Brayin Candy

David Littleman

And again, Isaiah says, "The Root of Jesse will spring up, one who will arise to rule over the nations; the Gentiles will hope in him." Romans 15:12

David Littleman has become nothing but another obot thug. He has laid down the law if you are an attractive Conservative woman you are going to be attacked for your sex. He has shown in the Gov Palin attack he and the obamedia will call you a slut and your children whores. This is nothing more than another thuggish method of censoring anybody who threatens their power or questions the messiah. He has laid down the law, any woman who dares question their politics they will be humiliated and their families will be attacked to silence them. This is the Thought Police enforcing their laws.

Littleman has earned Million$ attacking Presidents Reagan through Bush with the tired old Republicans are dumb joke. Oh gee, haven’t heard that one before and Biden, Pelosi and Reid are genius. That tired joke has employed lame comics for decades and it’s time to call them on it. You’d think after they won the election and took control of all branches of gummit they would be happy as hippies in mud. Rather they are angry and bitter as ever. To think you have to call the Gov of Alaska a slut simply because she is attractive woman is as demeaning since there is no truth in the joke. First, she doesn’t look like a stewardess and second she is in no way a slut nor is her daughter a whore. He could go to the naughty librarian joke which is funny, but he wanted to demean her as a dumb stewardess. Hey Dave, what do you call a 25 yr old bigamist who marries his 17 yr old 3 mo pregnant wife? Barack Sr!

Littleman is an Upper Eastside elitist who looks so far down his nose at normal Americans he needs bifocals to see them. He hangs w/the Brie and Chablis crowd who are so impressed w/themselves they can’t imagine anybody not living the same way they do. As close as they come to camping is when they program their fireplace. To imagine a woman could have calloused hands only shows their prejudices. When NElites see Sarah Palin they not only disagree w/everything she says or how she lives, her life points out their own shallowness.

Littleman’s hatred of her lifestyle and religious beliefs makes him attack her in the most vile hate filled way he can. He has to go after her Christianity by saying her 14 yr old daughter is a whore and a prostitute. He and the obamediots are saying from now on any woman who dares to disagree w/their dogma is going to get a high tech raping. They are not going to debate their ideas or beliefs but are going to face an ABDNC sexual assault. Not only are they going to get a media raping, so will any girls in their families. This is how angry and hateful that the obamedia has become. There are no lines they will not cross or any decency they will adhere; they are DNC thugs who are going to abuse their positions to censor opposing thought.

For David Lameten to say Gov Palin is a slut and her 14 yr old daughter was getting knocked up by A Rod at Yankee Stadium was done to scare women from speaking up. He basically joked that her daughter allowed A Rod to rape her. Good thing Sarah didn’t take her 8 yr old Piper to the game so Littleman could really tell a joke. At a time 2 weeks after Premier Hussain spoke how it was important to be tolerant of other voices in an attempt to find Common Ground over abortion; we now see what a one way street that is. Where is his voice now? When Gov Palin speaks up after being invited to a political/charity event and says we are moving towards Socialism, the thugs like Littermouth have to attack her to shut her up. They fear her more than they feared Reagan and Bush combined.

They know that she is both charismatic and articulate in a way that freedom loving Americans relate. This terrifies them and is why he had to let her know what to expect if she decides to run. The obamedia attack machine will be spew the dirtiest mud imaginable and she’s now been warned. So they now will attack White Men as racist, sexist, homophobes, Blacks are Uncle Toms while White Women are sluts and hos, how intolerant.

Who cares what DNCBS does to him, he hasn’t been funny for years. When the highlight of your show is stupid dog tricks you know you are a comedic hack. He is one of those comedians who need a snare drum so you can find the stench line. Even then, he is one of those you go, oh yeah I kinda get it. Nothing comes from the belly, since they are nothing more than a bunch of Bush/Repubs are dumb jokes. After the 10,000th time they tend to get a bit dusty as did his show years ago. So let him stay and punish DNCBS until the advertisers realize only angry hateful Libs are buying what Littleman is selling. Hard to boycott what you don’t watch.

Pray for America and Gov Palin