Brayin Candy

Killing Babies or Jews

Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. 1 John 3:16 KJV

What’s the difference between killing babies on the birthing table and killing Jews in the showers? We are no longer arguing whether the fetus is a baby, we are arguing at what point is it morally good to kill a human being. Pro Life people have been vilified for decades warning America that the Democrat Party was going to be killing people at both ends of the spectrum and now they are no longer hiding the fact they want to have the power to kill babies after it leaves the mother and now have it.

The same people who claim to care about foreign children in cages are fine with suffocating a baby after it has been born and simply needs to be fed and nourished to live. Would they be outraged if a Mexican baby was drown and thrown in a trash can? Do they really care about German Democrat Socialists sending Jews to death camps since they too were labeled unwanted and an economic hindrance to society?

The answer to those questions is of course they do not care about the Jews being sent to those death camps, they only care about the political points they get for calling the opposition Nazis. To the Death Cult there is no immorality to killing people as long as it can be justified by a moral edict. They can justify the killing of the most helpless in society by saying a woman should have a choice of having a child or not. They believe this empowers them when in reality it destroys women in so many ways leaving them emotionless hulks searching for forgiveness the rest of their lives.

The cult’s most holy sepulcher is abortion. It makes them gods who choose life and death over human beings. The more direct that killing is the more power they amass. This is why they laugh in the faces of Christians who believe killing is killing in defiance of any morality. If they will kill a baby they will kill anybody including you if given half a chance. This is what National Healthcare is all about since it will give them another avenue to decide who lives and dies.

Do you really want the same people who decide which baby lives or dies to decide how long you live? The same people who are outraged America was partially built with slave labor have no problem with twenty million blacks being killed over the last few decades. Black lives only matter once they are born since they are garbage when they are on the birthing table ready to be suffocated for the convenience of society.

Hispanics are sacred coming across the border as they have protests and grandstand in Congress about the Nazis stopping children from crossing the border to become free citizens of America. In the same breath they will claim the morality of snuffing out 20 million Hispanic babies who could not get across the abortion clinic doors. Adolf Hitler could not imagine a killing machine that has killed over 10 million Jews in America and don’t even need ovens to get rid of the bodies. Now we are hearing about Global Warming is such a big threat to society and the WWII of this generation. No, the WWII of this generation is happening in the abortion clinics of America which kills more people in an hour than will ever be killed by GW.

Germany murdered 10 million people which 6 million were Jews who he claimed were the weeds of society. America has murdered 60 million babies since WWII and GW has killed zero people. Which one is the existential threat? Which one is the existential threat to black lives matter? Which one is an existential threat to Hispanics? The most deadly place in America is not next to the rising ocean, it is in the womb of a liberal.

After an abortion the mothers’ suicide rates go through the rough. Post abortion depression, alcohol, drug and promiscuity rates skyrocket. The guilt of killing your own baby, the very thing she dreamed about her entire life has now become her nightmare.

Most women have been convinced it is like taking an aspirin when it is murder in her mind after the fact. She knows she was about to have her miracle baby and love it unconditionally as her own and then murdered that baby which turns into guilt unending with nobody to turn to.

Women have been convinced the thing that makes them miraculous is what holds them back is one of the biggest lies in America. You will not find one woman ever who says she wished she never had a baby after the fact, yet you will find tens of millions wishing they never had an abortion. Now you have women having to deal with the fact she let someone kill her child hours after it was born. What next days, weeks or months. Let’s build the gas chambers and be done with it America.

Next time one of these cult members lectures us on morality perhaps they could do it from a birthing table while a baby is being killed. Oh, how pious they get with their outrage of not celebrating a homosexual act or an off colored joke while over a million babies will not have a chance for to become Americans this year. Where is their outrage for that minority?

The good news for women and men dealing with the guilt of abortion is Jesus died for that guilt. He is waiting at the cross for their salvation. He may not eliminate the continuing guilt and knowledge of your murder, but he is there to forgive you. Churches have set up women’s groups for women who have been damaged and destroyed by abortion waiting to help you through your depression and addictions from this horrific event.

Unlike the cult where you have to work your way to forgiveness through tolerance, vegan diet and a never-ending list of duties to be forgiven you simply have to ask Jesus. He has unending mercy which is all you need his mercy gives you your freedom from this guilt. So many women have been lied to about abortion when after the operation they feel they are in a dead end street looking at a brick wall. Jesus is the way out and he is waiting to heal your wound. Satan wants to hold you and chain you through your guilt while Jesus wants to put it as far as the East is from the West, so ask him into your life and be freed from the curse of abortion. It is the famous one step plan, take one step towards Jesus and free yourself from your chains.

Next time some politician calls you a Nazi imagine her with an aborted baby in her bloody hands. What is the difference between killing babies on the birthing table and Jews in the showers?

Pray for America