their personal lives which allows them to justify any vicious dialogue or violence in promotion of their agenda. These are the most hardcore of the believers who think they are the evolved race which needs to be in power. They cannot comprehend a Repub could be President let alone someone as intolerant of all of their sacred victim groups as Trump, which justifys anything, including assassination.

He and his family are in extreme danger since the left truly believes we are in a violent war. They see him as a Hitler who needs exterminating for a myriad of unforgivable sins he is guilty. He has committed according to the Dems so many crimes against society they will soon be calling for his death as well as his family's. As he attacks their most sacred cows such as Global Warming, racism, feminism, Black Lives Matter and Political Correctness they are going to become more and more violent.

The goal of a liberal is to be the godliest liberal on the planet and oh so full of love and tolerance. This requires living your life by the tenets of Social Morality. There are no personal morals only how you affect society according to the cult’s laws. You can lie, cheat and steal but if you drive a Prius you are a good person. You can take drugs, be an alcoholic, beat your wife and kids and steal millions of dollars, be a criminal, but if you believe abortion is a god given Right, you are a good person. Same goes for saving the eart, Global Warming, clean air and water being pro-black, pro-homosexual, pro-Islam, women’s rights a vegan and speak in perfect liberal tolerance and you are a very good person and working towards your own sainthood.

The academics, media and politicians are the High Priests of the religion and enjoy those same spoils. They are worshiped and make pronouncements as well as enjoy absolution of any sins. In the Clintons' case they could rape and extort billion$ while still being worshiped by the flock. Same goes with all of the high positions in the cult.

There are no personal ethics such as the Ten Commandments since there is no God, only sins against mankind. Of course they conveniently are the determiners of who are the sinners against society such as who are the racists, homophobes and sexists. They give leeway to their fellow Marxists and assume guilt on their enemies who are all declared xenophobes for any thought, speech or inferred crime. In the end it is simply a fake religion used to control its followers and condemn the non-believers.

Like all godless cults it becomes a more controlling and owning parts of a person’s life to the point they cannot leave. There is no free will or flexibility within the group since you are forced to conform more and more of your life to the faith until the point you become like the rioters and filthy protesters which showed up at the bizarre pink hat protest. Who wouldn’t be an angry harridan having to wear that ugly pink toque proving the absolute control the cult has over its followers. I am wearing this pathetic pink beanie, so I am a good person; ugly but good. I can turn my mouth into a sewer with out of control hatred and rage, but since I hate those subhuman intolerants, I am a good person.

We are seeing parts of their religion becoming more and more violent. Watching Black Lives Matter riot and killing cops shows how violent a growing percentage of them have become. When you can justify killing policemen, who else are you going to kill for crimes against society? When you have a portion of your religion believing only black lives matter you have already broken most of the moral codes which hold a society together. When you make the men in blue the enemy then just who are the good guys? We are in the middle of a live Civil War and one side is moving from cold to hot and becoming more violent.

This is the moral darkness the cult has become. It is brother against brother, best friend against best friend, parents against children and there is no curiosity from the cultists towards who the Trump supporters are, they are haters.

This is not a Civil War between North and South but a war between Marxism and Capitalism and Christians versus atheists. There are no borders or countries fighting each other, but a spiritual war between good and evil. So far this is primarily a virtual war being fought on the internet and in the press corpse with words and their virtual firing squads. This is between America loving patriots and the Three Pillars (Academia, media and the DNC). The win in November was the modern day Gettysburg won by Trump who was General Grant fighting attack after attack unceasingly until his final victory.

Now is the time to finish it. There needs to be a Sherman’s March through the Democrat Armies. No matter what the battle it needs to be fought until they are finished as a threat. An example is the crowd size of the Inauguration. The Old York Times falsified the story by posting a picture from an hour before the event and sold it as an insignificant crowd for the speech. When they were called on the fraud they twisted it into an argument over the numbers when in reality it was fake news getting caught. These battles have to be won since they are going to try to do what they did to GW Bush with a never ending war on his character and isolate him.

Republicans have two choices against this cult. They can win ugly or lose graciously. Most inside the District of Corruption are used to being very, very gracious to the enemy and have to be trained to win. They need to trade in their dancing at the Cotillion and learn the rules to a knife fight. This is post Gettysburg and it is time to redouble the attacks. This is not the time to negotiate surrender or compromise our victory, it is time to go on a Sherman’s March and destroy their army once and for all. They are in disarray and on the run which is the perfect time for victory.

We have never been in this position before and have a General Sherman in charge who is not afraid to take rampage the enemy. President Trump is more articulate and focused than Reagan and is on the verge of moving our country back to where he had it. The entire Conservative movement needs to be focused on destroying the Communist Party until it is on the ash heap of histoir where it belongs. We have to fight this Civil War to the death and realize we are that generation who could still lose our freedom. This is a Sherman March through the DNC over the next couple years and an opportunity we have never experienced before. It is time to level Moscow on the Potomac and make it that Shining City on the Hill.