Brayin Candy

Hurricane Katrina

The Stone Age Press is facing a disaster of historic proportions and do they strengthen their failing levies of credibility? Of course not, they report this natural disaster as if it were Abu Grabass as their George Bush Billy club of the Month. This was by far the worst case of news reporting in the history of this country. Within 24 hours of the breaking of the levy the Samestreamedia were reporting this as President Bush was willingly killing New Orleans.

They are like skydivers w/o parachutes who rather than flap their arms they have decided to do a delta tuck into the deck to make a dramatic splash of self importance. There could not been a more cut and dry story about a natural disaster than hurricane Katrina, yet they could not put away their extremist politics for a day. Most people wanted to see the disaster and witness as much of the rescue as they could possibly see. Nobody expected to have the worst hurricane to hit America be without suffering but we knew that Americans would come together to help the victims. It was a very simple story to report yet from the minute the levy broke it became a story about the reporters raging hated of President Bush.

The only question left with PravdABDNC is whether they are getting their marching orders from HilaryCare’s or the DNC’s war room? Anyone who is in business knows if you’re offering a product to the consumer you must make it attractive or useful. They obviously know you must put attractive people in front cameras, but this has not translated into the actual product which has become unwatchable.

Most people would rather spend a night in the Super Dome than watch Spitball or Sheppard Sheep & Whereswalldo. While watching Smith and Whereswaldo’s metrohomosexual hissy fit we were hoping for a chair to come flying across the stage. Did he get divorced and married again while he was down there? The only people who were not going nuts were the people in the stadium who kept nervously looking for the Rubber Truck to take these 2 Crackpots away. Unfortunately they were the best of the reporting.

When there was a Big 3 monopoly these clowns could get away with their agenda, however those days are long gone. Now, Rush is America’s anchorman while he and Drudge reach tens of millions of Americans who are sick of the liberal diet of hatred. We can go to the same sources the reporters have and get the news which would have never seen the light of day. The Dinosaurs’ time has passed and this story was the final nail in their glass coffin. From Franken to Russert they walked lockstep with a message  so far removed from the story as their credibility is from reality. In their world you have the execution before the investigation, when all we want are the facts since there will be plenty of time for reflection. They want everyone who made a mistake fired, well ok; look into your well used mirrors.

Finally, these knee jerk; heavy on the jerk reactionaries had to go to the race deck. President Bush is trying to kill Blacks because everyone knows Republicans are racist, sexist, xenophobes as opposed to the all loving Democrats. You know they’re running out of evidence when they have to drag a Blackman behind a pickup again. Prove to us you are not a racist! Well since I am a racist, although not as racist as most Blacks, Hispanics or Democrats; I will say this hurricane was not a racist hurricane. No it didn’t hit Boston, it hit Louisiana and Mississippi which are predominately Black. You could make an argument, God is a racist yet since he made Blacks it is a hard one to make. We know much of the rescuing was of Blacks by Whites in the hurricane which should mean this was a non-racist event. If they were using dogs, batons and water hoses to push them back into the water, WHICH would be a racist event.

There were thousands of Whites risking their lives and reaching out to these people because they were people who were suffering. This was a colorless disaster where people didn’t ask who was who, but are you hurting? America is the most caring and giving Country in the World no matter which part of the racial gumbo you are. Why anyone would bother to reach for this card just a desperate an attempt to damage a story of inspiration and courage will last throughout the ages. It will be up to The Space Age Press to report the truth, while the Stone-age levy pours over its swollen banks of hatred once more.

Pray for W, New Orleans and Our Freedom Fighting Troops