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The Big Blue Wave

The Blue Wave 

Matthew 15:14

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.


Now this prediction is not going to go up there with the Trump winning the nomination and presidency when he rode down the elevator or the prediction of 44 of 50 winning states the weekend prior to the election. I would have had 47 if not for voter fraud in MN, NM and NV which he could not overcome like he did in PA, WI and FL. It may not even reach the accuracy of being right on nine of the last ten House and Sinate elections, but since we are six months out of a big one it is worth doing. Even though I never claimed to be Jimmy the Greek it may be the best track record in the country since nobody got the last one right except myself and a couple of others so now it is time to predict the Blue Wave election. In this election the Blue Wave is going to turn into another big Red Tsunami just like 2014.

Some have axed what the secret is to making predictions like the Trump win when everyone on both sides of the aisle was absolutely sure Hillary was going to win. How in the primaries you could predict Trump wins when polls showed him down fifteen points and pulled it out? How when Las Vegas was giving him a one percent chance of winning you were sure he was going to win? How in previous midterms when the smart people were saying the Dems were going to regain or add to their super majorities you could predict accurately it was going to go the other way? It is really easy, you take your politics out of the equation and look at the way real people are talking and thinking and don’t dismiss the Tea Party movement.

You have to look at the professional prognosticators as sports analysists. To be a sports analysist you have to be one of two things, right ninety percent of the time or agree with the crowd all of the time. If you are a sports analysist and you pick the Patriots over the Eagles in the Super Bowl everyone is going to say that is a very informed choice. After all the Pats have won it more times than every other team and everyone else as well as Las Vegas is picking that team. After they lose you and every other echo chamber predictor can all say they never saw that coming and everyone is covered by everyone else since nobody saw that coming.

On the other hand if you pick the Eagles you are out on a limb by yourself which is great after they win, but if you lose then you were a fool. Since nobody else picked that team you are left by yourself to explain why you thought an inferior team lost to the mighty Patriots and Tom Brady, how could you not see that coming? As a sports prognosticator you have no cover and are considered less than accurate in your predictions. This happens too many times and you will find yourself out on the streets and looking for work, so you quit going out on a limb and stay in the safety of the crowd and become part of the echo chamber.

It is even more corrupted in the political arena since ninety five percent of the analysts are Patriot fans and they want to pick their team in the worst way. They are going to point out how great Tom Brady is and show his stats in a favorable manner as they all agree the Pats will win big. The Eagle reporters are going to go along with the rest of the group since if the Eagles lose they will be laughed out of the room and be looking for work rather than being apolitical they will go along with the echo chamber to save face in case of a loss and mock anyone who dares to go against the grain.

So the way I was able to predict Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump was to step away from the politics and the one I would prefer and see what the Country was doing or in Romney’s case how weak the candidate was. I predicted his loss the month before he officially won the nomination from Gingrich. One of the worst things you can do is pick the candidate which is one onion skin to the Right of the D-Rat since why would the country vote for a fake Dem when they can vote for the real thing? Elections are won on the far Right not in the middle like election managers like to believe which is why Romney and McCain lost. Both moved to the middle and lost their base.

But Gary, elections are won in the middle by the precious independents and moderates which is why we have to pick a moderate candidate. Name one moderate Repub who has won the presidency besides Bush Sr who was running on Reagan’s Right Wing coattails. There are none, you run Right or you lose and if you do run Right the entire Punditocracy will mock you and you will win, it is really that simple and why there will be a Red Tsunami this election, more candidates will be forced to run Right by Trump.

But what about those precious moderates and independents, they will all vote Dem and you will lose? Nope, by definition they are followers and not leaders, they make up their minds the morning of the election and they are going to follow whoever the best leader is and that is whoever sticks to their guns and does not bow to the winds of moderation. This is how Trump won since he led on issues like The Wall, Tax Cuts and stopping ObamadontCare. Whether you agreed or not you saw he was willing to lead while Hillary was just speaking PC pabulum and falling on her face.

So all the kings’ men and all the kings’ horses are saying there is a big Blue Wave coming to sweep their last embarrassment away. Never mind they have been wrong about the last five midterms and the strength of the Tea Party movement, America loves them and Marxism. They know it since there is not one person  who would even considered voting for Trump against Saint Hillary so this midterm is going to make everything right. Sorry, mediots Harpy Dumpty is a scrambled egg and has become an omelet.

The Tea Party movement has become stronger and more determined than ever. It is organized on a grassroots level and America has embraced its message of smaller gummit and less taxes. The candidates which are winning the primaries have taken on the Trump agenda and are more Conservative than they were during the Obozo disaster and willing to lead from the Right rather than follow in the middle. This move points to a building tide and other than the Bluest of states becoming a cleansing washing of the swamp in the neighborhood of five to ten Sinate seats and another ten to fifteen House seats.

The final piece of this prediction is President Trump having long coattails. If these candidates will embrace him and go to his rallies they will win going away. They will have to ignore their managers and pundiots and go to those rallies trusting those moderates to follow the leader which is Trump. They do that and they win, they listen to their managers and they lose. There is an old saying, win or lose the campaign manager’s check always cashes. Campaign managers are just like analysts they do what the crowd does and lose they are safe, they go out on a limb and lose they are out of work or become experts on CNN.

What if everything the Punditocracy knows about elections is wrong? What if they are a bunch of sheep following the herd? If that is the case, which it is; then everything they are telling us about elections is wrong and there never was a Blue Wave. It was nothing more than a figment of their wishful imaginations and the truth is just the opposite. America is tired of Marxism and this offended snowflake mentality. They are ready to make a statement and wanting to go down a new path by following a real leader who has lived his entire life preparing to guide this country to a real freedom and opportunity. America is getting ready to lead the world and show it what Lady Liberty means when she raises the torch and the world breathes that cool breath of freedom.

Pray America woke