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Fire Mueller Now

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Psalm 23:1-3 KJV

It is time to end the MuleTrain fishing trip. Everyone on the planet knows he has found no collusion, whatever that means; and no campaign crimes or he would have leaked it, so it is time to give America back to the people. This entire fiasco is a Hillary campaign dirty trick being orchestrated by the FBI's cabal to maintain the establishment’s power.

Now that the Fake Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been fired for helping organize a silent coup it is past time to shut down the Mueller probe. It should be obvious by now to everyone outside the DC bubble this was being run to make sure President Trump was never allowed to govern. McCabe, MuleTrain, Comey and their circle of friends were working for the Hillary campaign and Barak to first make sure he was never elected and then to overthrow him through impeachment for whatever they could dig up and has now backfired.

This is the biggest coup attempt since Rome and in any other country and even this one a hundred years ago you would have the entire lot of them standing in front of a pock marked wall being offered blindfolds and cigarettes. Now they will get absolution from the fake media and hero worship from the Dems for their service to the agenda. The Marxists have gone so far off the rails they have become the Star Wars bar without the civility.

For anyone who has been paying attention this corruption of the FBI has been complete and to its core. The FBI and their allies in the other intelligence agencies are the most powerful spying institutions in the world. They have access to methods which our minds can only imagine and they used the full force of that power to attempt to disrupt an election at the direction of President Obama. He ordered either directly or indirectly to spy on the Trump campaign in an attempt to find out what strategies he was using and where he was focusing. Little did Obozo know he was focusing on winning the election using old fashioned rallies and talking to the White Trash Christians across the Rust Belt and South right in front of their noses making spying useless. He talked to the people Obama and Hillary blames all the world problems on who wake up every day to make this country work. He loved and talked to the ignored in this Country and they became DC’s biggest fear.

What gives Obama the right to take away the very essence of being a free man simply because you disagree with his worldview and wanted to run for President? If anything his running for office is even a more sacred trust since you are exercising your most basic right as an American. Every American should be allowed to dream of becoming President without the spy agencies stopping them. This is the land of the free which means you are not to be spied on unless you are breaking laws which there were no appearances candidate Trump was. He was having fun and speaking to the people who have been neglected by the elites as well as being the targets of every reason America was an unfair place to live. This resonated with them and scared the DC establishment to their bones so something had to be done to stop him.

Andrew McCabe and the FBI should be ashamed of themselves. This was once the highest judicial agency in America and has become full of corruption and mistrust. To imagine they would use their incredible power to get a FISA warrant using false sources to spy on a presidential candidate is beyond comprehension when this agency is sworn to be neutral in political matters. The Hatch Act was written to make sure gummit employees are not to campaign on or off the job and not only were they working with a campaign they were trying to damage one in favor of making Hillary president. They have sworn to not be involved with a campaign and then are involved with a coup.

The FISA warrant was issued on Ray Flynn in part if not solely on the basis of the Russian Dossier. This is a fake story written for the Hillary campaign using over ten million dollars of opposition research about Trump being in Russia and having prostitutes peeing on the bed President Obama slept in. Now, anyone who knows Trump knows if he wanted to be that vindictive he would have peed on it himself, but the story is completely ridiculous. Nobody would believe it if it were written in a cheap spy novel, yet the FBI took it to some judge who issued a warrant to allow them to spy on Ray Flynn which gave them unfettered access to the campaign and most likely everyone’s phones and computers. This allowed the Clinton campaign through the Whitehouse a complete visual of the campaign Trump from top to bottom and all of their data results. She probably had a more professional one on Low Energy Jeb not thinking Trump had a chance until too late so came up with this nonsense.

A big question about the warrant is what does the Dossier have to do with Ray Flynn? What does Trump being in Moscow years earlier have anything to do with Flynn? The only explanation is the Judge was a Democrat hack who wanted this coup to happen and was willing to put their signature on whatever the FBI brought to them.

This entire investigation is to frame the President into some mistake that can get him or some of his staff to plead guilty to whatever charge they can manufacture. This is a silent coup and the traitors need to be revealed and punished starting with MuleBrain. He was in on the coup from the beginning and was the backup plan if Comey was not able to run the sting if Trump had the backbone to fire him. Comey thought he was an untouchable and was undermining and leaking everything he could to damage the Presidency. This is treason plain and simple and rather than a book tour he should be doing the hangman’s dance to make an example for future FBI directors of what they can and cannot do in a freedom loving country.

Shut this Fishing Expedition down and let’s get back to being America with peaceful transitions of gummit. HeeHaw was hired under false pretenses and has cost dozens of people millions of dollars to fight a coup which should never been allowed in the first place. If the FBI was doing their job, Comey and McCabe would have denied the Whitehouse their request and they would have said this is an election and we have no jurisdiction in elections. There is no crime in running as an outsider and making the corruption of DC as a campaign issue, the FBI has no business in a political campaign.

If the FBI and CIA would have stuck to their mandates there would be no Russian investigation since there was nothing to investigate which there would have never been a Special Persecutor. If Muleears had an ounce of credibility he would resign and admit this was an attempt to overthrow the President and end his charade. He of course is as corrupt as the rest of the team and needs to be fired yesterday. Sessions needs to take the short term heat and investigate this coup so the American people can see what was being done by the agencies for Odumbo then prosecute vigorously so it never happens again.

Old Media would have been outraged if Bush had done this to Barak and rightfully so, but since it is President Trump the ends justify the means. Their day has passed and their usefulness has ended which is why coups like this are allowed to happen. The firing of McCabe was a first step to making America free for everyone no matter if you disagree with the establishment or not. MuleTrain’s firing would be a larger step since he thinks he is untouchable. He is corrupt and his firing would be a cool breeze of freedom blowing across America once again knowing anyone can run for any office and not have to fear being spied on for the crime of dissent. Thank you Attorney General Sessions, our Shining City on the Hill is burning a bit brighter today.

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